ok why havent we got the truth?

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  • mkr32208
    Did not Jesus refer to the Truth?

    There's the cowards assumption that Jesus was anything other than a man.

    Did Zeus refer to truth? Thor? Apollo? Do you CARE if they did? Why do you care any MORE about whether or not Jesus did then these made up people? It's you fundies who are grasping at straws! The man DIED his followers DIED you will all DIE there is nothing beyond this life, you better live it well there's no second chance!

  • stillajwexelder

    celebrated WT scholars

    they are suppopsed to be anonymous and not elevated or eulogised - non-scholar. You are going against organizational edicts and you should be disfellowshipped

  • Hellrider
    All of these points are easily refutable by celebrated WT scholars and I have myself dispensed with much of this nonsense since posting on this forum.

    scholar JW

    All you have ever managed to come up with in response to the apostates who are slaughtering the "celebrated WT-chronology", is utter nonsense. Remember that old 607vs587-thread in which Jeffro intelectually massacred you and your WT-nonsense? I read every post in that thread. I couldn`t find it right now, but I`m sure someone will, and post it here. Then your ignorance will be seen by everyone.

    (to the new people on this board: "Celebrated WT-scholar" shows up whenever the term "607" is mentioned, because he believes he is a "Scholar" on this issue, hence his screen-name. He goes to great lengths to defend the 607-date, unlike the WTS itself, who knows it isn`t correct, and therefore have stopped talking about it. Scholar, on the other hand, won`t follow their example, so he continues to make an embarassment of himself on this board. However, he does seem, on the surface, to have knowledge on this issue, and there is always the chance that some new-born "apostates" will fall for his nonsense. And that`s why I`m writing this warning).

  • AuldSoul
    If you read Jonsson's discussion of this inscription then you will have all the relevant information for all i can do is simply repeat his discussion of the matter along with my critique.

    I take it, then, that Jonsson's discussion of the Hillah Stele (a contemporary stele) is the only source you have of the Stele? Odd. I thought you knew this subject inside and out. Is that not the case?

    Is Jonsson the only historian that discusses this stele? In short, do you or do you not know the significance of this specific stele to Ancient Near East chronology independent of your attempt to critique one historian's viewpoint? Your critique appears to be using the "methodology," from what I gather of your posts, the unaccepted theories of a Jehovah's Witness linguist who is a professor at the University of Oslo—not those of any historian.

    You had a preconception that the Society was correct and you have set a course to prove them right. You are not alone. If you have nothing to offer beyond the discussion as it centers around JW beliefs, i.e. if you have nothing that remotely approaches scholarship, on what basis do you state they are correct? I am giving you an opportunity to prove it. Let's take a different tack, shall we?

    You have repeatedly noted that WT writers agree with historians that Babylon was overthrown in 539 BC. You have never stated WHY they agree with that date. Oddly enough, neither have they. Perhaps, since they have not been forthcoming with their reason for agreement you will be so kind as to share your reason.

    Why do YOU agree with secular historians that 539 BC was the year the Babylonian empire fell? I'm afraid since the question is a personal one, only you can answer it. I am admittedly only guessing, but I bet you don't know why you agree with that date. I am interested to see what answer you come up with.


  • scholar


    Boy I am so scared of your overpowering buffoonery. Why don't you get real and wake up to yourself.

    scholar JW

  • scholar


    Now you object to my source because I have chosen to use information from the Jonsson hypothesis and you do not like that. do you? I have chosen to use this source because it anticipates your question and provides a ready answer and many readers on this forum no doubt have ready access to this resource. It seems that you are having some difficulty in accepting the fact that celebrated WT scholars have chosen 539 BCE as the most suitable date to serve as a pivotal date or absolute date. Unfortunately for you that is our choice and reflects sound methodology but if you have another better candidate then you are quite free to select another. Celebrated WT scholars have been most wise and discreet in selecting 539 BCE and the reason for this are manifold but if you know the reason then why bother to ask it of me because yours truly most certainly knows the answer. The WT publications have discussed the importance of this event so the reasons are there for all to read.

    scholar JW

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Scholar -

    Why don't you contact your 'celebrated Watchtower scholars' with a little letter stating that you spend great energy and time here trying to refute common objections and scientific assertions regarding the 607 date and other matters? And that you have slashed and burned all the refutary evidence with judiciousness and have weilded the 'sword of Jah' with skill?

    Unfortunately what will happen is they will turn the sword on you and disfellowship you for your efforts. They will clump you with us, and they will 'stone you and drag you outside the city gates' as an apostate.

    Most here, are here because we listen to facts and not fantasy. When solid points are made to begin a rationale toward common sense you typically run for cover or resort to personal attack. You have learned well from mother organization in that regard.

    Even if you could convince me of the 607 date [and you won't], how would you show me from your Bible that the 'gentile times' was tied to that? And that it was clearly to be 2520 years in length? And that Jesus would take an 'invisible' presence then? And how can you prove without assertion that the culmination is in 1914CE? But mostly, how can you prove the Watchtower Big Lie and Assertion that they were selected as the FDS in 1919 ? The 1919 date has substance to Watchtower adherants for only one reason - it cannot be proven. In fact the Tower itself did not know it had been selected then. That was a brain-fart that arose in the minds of Franz and Rutherford [celebrated Watchtower scholars] long after 1919.

    Don't bother to reply - you and PMJ will not answer in a straight line anyway.


  • Flash
    the year 607 being wrong but that date all deapends on it desolation was 70 years or not.

    Date calculation and verification makes my head hurt...The proof though is in the permenant world changes that began in 1914.

    ...im just trying to understand how some of you say you lernt you was being lied to?

    The freedom taught by Jesus has been pushed aside for endless so-called "Bible Principles" that have returned God's people back to the Law Code and enslaved them to men. Matthew 15: 3 - 9 and Mark 7: 7 and 8, ie: "Dress and Grooming" etc...etc...etc...

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