Nearly a week smoke-free, and I am MOODY!!!

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  • AlmostAtheist
    And then I just wanted to point out that perhaps you'll have a bit of sympathy for PMS after this.

    Ha! GOOD point!


  • ButtLight

    Wow, I wish I had the willpower to quit, I smoke way too much. Keep up the good work!

  • juni

    That's so true Sherry. PMS I remember is like going w/o a smoke. Now through menopause and just feel like I'm crazy half the time. No wonder we get a few more years tacked on our lives. We deserve it for all of this crap that we go through.

    I've always said that men should have to go through a year of periods. But then again can you imagine what a mess the bathroom would be? Tampons and pads all over the place. Lovely thought. Juni

  • stillajwexelder

    Keep up the good work - stopping smoking was one of the best things I ever did

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Slap yourself on the back *** most people in your shoes can't get past a day. Congrats on a week!

  • lonelysheep

    Keep it up, Dave! You're honesty about it with yourself ought to help, right?

    (Is this deja vu, or you have you not tried to quit another time recently?)

  • Billygoat

    I smoked two packs a day for several years my self. When I quit, it was purely by accident. One night at a bachelorette party, I ran out of my cigs. So my friend offered me her Camel unfiltered. I smoked half her pack in about a 4 hour period. Mixed with a few Fosters oil cans, a few rounds of tequila and other assorted shots, I was bowing before the porcelain god for about 24 hours. My gut hurt, my head hurt, my lungs hurt, even my teeth hurt for some weird reason. I felt like a walking train-wreck. It was about 2 weeks for a ciggie to even smell good, so I didn't pick em back up. I figured by then I might as well stop for good. After a week, it's all mental addiction more physical.

    I smoke on occassion now but only if I've been drinking. Come to think of it, the only times I smoke are at apostofests.

    So my advice? Bottoms up on some good tequila and other shots mixed with beer chasers. You'll be done in no time.

  • AlmostAtheist
    Is this deja vu, or you have you not tried to quit another time recently?

    Alas, yes, this is like my 4th time. I've never made it past 4 days before, and I've never used any gum/mint/patch before. So it might actually work this time!

    Keep your fingers crossed. Unless you're driving. Then just think happy thoughts. But not about smoking, which coincidentally, are the only happy thoughts I have at the moment.


  • Billygoat

    Like Peach the starfish on "Finding Nemo":

    "Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts"

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Dave - keep up the good work.

    I tried to quit many, many times. so many times that I got sick of trying! So I quit!

    wonder who else can relate?

    you make the decision, you plan for it, psyche yourself up, finally set a date, change it to the next day, go without for a day or 2 (I couldn't even go a day!) for the whole time all you think about is smoking til you break down bum one, 2, then ooops its off the the corner store. Then you have to hide for about a week or 2, then once you're caught, you're officially smoking long this time?
    the whole cycle starts all over again.

    so I DECIDED, not thru "willpower" thats it. Didn't even do the gum. Vigorous exercise really helps - esp cause if you have a patch or gum you risk heart attack.

    whatever you do Please do not smoke & chew.


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