Anyone here anointed??//

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  • Gerard
    Anyone here anointed??

    Yes! Last night I got anointed with aromatic oils and had a mind-expanding experience.

  • M.J.
    Oftentimes that spark is rejuvinated by hearing anothers' experience of coming to love the one whom they love.

    LT, that's one of the reasons I'm appreciative of your posts.

  • LittleToe

    Just be aware that by your own token 90% of what you just wrote must be ignored

    I concur with you on so many points. It's not how I would put it "theologically" in a Christian framework, but experientially we have a lot in common. That's one reason that I like the quotations in this link so much:

    As for the bible, I went through a brief period of putting down on it but came to realise that it has it's own inherent benefit outwith any inerrancy claims. It took a reading of Karl Barth to find it, though!

    MJ:Thank you. That's very kind of you to say.

  • lookingfortruth2

    This is the one post I really wanted to reply to because this is the foremost reason why I knew JW's was not God's chosen religion. I remember as a child wondering why some people 'claimed' they got the holy ghost, or could speak in tongues, or could heal, or were of the anointed. It was because they were faking it or they really believed it. Either way apparently God must reveal his spirit to people in many different ways. Of course depending on who gets it or what the blessing is, it's either from Satan, Jesus or Jehovah, depending on the religion you belong to. Gimme a break. Read the bible one more time and view it from the perspective that it has been made available to EVERYONE! Truly He is a marvelous, loving and wonderful God. As for those of you who feel that it only applies to you...pray really sincerely about it and then spread the love the way Jesus would have wanted you to really do it.

  • LDH
    if the GB really respected the "annointed" they would take them more seriously, they are after all the spokesman of the annointed (who appointed them as such anyway) so they should hear from them.


    They are the "select" of the annointed. Kind of line Annointed to the Second Power. TM My father once explained it by saying all of Jesus' disciples didn't follow him around, many stayed and spread the good news. However there were only 12 of his closest followers at the last evening meal.

    It made sense to me then. Of course, none now.


  • AuldSoul
    Read the bible one more time and view it from the perspective that it has been made available to EVERYONE!

    "that they should seek God, if haply they might feel after him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us" — Acts 17:27 (ASV)

  • Slave1111

    Hello friends, I would like to hear some stories of becoming anointed. I have been for 5 years now.. been a christian for 26 years. I dropped out of the watchtower in September and am learning in leaps and bounds since I left with my new eyes.

    If you research the scriptures on those that were anointed, you will note that they communicated with Jehovah directly. Does JAH communicate with you?

    I can give testimony as to how JAH communicates His thoughts to you. Do you percieve Jehovahs thoughts in your mind?


  • greendawn

    LDH the GB always have a fast and loose way to explain away objections to their opinions. What do the apostles have to do with the GB? In fact God gives gifts to all his annointed and each contributes something to the functioning of the church and if the GB asked for their opinion many mistakes would have been avoided. Like the different parts of the body functioning differently but in a complementary way.

    It's always better for thousands of individuals to contribute ideas rather than just one (Russell, then Rutherford) or two (Knorr with Franz) or 10-20 (the GB since the mid seventies).

  • Van Gogh
    Van Gogh

    I have read all the heartfelt and sincere postings here with a great deal of interest.

    Earlier on in this thread, I put the question as to what "anointing" would entail and signify.

    I have learnt a lot from the openness, candor and effort with which many of you have tried to shed light on it, and have shared your innermost feelings and views - especially LT.

    However, gradually I felt any insight into "anointment" slipping away from me as well.

    I am not anointed - somehow, I just do or cannot see. In the end it is all too esoteric-speak to me.

    Anointing has bothered me a great deal ever since a very trusted and close JW friend (sister) of mine - about ten years older than me - professed to be anointed. Apparently, she'd struggled with it for many years until she somehow "conceded" to it. That is why this - as a 17 year old - caused me a great deal of distress at the time. Repeatedly I asked a relatively young anointed CO about it. He basically told me to get my act together and "go for a walk in the woods" - "take a hike" is more how it felt to me. I was none the wiser for it - ever. So people that disseminate the teachings of the WTS, which seem to oppose those of Christ, are anointed, as well as those that seem to be anointed AFTER they leave the twisted WTS belief system.

    Furthermore, what bothers me about those who profess to be anointed are people like the one on this recent posting:

    as well as people like Robert King AKA e-watchman with their claims of uniqueness. Russel claimed it, Rutherford, Fred Franz, the GB, and some dislikable DO I know who is on the take from older sisters. Nothing good has come of it. Christ's brothers were supposed to be united in a congregation according to the Bible. Where is that congregation? As I understand, they are part of a spectrum consisting of all kinds of different people.

    Maybe too, I myself have in some way recently been anointed, after leaving the WTS cult after 35 years. With that, I mean that within an extremely short time, the scales seem to have miraculously fallen off my eyes to SEE the bOrg for what it is. My head is still spinning because of it. What has caused this though is that for some reason neurons have started firing in my BRAIN. I have for once started to use my BRAIN and listen to what my heart had been trying to convey to me for many years.

    Therefore I will keep trusting my brain for once and listen to my heart and, for the moment decide against the born again experience. If there are no special castes and classes in Christ, why are only some of the many Christians chosen as anointed? In my view this is tantamount to designating all other sincere Christians as "so-called Christians-in-name-only". Accepting this view would lead me back to where I started: WTS elitism exegeses. My brain is what finally set my free from the Chosen few and my brain tells my not to go with the other chosen. I'm afraid I have never seen much good come of it.

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