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  • AndersonsInfo

    This past Sunday, a Bethel "heavy" was at a one-day assembly here in the South. He said that JWs have to listen and follow the directives of the Governing Body because what they speak comes "from the lips of Jehovah himself."
    I'm dismayed, to say the least, that these men have gone this far off base with their mythmaking.
    If information and instruction comes from the "lips of Jehovah" directly to the Governing Body, than the brochure, "How Can Blood Save Your Life?" came from the "lips of Jehovah." This brochure is full of lies, so Jehovah's lips lie?
    Lies have brought down governments, destroyed relationships and caused thousands of JWs to be disfellowshipped. And in the case of the persuasive lies contained in the "Blood" brochure, these lies have been instrumental in causing people, since 1990, to take an action that could, and did for many thousands, result in death.
    It is the lying that will cause the Watchtower to go out of business. What if there will be no lawsuits? Most likely there will be many. However, it is the LYING of the Watchtower that will cause it to lose credibility and without credibility no one will listen to "new light" or read new WT books. As credibility is defined as the quality or power of inspiring belief, a credibility gap means LACK OF BELIEVABILITY. The WT lacks credibility as shown by my research into the "Given Ones" teaching. Now there is tremendous lack of credibility because of Mrs. Louderback-Wood's research into the "How Can Blood Save Your Life?" brochure. What about all their directives in between this silly to serious information that purportedly emanated from the "lips of Jehovah" through his Governing Body? When they find out, this will be an appalling situation for JWs and even for those in the Bethels around the world.

  • TopHat
    This past Sunday, a Bethel "heavy" was at a one-day assembly here in the South. He said that JWs have to listen and follow the directives of the Governing Body because what they speak comes "from the lips of Jehovah himself."

    Can we say "JIM JONES"

    Do they ever ever look back at their insane talks and think about how it looks to an outsider? The French are correct, this is a dangerous organization.

  • belbab

    Because of health issues, I have read many books and websites dealing with health issues. Most of these readings are about alternative medicine that is available.

    In nearly every one of these articles it states that in no way should the information be used as a susbstitute for medical treatments and you are referred to the legal-licensed medical authorities for appropriate medical treatment. It is obvious that such warnings are included with the information provided to ward off any litigation that may result if the reader practices the health information provided.

    Does the booklet of the WT Society, How Can Blood Save Your Life? contain such a warning.

    If not, why not? They are leaving themselves open for litigation.

    I will be reading the brochure shortly and if I find they have issued such a warning I will post it.


  • AuldSoul
    There is no basis for such concern when Jehovah's Witnesses choose nonblood management. A doctor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine (U.S.A.) writes: "Most [Witnesses] readily sign the American Medical Association form relieving physicians and hospitals of liability, and many carry a Medical Alert [card]. A properly signed and dated 'Refusal to Accept Blood Products' form is a contractual agreement and is legally binding."—Anesthesiology News, October 1989.

    From the text of the brochure:

    If the contractual agreement can be successfully argued as having been entered into on the partial basis of intentional misrepresentation of secular facts, we have them.


  • undercover
    It is the lying that will cause the Watchtower to go out of business. What if there will be no lawsuits? Most likely there will be many. However, it is the LYING of the Watchtower that will cause it to lose credibility and without credibility no one will listen to "new light" or read new WT books.

    While I see some potential with this "big news" and hope that it can create a major scandal, it will not put the WTS out of business.

    The Worldwide Church of God adapted and moved on. The Mormons adapted and moved on. Scientologists have followers for Chrissakes'. Robert Tilton was shamed out of business, but he's back on TV again. The same with Benny Hinn. He's back too. Jimmy Swaggert comes and goes. The only one that really got nailed was Jim Bakker. But his dumbass ugly wife made a comeback. The Catholic church took a monetary hit over its child abuse scandal but the church is still going strong.

    The WTS has too much of a crack legal department to let this scandal or any scandal put them out of business. They may have to change how the church operates, which may cause mass defections. But for those that defect, other wandering souls looking for "truth" will find them and fall for their "new light" BS.

