Nearly a week smoke-free, and I am MOODY!!!

by AlmostAtheist 73 Replies latest jw friends

  • prophecor

    Yeah, Dave. What Sparky Said. Heads Up!!!

    We're rootin' fer ya'!!!


  • Legolas
    $82 here for 8 packs(A carton) of cigarettes and we go through 2 cartons a week!


    Are you serious?

    Oh yes I am serious!

    I copied this from my statement.....but $4 of that was a lotto ticket!


  • AlmostAtheist

    Ouch, Lego! That's nightmarish! Between Gina and I, I figured we were spending about $250 a month. That was a staggering figure that made me want to cry.

    Thanks for the encouragement, everybody. If When I get through today, it'll be a solid week.


  • IMustBreakAway

    Good luck AA. Hope it works out. I started about a year ago with cigars at trade shows and company retreats.. Now i smoke maybe 3-4 newports a day. I still entertian the foolish idea that i could quit if i wanted to. (though i am really lying to myself.) Part of the reason i started was because i was struggeling with my ideals and felt like their was no joy in my life. I remembered how good the cigars made me feel and i wanted to recreate that. The ciggs still make me feel good but their effect is waning. Also i am learning to take joy in other parts of my life. (slowly..)

    So i should quit soon... Good luck though! Don't die.

  • Legolas

    We are taxed to death in Canada!

    I know alot in the states would love to live in Canada because of the free health care, but let me tell you that our health care sucks and it is not free in any way shape of form!

    We have hospitals closings extremely long waiting lists to get anything done and as of Jan.1 I believe here on the island our Souris hospital had to close the emergency part of the hosiptal because the doctors threatened to leave because of the work load!........I should have added the next hospital ,if you want even call it that, is 30 minutes away and to the main hospital here in Charlottetown we are 1 hr away!

    Canada's health care SUCKS and so does our good for nothing government!

  • AlmostAtheist
    Canada's health care SUCKS and so does our good for nothing government!

    Sounds like somebody needs a cigarette... :-) Perhaps you could order online? I run a web site that offers used cigarettes at great prices!

  • juni

    That's cute Dave!! Good to know that about Canada Legolas! Anything the government runs is deplorable. But we have to do something about our health care system. Costs are getting way out of hand.


  • AlmostAtheist

    I notice today that I am tearing through these gums. I'm supposed to do one every hour or two, but I'm hitting one just about every hour. I'm not concerned exactly, but it's an anomaly.

    I hope it calms down, my jaws hurt!


  • willowmoon

    Are you drinking a lot of water? That's supposed to help flush the nicotine and stuff from your system...they say it helps, also eating fresh fruit.


  • stevenyc

    Dave, I've just given up a 30-a-day habit. OMG its hard. I can relate to the mood swings. For me its up and down more times than the asyrian empire!

    A tip, sounds silly, but try it. Wear a rubber band on your wrist, to give your hands something to do. It worked for me.


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