ok why havent we got the truth?

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  • skyman

    PMJ back to my chalenge on blood when do you want to do it. You name the day and time on and before all on the forum that day you can prove me wrong. The seven Elders and three CO I told you about after loosing to the person said we have to wait on Jehovah. Bull shyt Jehovah never asked us to wait for him he penned the scriptures thousand of years ago and made it clear. Jehovah is not going to wait for the Society to come a round. That is like saying the cereal Killer will come to his senses and stop Killing then we don;t have to worry about it becasue that is in the past.

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    PMJ, Hi there, I just wanted to let you know, that no one has the truth, because there is no truth to be had, the bible was just put together for political reasons, to subdue the population and have them be humble and obedient to whomever was in power, it was a brilliant idea, actually, although I also found out how many bible errors and contradictions there are, so the people that wrote it, messed up a bit. Jesus might have been an actual preacher similar to mohammed, but all the son of god and miracles stuff was made up. see the various myths around prior to, during and after the so called birth of the Messiah ie Mythras, Osirus, Horus etc. check it out, you might be quite surprised!

    Jehovah or Yaweh was a tribal god back in very ancient times, he was a storm god that lived on a mountain, one of the son's of EL, hence the reason in the OT it says in Deutoronomy I forget the text, but it says that Israel was given to him as his inheritance, you can only be given an inheritance from your parent, ie El. Yaweh also had a consort or lover known as an Asherah hence the problem with the Israelites serving Ashtoret this was Yawehs consort, their God was Yaweh but they also had a Goddess, the Jews have hidden this very well, until know, there is alot of information on this, I suggest you look for it, if you DARE which not many JW's would be willing to do, just go to a search engine and type in "Yaweh's Asherah" and it should come up.

    I know you are probably laughing at this right now, hey believe whatever you want, but if I were you, I would want to know what the truth about these things is as it will affect your life and your families in a BIG way. Also, do some research on the Sumerians, they are the earliest advanced Civilization, they were around before the Hebrews, in the 20th century thousands of cuneiform sumerian tablets have been discovered that say alot about these people, some of the things they wrote were later adopted by the Hebrews and changed around a bit, the Hebrews claimed it as their own, but these writings were originally other peoples.

    I could go on, and on, but what good would it do, if you just discard everything, the truth of matters is not as pretty as the JW's have painted it, but I would rather know the truth, you see, it's very much like that movie the Matrix, we live in this world as JW's thinking we know all this inside information about the real nature of God, and that he is going to fix everyting with this perfect paradise, and that Armaggedon will destroy all the evil, but then when you really search you discover there is no earthly paradise coming only the one you make yourself here and now, and there is no future Tribulation or Armaggedon coming.

    Today after doing extensive research on all these things, because I didn't take my beliefs casually, I first made sure to investigate thoroughly, I have come to a conclusion, that I believe in a Creator, I don't know why we are here, nor does it matter, I just believe that we should live the best way we can, show love to ourselves and others, do no harm, and enjoy this life! I also believe in rebirth, I no longer believe that this life is all there is, I think we go on after our physical bodies die. I am happier than I have every been in my JW life, no stress, no depression, just living my life and helping all those I can help NOW!


  • PMJ

    would like to make it clear to anyone that might read this I need to know what Jehovah requires of us on blood. In no way am I stating that I’m correct. But I’m putting into words how I understand blood.there your words so this means this is your view so this makes your blood acountble just as much as the govering bodys.i will have a disscusion with you some time ill let you no when

  • Van Gogh
    Van Gogh

    "i beleave the bible says abstain from blood.and if it said abstain from coke then i would not take coke."
    The Bible indeed does not say to abstain from coke. If it did, you say you would abstain from coke.
    Does your snorting habit compensate for your lack of research, and does it give you courage to post here despite this?
    Do you feel that your posting here in defense of the WTS and its rules prohibiting blood and coke will somehow compensate for your admitted habit?
    Is coke the reason you are spelling "beleave" instead of "believe"?
    If you really want to use coke without a bad conscience, then release yourself from the prohibitions of the Botch Tower Society by reading Carl O. Jonsson's: "The Gentile Times Reconsidered"
    Get it at: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0914675079/qid=1136669624/sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_1/103-1333327-9162204?s=books&v=glance&n=283155
    Most of us have read it, and it might explain the misunderstanding.
    Contact us after reading it.

