Left the Org in about 2003. The last time I answered at a meeting was on a Thurs night. The subject of the talk was something like "keep our place of worship clean." It was about our duty of cleaning the KingdomHell. It was an unenthuastic talk and the audience was in such a coma the speaker couldn't get anyone to raise their hands to comment. I finally roused myself from sleep and decided to get my blood moving by raising my hand. I gave some inaine answer about making sure to clean the toilet handle because of some study that had been done about how germy toilet handles are and how most people never think about cleaning them and all. Some in the audience became semi-conscious and nodded their heads in agreement. I knew then I had reached the end of my 20 years stint with the JWs. Besides that I was sick of the hypocrisy, ever changing doctrine and all the pressure that the young people were being put under. I was forced to do some research into past issues of the WT because of personal situations and discovered many things that caused my faith in the WT org to unravel. Besides that, there were some situations in the Organization that I personally knew of that were terribly wrong.