Anyone here anointed??//

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    shark attack


  • kls

    Welcome Star and i mean no disrespect but i don't believe in( " Annointed" ) .Everyone that reads the Bible can make or take what they want and make it to their own imagination of how or what it should/could mean .

  • jgnat

    Hi, I am a regular Christian, never JW. The concept of anointing being for an exclusive class of people was foreign to me before I met the Witnesses. I think they have this concept completely wrong. I've accepted the gift of the Holy Spirit in my life, and I believe it can be freely received by all. Therefore, all the promises and hopes that Jesus talked about I can accept for myself.

  • heathen

    I the bible says when the spirit is poured out on individuals they do receive insight and will also prophesy and have visions . I believe I experienced those type of phenomena including sightings of spirits ,it's as if there is no doubt in my mind about there being a God and what the bible says is true .I think even the great crowd can receive holy spirit . The WTBTS is all about control by taking a personal relationship with God and christ and replacing it with a book publishing corporation they also take away holy spirit and give it exclusively to a book publishing corporation .

  • mkr32208

    I'm not anointed, I'm the second coming of jebus!

  • free2beme

    I know someone who had a bad case of gas once and thought they were annointed.

  • Van Gogh
    Van Gogh

    Could you guys for once just elaborate on this and share with us what this secretive "anointing" is all about?

    This whole anointing business has seriously been scaring the **** **** out of me ever since a very trusted friend many years ago once confessed to me how she'd had this anointing feeling for many years and how she had been struggling with it and fighting against it because she really didn't want to go to heaven, until she finally somehow resigned to it. I just couldn't understand how God would do such a thing against anyones will. It threw me into a serious depression.

    Also, Robert King, AKA E-Watchman, has been touting his anointment and how it suddenly gave him miraculous "insight into the scriptures". Designating the serious pseudo-bOrg teachings and tacticts that he and the likes of Donald Burnley (Living Waters) have been churning out as complete BS is putting it just mildly (except for his Awake! article "How to train your dog" bashing of course). His new book must be a tiresome rerun of "Studies in the Scriptures."

    BTW, I came across some stuff on the Unitarian Church which really intrigued me. They claim that no-one will ever go to heaven and that these kings and priests will simply rule ON earth. IMO they really made a thorough job of substantiating this scripturally, which surprised me. IMO this ties with Hebrews, which says the old faithful like Abraham were looking forward to a heavenly kingdom. This would also tie in with OT references that the WTS applies to JW elders for crying out loud. When I read Revelation in another bible than the NWT, it also talked about kings and priests ruling ON earth (not just OVER).

    Could you please answer me, especially considering that the scriptures seem to make more sense to you as anointed?


    Theo Vincent

  • greendawn

    Narkissos, are you saying that you got expelled from the borg just because you partook of their bread and wine?

    To me this annointed business never made much sense. In my view it could never be something just based on a feeling but on some serious spiritual work. I think the GB intentionally kept the issue in the dark because if clarified it would have a negative influence on their status and claims.

    Just why should God call one jw to be annointed and not another? Was it just his whim?

  • Narkissos
    Narkissos, are you saying that you got expelled from the borg just because you partook of their bread and wine?

    Not at all, it just triggered the whole process. A few weeks after the Memorial two circuit overseers were sent to our congregation with a specific agenda. My friend and I were summoned before them and the complete body of elders. The Memorial was never mentioned, just the fact that "we were talking too much about Jesus" (sic). After a second meeting a Judicial Committee was formed and then we were separately asked whether we still held to the basic WT beliefs, especially the "two hopes" stuff. Of course we didn't, and this, not partaking in the Memorial per se, was the ground for the d'f sentence ("apostasy").

    But i don't consider myself Christian anymore and I don't take everything in the Bible quite as literally as it seems some of you do.

    Oh, btw this applies to me too.

    Van Gogh,

    The whole "anointment" metaphor, just as other NT metaphors for the Christian experience / initiation (being "born again," for instance) takes a pretty unhealthy ring in JW-Land because of the unscriptural doctrine that makes it particular to a special class of Christians. As such it is bound to attract a lot of different people (psychologically unbalanced, attention whores as well as sincere believers with a personal religious experience). If you read the NT without this doctrine in mind you would see nothing more to it than a description of the common Christian faith.

  • free2beme

    There was a virus going around in my congregation in the 1990's that anointed everyone. I mean it, within a sort time we had all sorts of people saying they were anointed and went from none to about twenty in a year. The elders were giving all sorts of special needs talks on how anointed people are rare and would most likely be in the religion for decades. One of the anointed people was 21. The elders would never come out and say "your not!" Yet these ones were never appointed elders or anything and if they believed they were anointed, then why wouldn't they put them in a leadership role ASAP. After all, isn't that what we felt they would be doing in heaven?

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