    I'm all for trying to make a difference but let's be realistic. The WTS ain't goin out of business 'cause of this.

  • wednesday

    My husbnad still believes in not taking blood even thouegh he does not attend. meettings. I have told him that I will not honor his request and if he needs it, I will see to it he gets it. If he can't protect himself, I guess I will have to do it.He knows I mean it.


  • sf

    Whew. Okay, I read the entire thread. Glad it didn't get to 35 pages yet before I saw it!

    Keep in mind about their tax status issue...

    Kerry is a Taxation lawyer.

    Remember too, as Dave states, this is just the tip. Much more work is to be done to gain momentum with this.

    Lies, such as the magnitude that the WTBTS has willingly told to its members through years of brainwashing, that has resulted in needless death of innocent children by parents whom have believed everything the WTBTS has ever said/ written, are about to see what NEW LIGHT can do when you aren't relying on tainted energy sources.

    God, I'm so tempted to call Bethel right now!


  • wiegel
  • Hellrider
    "The bible says that we would be persecuted in the last days...we must TRULY be in the last days!!!"

    That is what I think most JWs will say

    Jez got it right. THIS is what makes deprogramming of JWs so difficult. Every scandal, even though it can proven, is, in the mind of a JW, an "attack by satan", and a clear sign that "the end is just around the corner". So this won`t work on the individual JWs, they are to brainwashed. However, if the motherTower is financially destroyed, by, say, one lawsuit after the other, as a result of this article, then it`s a whole new ballgame. Cut the head of the snake, and the body dies too.

  • Atlantis

    Can Jehovah's Witness adults or mature minor children make serious life threatening decisions according to their faith, when the very information they are suppose to follow is denied them?

    How can Jehovah's Witnesses provide support when a Witness patient is alone or at night, unless other JWs are lurking around them on an hourly basis?

    What other necessary information or forms do older Witness patients need assistance with? Their "will" perhaps?

    Is it wise to move a child who is in a serious medical condition to another city?

    Compare: WATCHTOWER Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc. Hospital Information Services 25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, NY 11201-2483, U.S.A. Phone: (718) 560-4300 Fax: (718) 560-4479 Email: [email protected] HIM:HIF April 19, 2004 Congregation Jehovah's Witnesses, Attention Body of Elders C/O BROOKLYN MAIL CARRIER Dear Brothers: Enclosed is an updated list of the members of the Hospital Liaison Committee (HLC) to which your congregation is assigned. Each elder should make several copies of this letter (including the information on the reverse side) to have available at all times--at home, at work, and in his book bag. Please do not make copies of this material for publishers, or post it on the information board, or read it to the congregation. Remember that the HLC is a valuable resource, since these brothers have developed a close working relationship with medical personnel. As emphasized in previous years, it is wise to contact the HLC in advance for assistance. This is especially important in the following areas: * Older ones--Time may be needed to assist these publishers in filling out the health-care durable power of attorney (DPA) form and other necessary paperwork. Also, since some may not have Witness family members, it is vital to provide support to ensure that the brother or sister, when alone or at night, is not subjected to intimidation. * Pregnant sisters-- For various reasons, complications can arise throughout the pregnancy. If the doctor is not prepared or experienced to handle situations that include massive bleeding, valuable time is lost. The health and very life of the sister could be in danger. * Children-- The legal reality is that when true emergency situations exist, physicians can treat with standard practice (which may include blood) without parental consent. Therefore, the degree of cooperation and the experience of the physician are of utmost importance. Parents need to consider their best option when seeking care for their child, perhaps even locating such a physician in another city with help from the HLC. Regarding the legal provision of mature minors making their own health-care decisions, parents should carefully review information in The Watchtower, June 15, 1991, pages 15-18. Due to privacy regulations, hospitals are legally required to control access to patient information. Therefore, Witness patients should specifically request, at the time of admission, that they receive a visit from a minister of Jehovah's Witnesses. Be assured that we appreciate your support and assistance when brothers face challenging medical situations. We send our warm Christian love. Your brothers in Jehovah's service, Watchtower B. T. Society of New York, Inc. Hospital Liaison Committee

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