ok why havent we got the truth?

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  • PMJ

    i beleave the bible says abstain from blood.and if it said abstain from coke then i would not take coke.

  • LittleToe

    THis site isn't about individual antagonisms with JWs, it's about the Organization itself. You will find nice and nasty people in any group, and the JWs are no different in that. The issue on this site is often that we have had a common experience with the Organization, it's policies, and it's habitual lies.

    if the wittnesses beleave 1914 is right then there not lieing to you thats what they beleave you have just made your personal chouise it isnt right

    I'm not sure what you mean by this because it's atrociously written.

    Individual JWs believe about 1914 because it's what they've been taught. Of course they are teaching something they genuinely believe in. For many here it isn't a matter of personal choice whether or not they believe in it, as the recognise that it is clearly false. People who don't believe in the 1914 doctrine have every right not to believe in it, especially if they have researched it and found it to be totally untrue and a false belief (no matter how genuinely held by some, ie the JWs).

  • skyman

    I am sending you by way of PM what I call my blood letter. I ussually post that five elders and two co have looked at this and agree with what the bible reslly say's. But as of the week the Co is here and I have to add to that list now Six Elders and Three CO has said I am correct about waht the bible says. it is long but if you really want to know what the bible says read it. The information is only from the Bible and the Society's publications. If anyone else reading this wants a personal copy just PM me.

  • PMJ

    i personaly beleave that the devistations of jerusalem were 70years that being the case.1914 is the date for the end of the gentiles.thats what i meant bye saying were not lieing.and ment you have made your own chouse as to weather its is wrong or right

  • LittleToe

    It's not really a matter of making a choice. The FACTS are that the 1914 thing is totally bogus.

    Now if you want to discuss whether it's possible to make a choice and still believe it, even in the face of investigating it and finding it to be without support as a belief, then I'd agree. Some appear to be able to make that choice. IMHO they are generally kidding themselves for the sake of remaining JWs, so they can retain their family relationships, in the majority of cases. Of course some are also very good at lying to themselves, and others are just mentally deficient.

    I can't think of one reason why someone who is genuinely honest (through and through) and has thoroughly investigated 1914 could still believe it, though.

    Just being candid...

  • AuldSoul
    jehovah being God and jesus being his son.and the coming war of arrmegeddon

    Lordy, PMJ! That's a mighty small list of criteria for an organization to be able to claim that they are the only ones who will survive among the BILLIONS of mankind.

    That is what you are left with if you ignore all erroneous prophecy, ignore the problems with 607 BC, ignore the shunning policy that AS PRACTICED has no basis in Scripture, ignore the fact that they require excessive amounts of time for people to be considered spiritually strong, ignore their ignorant and contradictory stand on celebrations of all varieties, ignore the fact that Jesus is only mediator for 144,000, ignore the fact that other religions are in just as many lands and actively work at preaching, ignore that door to door is not the primary means of other religion's preaching because it wasn't the primary means of the early Christians preaching...

    You think belief in the coming war of Armageddon is unique to Witnesses? Most professed Christians believe in that. Watch the 700 Club one afternoon. What is your point?

    So really, the only DISTINGUISHING mark you admit is Jehovah is God and Jesus is his Son. Is it your belief that ONLY Jehovah's Witnesses believe that?

    If so, you are sadly mistaken. See, despite what JWs teach about themselves, there is NOTHING unique and distinguishing about their religion. Like every other religion they are only distinct in the specific combination of beliefs they hold to be true. Nothing sets them apart from all the others.


  • sf
    why havent we got the truth?

    Simple. Because The Lies are bigger in this book publishing corporation than any of its truths. And as is evidenced and documented, there are plenty.

    THE TRUTH is, is that according to the teachings and policies of your organization, no one on this earth matters much to the WT God jehovah, accept jws. So your presense here baffles me.

    Your spelling is obviously a ruse. But e for effort!!!


  • PMJ

    but do you not agree that if the bible says it did last 70 years then 586bce cant be right? i no you said you have reasearched it and you proberly have but that date holds no water if the bible says 70 years

  • poppers

    It always amuses me when people or organizations say that they have "the truth", as if "truth" is some "thing" that can be measured, quantified, objectified, examimed, and presented to another to be accepted or rejected. That sort of thinking is total bul*s*it, and only clouds the perception of where "truth" can only be found - in this very moment, free of all ideas about what "it" could be, free of the contaminating influence of the mind. Arguing and counter-arguing only keep the mind spinning, and keep whatever "truth" is from being realized.

  • AlmostAtheist
    i beleave the bible says abstain from blood

    It does, you're right. It also says to "abstain from things strangled". What do you think that means?

    If a Christian found a strangled animal on his doorstep, would he be allowed to pick it up? Could he skin it, and use the skin for clothing? Could he sell it?

    "Abstain" is the general sense means to refrain from doing something. What is the something that the Christians were encouraged to refrain from doing here?


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