Journal of Church and State: WT NO-BLOOD EXPOSE'

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    The BIG NEWS is not just about the Molko case. It is about other cases including Reynolds (Mormon's bigamy case), the Catholic Church sex cases, the PTL case, etc. These cases all hold that religious "freedom" goes so far, and no more. It's about where the State should draw the line on what a religion does - between a religion's right to worship and the State's interest in harmony, preservation of life, etc. Only when the State has a compelling interest, such as saving lives (including children's [i.e. future citizen's]) will it step in to stop a religion. If the WTS quoted medical doctors who mostly agreed with the JW's position, this would not be an issue. The issue is whether the WTS can misquote medical doctor's lives, dupe their followers into a false medical security surrounding those lies, and "get away with it?"

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    Don Smith

    I understand how all of us feel that the WT is getting away with murder and no one seems to crack and stop the carnage legally A friend of mine by the name of Joseph Ried has come close after more than 20 years and 31 attempts on the grounds of that according the B.C. Society Act stipulates that the membership elects the

    President ,Secretary& treasure. It is a violation of the act to have appointed WT elders acting on behalf of the WT and is requesting the Attorney General to revoke ,cancel their Tax -Exemption status for not following the Articles of Association. His appearance before the Supreme Court of to be set for sometime in Feb/06.

    Mr Reid had in his previous case had sent letters to the Canadian Branch as the Court suggested they should be notified and as stated by the Attorney General. Mr Reid stated he had notified the Canadian Branch but did not get a response. He ageed to send invitations to the President Ken Little and SecretaryRamseyer as i recall.Letters came back from WT Lawyers office stating they would not attend as the proper procedure had not been followed.

    Of course this did not deter Mr .Reid thus the tentative date.

    My point in both issues NO BLOOD or violation of the B.C. Society Act we see as unjust one important paramount. Vengance is mine said the Lord I will repay.There is time,place when God Alone acts through his Son.That is consistently demonstrated from Genesis to Revelation ,Oh how long oh Lord? But God acted at the proper time and place,dealt with Adam & Eves fall and Devils destiny.World powers such as Babylon, and others that followed he used them to bend to his will calling Nebuchadrezzar his servant and who had to admit the God of Heaven that he can do what he wants and praised and lauded the God of Heaven after regaining his sanity and throne as promised

    As sad and unjust as things are i feel we have to keep in mind indivdually that we are admonished 'To seek first the Kingdom and HIS RIGHTEOUS. He did a supperd job in the past and the future will be no different as each one will sit under his own vine and fig tree and none shall make them afraid.

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    Has anyone read or heard anything come of this? Has the Org also changed thier tune more on blood since 2005 or is it pretty much the same since 2001?? I would of thought that after a published document like this that a group of attorneys would have filed a class action lawsuit. Anyone know anything on this subject????

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    This was an excellent article and pivotal in my exit from WT. Sadly all WT has done in the interim is come up with more blood fractions that can or cannot be taken. They stick to that crazy, death dealing blood policy as if their lives depended on it.


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    JW GoneBad

    Thank you crazyguy for bumping this thread.

    A belated thank you to Barbara and Joe for this thread.

    This topic may explain why the WTBTS has been soo silent for such a long time in the Kingdom Ministries about it's blood doctrine.

    I think the last time they had a part in a KM hounding the rank & file about Power Of Attorneys or Medical Directive Cards was back in 2009 or 2010.

    Is it possible that 'Mother' is feeling the pinch by a group of lawyers on behalf of doctors and hospitals for misrepresenting vital medical facts related to blood transfusions?

    Or is it even more of a possibility that there is a class action lawsuit against 'Mother' on the books as we speak for the thousands and tens of thousands of deaths related to WT's cacamayme no-blood teaching?

    Oh, Godspeed!!!

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    There's a significant amount of anecdotal evidence that suggests they're actually trying to phase it out (albeit without looking like they're phasing it out).

    EDIT: And now that I've finally read the OP after all these years (sorry, Barb ), I strongly suspect the 2005 Journal of Church and State article might have had something to do with that decision.

    Biggest case in point; the WTS (allegedly) doesn't disfellowship for it anymore (the fear of being disfellowshipped - the "shun gun"; rather than any "love for Jehovah", has always been the biggest motivation for the R&F to stay in line, no matter what anyone may say).

    The rub is, the XJW community won't shut up about it, so it's difficult for them to drop it completely; they'd rather gargle with broken glass than look like they're capitulating to critics and "apostates".

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    This is the same illustrious journal that publishes junk the Bethel lawyers write. I don't know if it is illustrious. It publishes work dealing with church and state issues. It is not Harvard or Yale Law. I read an article about Rutherford and the Japanese during WWII. Law students write better articles.

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