Pray for death of Apostates

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  • cheezy

    Guilt by association? After all that is the WTS stock in trade - to paraphrase - "don't even think about associating with apostates or you are just as guilty." It is documented that the WTS has harbored child molesters, i.e., not reported them to the police, and hushed up numerous occurences of child sexual abuse. Therefore aren't all JWs culpable of child abuse by their very own definition of "guilt by association"? Doesn't that in effect make all JWs child abusers? Or does it?

  • greendawn

    When you think of it since this is a business corporation and the apostates threaten its smooth running and profitability through what they have to say, they will naturally be the most hated of the ex JWs. Any that want to get back will be given the hardest time of all in the reinstatement process.

  • garybuss

    I agree with Bill Bowen, it's a pedophile paradise. I'm glad you had such a great experience with Jehovah's Witnesses. I didn't. I stick with Lisa. Every Witness I knew abused children. Here it was required. My last experience at a Witness district assembly two Witness security guards belly pushed a three year old boy with a nickel in his hand away from a stocked, working candy machine. That was typical of Witness behavior I saw, and that was in a public place.

  • Pistoff

    I think child haters SOUNDS over the top; they don't fit the typical mold.

    But consider this: if your child was baptized at 11, and disfellowshiped at 13, you would be obligated to keep him away from his extended family. His association would be severely curtailed, indeed he would be scarred emotionally for life for this shunning.

    So, while you may not see them as child haters, it is likely only due to the brainwashing you grew up with. Some consider our lack of activity for our children at holiday time to be abuse.

    I am not so sure I disagree.

    The child sex abuse scandal is the topper here though; the leadership and the rank and file refuse to do one thing to change the criminal concept that 2 witnesses must witness child sex abuse in order for it to have occurred in the eyes of the elders. This is a criminal policy, and while it has not been changed yet, we will look back on this one day and wonder how in the world it could have gone for so long the way is has.

    WAKE UP.

  • fahrvegnugen
    One man's abuse is another man's "rod of reproof." One man's abuse is another man's "rebuke." One man's abuse is another man's "inculcat[ion]." And in addition to these forms of abuse, there are those who either sexually abuse or protect sexual abusers from criminal consequences of their heinous acts.

    I take it you didn't serve as an elder for long, if at all.

    On your first point: If spanking constitutes child abuse, then you can label 90% of the country as "nasty child abusers," not just the Witnesses. They are no better or worse than any other group of the population in this regard.

    Secondly, I never served as an elder. I was a MS and pioneer. But that is irrelevant, since anyone who has actually been a JW for any length of time knows that word always gets around in the congregation regarding any serious improprieties. Spend one day driving around in a cargroup full of pioneer sisters and you will know everything there is to know and more.

    I stand by what I said. Yes there have been incidents of sexual abuse, etc. among JWs just as there have been among any other group. But to claim that this is somehow typical of Witnesses or that they "hate children" is just patently false.

  • cheezy

    Child haters/child abusers - sounds like a new thread........

  • DavidChristopher

    Welcome Tsarina

    What do know of the parable of the rich man who decided to throw a feast and invited all the rich powerful people? Did they accept? Why not? What did the rich man do?

    Did Jesus strike or kill the people who didn't follow Him? Did He tell His followers to? Did He refrain from correcting them in front of everyone? I seem to remember Him healing a person who was there to murder Him, when one of His disciples lost control and tried to "protect" Him in the wrong way.

    you go girl!

  • Aude_Sapere

    OK. Let's turn it around then regarding this so-called 'Child-Hater Religion'.

    Rather than focus on behaviors that are interpretted as either hateful of children or disciplining of children, what exactly do they 'as a group', as a 'loving organization' to demonstrate that respect and love of this impressionable group of members?

    (I might add: Captive Members - but that might be extreme...)

    Please tell me what programs are in place to help the children be children. To help them grow up to be strong, thoughtful, happy, healthy, independent adults.

    Please help me see how this religion helps single parents.

    Please direct me to the 'positive reinforcement' programs that are held out. I am only aware of 'negative reinforcement' guidance and direction from the organization - and thus from many parents in that org as well.


  • TopHat
    The article w82 9/1 "Look! Jehovah Came With His Holy Myriads" lays out beautifully why I left that apostate organization. I "completely reject false teachers and their doctrines."



    I couldn't agree with you more and the very reason I left....I firmly believe the GB of Jehovah's Witnesses is an apostate of Jesus Christ and his Father.

  • Aude_Sapere

    Cheezy wrote:

    Child haters/child abusers - sounds like a new thread........

    Ooops!! You're right. Sorry for contributing to the hijack of this thread.

    Cheezy started a separate thread here:

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