Pray for death of Apostates

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    Now What?

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    Perhaps this is what you are asking?


    w95 9/15 p. 7 The Envious Man ***

    The Gospel writers Matthew and Mark use the Greek word phtho´nos to describe the motive of those responsible for the murder of Jesus. (Matthew 27:18; Mark 15:10) Yes, they were driven by envy. The same harmful emotion has turned apostates into vicious haters of their former brothers. (1 Timothy 6:3-5) No wonder that envious men are debarred from entry into God’s Kingdom! Jehovah God has decreed that all who continue to be "full of envy" are "deserving of death."—Romans 1:29, 32; Galatians 5:21.

    Dunno, just a long shot. But I have heard others in the org say this (even in prayers) in reference to the instruction in Deuteronomy to kill apostates and then apply it to those in the 'world' of today.

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  • fahrvegnugen
    There's not a doubt in my mind. This is a religion of child haters.

    Yeeesh! Try the decaf next time.

    Seriously folks, I know we all have our legitimate gripes against the Witnesses, but some of the comments I read here are a bit over the top. I can't think of anything I experienced growing up as a Witness which would lead me to believe this was a "religion of child haters." More like a bunch of well-meaning but misguided do-gooders.

  • stillajwexelder

    Welcome tsarina - I will do some research for you

  • Now What?
    Now What?

    As for whether or not they are child haters, I will never forget that piece of armageddon artwork where the scene depicts lightning and earthquakes, people running for their lives as buildings are collapsing around them, and in the foreground is a scared mother holding her little girl by the hand as they face certain death before the wrath of God Jehovah.

    Now, that's over the top.

  • Cellist

    Hi tsarina, welcome to the board.


  • AuldSoul

    Welcome, tsarina!

    *** w91 4/15 p. 31 Beware of Apostates! ***
    Keep On Resisting
    Jude next gave advice on resisting bad influences. (Verses 17-25) There would be ridiculers in “the last time,” and true Christians must endure them and their taunting words today. To resist such bad influences, we should build ourselves up on our “most holy faith,” pray with holy spirit, and keep in God’s love, while waiting for Jesus’ mercy to be expressed.
    Apparently in the role of false teachers, the ungodly men caused some to have doubts. (Compare 2 Peter 2:1-3.) And what did doubters need? Why, spiritual help to be snatched out of the “fire,” everlasting destruction! (Matthew 18:8, 9) But the godly need not fear that destiny, for Jehovah will protect them from “stumbling” into sin and the destruction awaiting apostates.
    *** w83 4/1 p. 19 An Apostle’s Stand Against Apostasy ***
    Antidotes for Sin and Apostasy
    Is there a restraining brake against practicing sin? John’s answer is: “He that does not love has not come to know God, BECAUSE GOD IS LOVE.” Thus, with striking simplicity, John drives home his point. Love is the key. And God’s love expressed through his Son is the antidote for sin’s effects. “By this the love of God was made manifest in our case, because God sent forth his only-begotten Son into the world that we might gain life through him.” How should this knowledge affect us? John answers: “Beloved ones, if this is how God loved us, then we are ourselves under obligation to love one another.”—1 John 4:8-11.
    If we truly love God and neighbor, then we will resist the inroads of sin and apostasy. Love does not willfully go against God’s laws and principles. Nevertheless, John warns: “There is a sin that does incur death.” Unrepentant apostates would certainly be in the category of those who merit destruction.—1 John 5:16, 17; Matthew 12:31; Luke 12:10; Hebrews 6:4-6; 10:23-27.
    *** w82 9/1 pp. 14-15 “Look! Jehovah Came With His Holy Myriads” ***
    15 Since those false teachers did not maintain a steady course in righteousness, they were like “wandering stars.” (Authorized Version) Of course, navigation by the stars would be impossible if these unpredictably wandered about. Accordingly, like stars having no “set course,” those apostates could not be depended upon for sound spiritual guidance. For those false lights God “reserved” nothing but the “blackness of darkness” eternally, and this signified their everlasting destruction. For many reasons, indeed, faithful Christian witnesses of Jehovah completely reject false teachers and their doctrines.
    *** w84 7/1 p. 13 “The Battle Is Not Yours, but God’s” ***

    That last article, "The Battle Is Not Yours..." in effect encourages what you suggested. But it doesn't do so in a direct sentence. It gives the example of Jehoshaphat and compares his adversaries to apostates. His solution was prayer and his prayer was answered in the form of destruction.

    Of course, nothing in the Bible account actually compares their foes to apostates on that occasion, but such trifles have never troubled the Watchtower boys.

    The article w82 9/1 "Look! Jehovah Came With His Holy Myriads" lays out beautifully why I left that apostate organization. I "completely reject false teachers and their doctrines."


  • garybuss

    I'm with Lisa all the way. This is a religion of child haters, based on my 30 years of personal experience as a child of Witness parents and another 30+ years watching the Witnesses and researching. They are nasty and they abuse children.

  • fahrvegnugen

    Well Gary I also had 30 years experience with them--all from the inside and I can honestly say that I never knew anyone who hated children or even any children who were abused. Are there cases of it--of course. And just like the Catholic Church, the organization should be held accountable if they didn't fulfill their duty to protect victims.

    But to characterize the Witnesses as a whole as 'nasty people who abuse children' is factually, demonstrably incorrect. At least it's not true of the ones I knew--and that was a hell of a lot of 'em.

  • AuldSoul


    One man's abuse is another man's "rod of reproof." One man's abuse is another man's "rebuke." One man's abuse is another man's "inculcat[ion]." And in addition to these forms of abuse, there are those who either sexually abuse or protect sexual abusers from criminal consequences of their heinous acts.

    I take it you didn't serve as an elder for long, if at all.


  • delilah
    Welcome to the forum, Tsarina...I have never seen that written, but I would not doubt, that it's what they would pray for.....after all, it's the apostates that are exposing their filth.

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