Nearly a week smoke-free, and I am MOODY!!!

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  • AlmostAtheist

    I've been off of cigarettes for almost a week now. I'm chewing nicotine gum like mad, but I can still feel myself melting down inside. The world seems like such a crummy place to be right now. It's only the lack of other habitable worlds that's keeping me here!

    I started to realize how thoroughly my world-view is affected by my mood when I watched a movie I hated for a second time. (When I was maybe 25). I enjoyed it. Turns out I don't hate the movie at all.

    I've since seen tons of evidence that my mood completely colors my view of the world. For instance, some days JWD seems so alive and full of interesting stuff. I can't pull my eyes away from it all! Today, nothing looks interesting. I actually thought, "Man, look at all these boring threads". Then I thought back over my attitude for the past several days, and lo and behold, it all went downhill slightly less than a week ago! (I'm sure it's just a coincidence that I also stopped smoking then...)

    Ugh.... This is SO not fun. Capping it all, I have no real work to do so I'm reading a "best practices" document for a language I've never even worked in. Yeah, this is fun.


  • prophecor

    How long have you smoked, Dave? I know to some degree what you must be going thru. I smoked Newports for such a huge portion of my life. When I did finally quit, it was with the assistance of the nicotine transdermal patch. 21mgs. Bought a two weeks supply roughly around $50.00. It really paid off.

    I did have a relapse of about 3 weeks, about two months ago, but quickly ran to the CVS and purchased a one week starter pack. Brought me right back around. The relapse I went thru was a momentary stint in being free from nicotine over four years. Didn't want to let that kind of time disentegrate into nothing.

    Here's hoping you get thru the next coupla' days. Wishing you the best.


  • mouthy

    Hang in there sweetheart. I know it is rough... But you will be so happy if you can lick it. I smoked two packs a day for years. I nearly killed folks ( wink) when I quit...Wasnt moody just plain MAD!!!! but Now I cant stand the smell of the stuff. But when I saw my hubbys LUNGS!!! fill his mouth like lumps of liver ( as he was dying from smoking)... I thanked the WT for saying I couldnt become a slave if I didnt quit...So they were good for something in my life. >>>GOOD LUCK

  • dinah

    Dave, I tired to quit 15 years ago and made it a whopping 10 hours! So you are doing well. Everytime I think about quitting I go into a panic. I've done it so long, it's just my pacifer.

    It'll be worth the effort. From what people have told me, you feel better when you quit. I don't know if I'll ever find that out for myself though.

  • AlmostAtheist

    Thanks Art,

    I've been smoking for about a year and a half now. I smoked about half a pack a day, more on weekends. I moved around on brands, but usually Camels and often their flavored kinds. I especially liked those orangey ones -- scotch, I think. And the chocolate-mint ones were good. (Clove cigarettes lost their appeal awhile ago, but back then it was Djarum Blacks)

    When I was just looking for a utility hit, Camel Turkish Gold was my nicotine-delivery system of choice.

    Now it's the Kroger-brand of Nicorette gum, 2mg. $32 for 110 pieces, probably a week or two's worth. This appealed to me more than the patch concept (didn't try it though) since it seemed more like a "hit", like a cigarette would be.

    I *think* it's going to work. I'm not getting the crazy fighting-with-myself stuff this time like I did when I tried to quit by willpower alone. But it ain't fun.


  • AlmostAtheist

    Thanks Everybody,

    Dinah, the last times I tried to quit, it was without any help. Many JWD'ers and others suggested I try mints or gum or patches. They're right, it's much easier this time.

    "Easier" in the same way that it's easier to recover from a cold than from the flu. Neither one's fun...


  • arrowstar

    You can do this!! One day at a time. You'll be surprised at all the things you'll rediscover when you quit smoking.

    Hang in there!


  • inbyathread

    Keep up the good work, and like arrowstar said, Hang in there. Quitting is tough but so many people have quit so you have examples and support groups all around you. Congrats so far. Just one more day.

  • juni

    That's great Dave that you are trying to quit. Take one day at a time. I've tried to quit so many times and tried replacement things like licorice and tootsie pops. I was told by a help group to dring a lot of water and have a water bottle w/you when you go out. Sucking on the straw helps mimic sucking on the cig.

    I guit and then the shit hits the fan and back I go. I have an anxiety disorder also which makes it very hard to quit. I admire all who are trying to kick this awful habit. Good Luck to you!!! Juni~~~~~~~~~~

  • Gretchen956

    First - CONGRATULATIONS!!! Someone else said, its one day at a time! One other bit of advice is that with all those food cravings you will get, sometimes if you go out and walk around the block or take a job or something both the food and nicotine craving will go away.

    And then I just wanted to point out that perhaps you'll have a bit of sympathy for PMS after this. hehehehe


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