  • AuldSoul


    Read the letters dated February 16, 1998 through January 10, 2003 at the bottom of that page if you seriously want to know what the Bible says, what JWs say, and what the medical position says about blood.

    Excellent material. These are letters back and forth to the Society known as the "R. Jensen" letters.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    but do you not agree that if the bible says it did last 70 years then 586bce cant be right? i no you said you have reasearched it and you proberly have but that date holds no water if the bible says 70 years

    A scholar with greater understanding than I or you on this specific matter wrote a book that completely proves that 607 is not possible for the date of Jerusalem's destruction by Babylonia. The book contains more than a dozen lines of scientific proof, and thousands of datum to corroborate those lines of proof. In order to facilitate intelligent discussion on this topic, I suggest you read it. I would even be glad to loan you one of my copies. The book is ; The Gentile Times Reconsidered by Carl Olof Jonnson. When you have finished looking at all the actual evidence we could continue this discussion on an intelligent plane. BTW the Watchtower Society, including the Governing Body has had access to this material since the mid 1970's and chose to ignore it and continue to proclaim 607as fact. Instead they just continue to disfellowship all who accept reality on this point. The reason is clear - the entire haouse of cards they have built on this single date. To admit it is wrong would give them no basis for the primary date of 1914 and subsequently 1919 when they say they were selected as God's faithful slave. To uproot 607 would collapse thier empire. That is why some, including myself say they are liars. Not because they believe something, but because they have chosen to cover over the facts, rather than admit this collosal error. Once one has access to facts and ignores them he is not ignorant of the facts, but a liar. Jeff

  • PMJ

    AuldSoul ok i dont understand your point.daneil 5v26 is talking about babylons days being numbered.then its cross refrenced to jermiah 25v12what says at the end of the 70 years he will all in to acount babylon and thats what happend at the end of the 70 years.it doesnt say who the 70 years applyed to so whats your point.if you all ready have the view the 70 years apply to babylon then you wil have a diffrent view of the scripture than somebody who beleaves it applys to jerusalem

  • Hellrider
    some leave because they say 1914 is wrong.some leave because of the UN thing.some leave because they say they dont agree with DS.some say its because there is no love.what im saying is to me this is just peoples personal reasons for leaving then they come on this site for anything else they can hang on to to prove the wittnesses wrong.if the wittnesses beleave 1914 is right then there not lieing to you thats what they beleave you have just made your personal chouise it isnt right

    "Some leave because they say 1914 is wrong"...and then "if the witnesses believe 1914 is right then they`re not lying to you"...this sentence doesn`t make any sense, PMJ. Yes, the witnesses believe that 1914 is the end of the gentile times, and that Jerusalem was destroyed in 607BC. The point here is: There is such a thing as truth and there is such a thing as false! Do you not agree to this? If you don`t, then why are you a JW? If your answer is in the affirmative (...): The point is that the 1914-doctrine isn`t just a "matter of belief". If God exists or not, that is a matter of belief. The 607/1914-doctrine is NOT! That "the time of the Gentiles ended in 1914" is a hypothesis that can be either proven or proven to be false, depending on when Jerusalem was destroyed. And it has been proven that Jerusalem was destroyed in 587BC, and this fact is in harmony with the Bible, as the 70 years are FOR Babylon. So not only is the WTS-doctrine not in harmony with history and science, but it disagrees with the Bible itself. This is not a matter of belief, or lack of belief, it is a matter of actual, historical facts. The WTS lies to its member, when they insist that Jerusalem was destroyed in 607BC.

  • PMJ

    LOL i ment coke a cola wow you made a big thing out of somthing that wasnt.and man get over my spelling if you dont like it then dont post on my topic its as simple as that

  • AuldSoul

    Actually, PMJ, by the reasoning of JWs Babylon was called to account at 68 years by one reckoning or 88 years by another. Neither of these fulfills what Jeremish 25 says, and I doubt you read Jeremiah 27 yet.

    If Jerusalem and the Temple never needed to be destroyed for the 70 years to be fulfilled (as is specifically stated in Jeremiah 27) then there is no need to start the 70 years from any point relating to Jerusalem or the Temple. Keep reading. Study it all out.

    You said yourself you haven't studied it all out. If YOU have a belief that you hold to be true even though you haven't studied it out thoroughly for yourself, can you know for sure your belief is RIGHT?

    You have been lied to. And, what's worse, the ones who publish the lies know they are lying to you.


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