Anyone here anointed??//

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  • LittleToe

    The focus is what's wrong with that

    It's supposed to be "Christ", not our destination. If we're fixated on destination, then I would humbly submit that we've missed the point. Therein lays one of the WTS major errors. Thereafter there is allegedly life for those who claim it, in the realms of the New Heavens and the New Earth. My only real doubt is that it's literally this earth, since Peter indicates that our sun is eventually going to go super nova, and science would concur

    But this two classes of believer, with two destinations baloney, I have real difficulty with.

  • stillajwexelder

    so are you saying I am supposed to want to live forever with Christ - no matter where?

  • AuldSoul

    Nah,'re not supposed to want anything more than what you want. God is not far from each of us.


  • LDH

    To me this whole thing never made much sense. You've got 8,000+ annointed running around loose in congregations but only 12 of these people are empowered to make decisions. The Annointed are not used for ANYTHING except if you are lucky enough to have one in your congregation it's kinda fun to watch em drink wine.

    I once asked my father how Mildred and Frank Thompson knew they were annointed. Very elderly white couple (as are most annointed, suspiciously LOL--note there is no room for non-English speakers to be annointed per JW doctrine, closed since 1935--so too bad all you spiritual Africans and Latin Americans and Asian, LOL). He told me they got a special feeling that no one else could understand. WTF????

    I even directly questioned her when I was about 17 and I had really bought into the crap, and she told me that she just 'knew.' I have never had a satisfactory answer to this question. He passed on some 20 years ago and she just died about 6 years ago?


  • greendawn

    Stilla, you wouldn't like to live on earth for ever it would be too boring, likely the saved will leave in both earth and heaven, the new ones of course. There will be no need to choose one or other as all things belong to them, heaven and earth.

  • LittleToe

    Yes, you're right. That's exactly the point, IMHO.

    I had my experience on Thursday morning 28th June 2001. By the Sunday it was obvious something was up and my wife inquired what the matter was. After expressing myself she asked "does that mean you want to go to heaven then?" I had no answer at that point, as it was all so very new.

    By the Tuesday I had a reply: "I would rather be in hell with Christ than in heaven without him!".

    Destination is irrelevant, when you're with the one you love.

  • LittleToe

    I should also add, due to exposure to a great many folks who would lay a claim, that an "experience" is not necessary. It's a two-edged sword. The pivot-point is soley the relationship with Christ.

    Again, my opinion, but not a solitary one.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Little Toe, I was anointed the same year as you...(a witness for 26 years). I'm glad my husband is still with me. He was an unbeliever the whole marriage. I think the anointed and the great crowd and the ressurected ones will all be on the earth. I know it sounds like eliteism (responding to the comment on that) But there is no denying (I don't think) that there is one group who will reign and one group reigned over. ?? One group that are the brothers of Christ (in Math. 25) and one doing good to the brothers. Also the point of one group Jesus was speaking to and the (other) sheep not of that fold. One giving a glass of water, not losing their reward for it and one receiving the water, etc.

    Any comments?? Little Toe? Any thoughts on the diety of Christ?

  • LittleToe

    I think Rev.7 indicates a single group, refered to verbally and symbolically as 144000 and then seen to be a great crowd. Since the end of the chapter places them working in the temple, I think this is a reasonable conclusion to come to.

    Likewise with those alleged to have "done good" to Christ's brothers. I think that unbeknown to them (likely because they had no experience they could point to) they joined the same group by being adopted by God ("the same is my mother and my brother").

    However I think the mistake people make is in expecting to find these "brothers" in a distinct organization. If that were the case, why would it be so darned difficult to be certain or uncertain that you'd assisted them in some manner? Could it be that Christ's brothers are to be found everywhere and anywhere, and oftentimes don't know they are his brothers at all?

    For a myriad of reasons, that I've discussed all over this board and extensively for the last four years, I do believe in the deity of Christ and in having a personal relationship with him.

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    This year since I started doing my research into the JW religion, I experienced something that made me a little confused, it was truly a beautiful experience being enveloped in love and just feeling like you are very in tune with your spiritual self, Jehovah and Christ, but as I continued my research I discovered it was only an emotional reaction, triggered by my mind and how I felt about the things I was reading in the bible. As my research moved forward and I began researching the actual bible I came to realize that the New Testament was put together by people pushing a political agenda to unite and empower the Roman Government.

    I came to understand that books like Matthew, John, and others in the NT were anonymous works, given these names by the Priests that put it together. The same goes for the Old Testament, Moses did not write the books of Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy and Job as they would have us believe, I researched as most here have heard before, Ancient civilizations like the Sumerians who wrote things that later were adopted by the Hebrews and put into the book of Job, the Noah story the Proverbs, I was truly disgusted, although everyone back then did this, they all adopted each others myths, gods and such and just renamed them and changed them aroung a bit.

    So no I don't believe anyone is annointed, some people are just more in tune with their spiritual side, others suffer from Dementia or Schizofrenia and confuse the symptoms with being annointed, but hey, everyone is free to think whatever they like, I for one have been freed from believing the stories and myths from some ancient book that has caused the death of countless people and stopped so many from reaching their full potential. I believe in God the Creator and my bible is the Creation around me, it cannot lie or be misinterpreted, or mistranslated or used to push an agenda, I see it as a living testament to the Creator.


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