Seriously, they`re burning down our embassys now.

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  • LDH
    I think there is an agenda here on the part of the west and it is not about the freedom of speech. Maybe it's about preparing the Europeans for war with Iran. They've now seen the fury of Islam in Europe as espoused by the Iranians against the West this is a good reason to support the hawks that want war.

    True enough.

    Elsewhere, I did see that. I was like, "WTF?"

    I also have to doubt the sanity of a national peoples who don't even have toilets to shit in, or clean water, but have DAYS of their life to spend complaining about a DRAWING.

    The sanitation in Middle Eastern countries, with the exception of Israel, is horrible. If I had a few days, I'd be digging a trench or putting in running water so I didn't have to bathe my baby right where I just shat.

  • Pole

    :Why? He WAS a terrorist.

    Too bad he wasn't a suicide bomber, though ;-).

  • Peppermint


    The “Fantastic Four” refers to the London underground suicide bombers.

  • LDH
    Thus, imagine the look on the faces of these suicide bombers when they arrive in heaven and Allah presented them with a fruit basket instead of a harem!


  • Gerard

    Here's a compilation of hundreds of Muhamed paintings, drawings and cartoons. That is nothing new: /

  • greendawn

    The Moslems did come out of Arabia and conquer by force reaching almost as far as Paris before being quickly sent back to Spain. They imposed their religion by force in most of the lands they defeated, their start off couldn't have been more different from that of a viciously persecuted long suffering Christianity. The flourishing christian communities in the Arabian peninsula and from Libya to Morocco were totally extinguished over time, by being forced to embrace Islam.

  • daystar
    kid-A - The answer to why they migrate to western culture? The scary cleric I saw on the news last night announced that in the west 'You are all animals! Islam is coming. We are going to take over the world!'

    Man, I've got to get a copy of the Q'uran to see if I can figure out where they get their motivation.

    As far as I can tell, without having done so, they do seem to be intent on world domination.

  • Rabbit

    I haven't read the first 3 pages, if no one has seen the cartoons and wants to see what the 'big deal' is about...there they are.

    It's interesting that the original site that posted those has been down since Jan. 31. Does this remind anyone else of a certain other rigid religion that sought to stifle free speech on the shutting down an "embarrassing" website ?

    A hundred others popped up to replace them.

    I wonder just how many of the radical muslims that are protesting, burning & killing...have even seen these cartoons.

  • Buster

    Ballistic: No, I don't think anyone here thinks the press is irresponsible in this. Freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and separation of church and state are underpinnings of our culture.

    I posted this a few days ago:


    We should encourage all the press of the western world to follow suit. I see two possible outcomes:

    1. The loony muslims that are soooo offended will get desensitized,


    2. The loony muslims that are soooo offended will get provoked enough to do something stupid against western press. That may galvanize the western world against the loony muslims that are soooo offended.

    " Looks like the loonies have chosen option 2.
  • jstalin

    Hmm.... I've been censored. My post of the "offending" cartoons, which was at the top of this page, is now completely gone.

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