Journal of Church and State: WT NO-BLOOD EXPOSE'

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  • Sunspot
    How are you this fine day?

    I'm doing just fine---and thank you for asking!

    I just commented on another thread that we had 2" of freezing rain during the night, followed by 10" of snow when we woke up this morning! It looks gorgeous outside....but it is treacherous even to stick one foot out the door! Such is life in upstate NY!

    I want to add that "our" Danny is doing a GREAT JOB as well, in keeping the "loyal and obedient" JWs and JW apologists on their toes trying to disprove what he says! You GO Danny! I'll take vitriolic over mentally manipulated any day!!!!


    Annie...........who finally realized that being brainblocked shouldn't be a lifestyle....

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    No matter what actions any of us take, the Wraithtower Society shall permanantly suffer, at the very least, a verry black eye and a permanantly bloody nose: And if we use the information to its greatest effect, they will, in time, lack all credibility in the entire Western World, except among the already brainwashed, among the obsessive and among the nutters. It will only take a minimal amount of research and time for a person of average intelligence to discover it for self. Those still connected to the Borg matrix may need help and life support in the beginning, but we will be here for them.

  • skeeter1

    Highbeam will probably not have it for about 3 months. I say this, as Lexis, another database told me that they got the Journal of Church & State from a 3rd party provider and that it takes them about 3 months to get it. So, I suggest ordering a hard copy directly from the Journal of Church and State's website.

  • savedtoserve

    I was a JW for 29 years (1967-1996) and was the same as any other rank and file JW regarding blood transfusions. I got busy in 2002 offering reach out support to others leaving the WT, and have only run across someone involved in the blood issue twice. I am so glad, again, that Barabara and Danny and whoever else involved put this information on the forum here. I have never been one to "go after" the WT, by means of protesting, placard carrying as I have always preferred a laid back non-confrontational approach: however, this may well change. I put my own summary of this news-release on my own site on the Deception In The Watchtower page, as I am confidnat this is something we as ex-JW's especially should be speaking up about. As mentioned in this thread, there is no way I too can see that WT can wiggle away from this one. True, I don't think it will have too much effect on the rank and file, but to the rest of society; any credibility Watchtower had is greatly undermined if not eroded completely. In short, the broke the law and must be punished under the laws of each state/country. No, I don't see too many lawsuits yet coming from current and active JW's, but, there will be hopefully many from the families of JW's who died, becasue of following the misrepresentations that Watchtower elad them to beleive. It is time the WT Scoiety was called to the rug over their lies and deception, and this may very well be the ball that gets this all rolling.

    No mare fancy Bethel Family Dinners Don Adams/Govenring Body: you can' afford it now.

  • savedtoserve

    No more fancy Bethel Family dinners Don Adams/Governing Body: you CAN'T afford them now.

    (sorry in the above post, I was typing too fast)

  • Clam

    The way I read it, the Watchtower interprets Acts 21:25 as follows:

    "...But as for the gentiles who have become believers, we have sent them a letter telling them we decided that they must not eat any food that has been offered to idols, or the primary components of blood—namely red cells, white cells, platelets and plasma. However fractions of all primary components are permitted. Having said that, when it comes to fractions of any of the primary components, each Christian, after careful and prayerful meditation, must conscientiously decide for himself. “

    Incredible, and they think themselves the voice of the Creator on earth!

  • sf

    Hi clam,

    Right. And thusly every jw does what the org tells them to do because they actually think that by obeying their leaders, they are indeed pleasing the wt god jehovah. Because why???????.....

    Because the WTBTS book publishing corp has managed to get them to believe that this god actually speaks through them. LOLOLOLOLOLOLCan you say howdy doody? LOLOLOL

    Then you get to the core of why anyone tries to please god, or anyone else....

    the rewards, the carrots, the PAYOFF, the PAYBACK, what we will get in return...all the enticing trappings of an earth free from chaos...give and let give

    This is why I say there is nothing nurturing or altruistic about this sham of a "Christian religion".

    It's all about getting that reward. THAT is self centeredness and selfish. THAT'S not true concern.

    This is one of the topics I bring up at the door when the come by. I ask them, why are they really there. What are their true or their reward for preaching to me. They usually start turning to leave by this time....lolololol as they should. I tell them that I KNOW why they are's not out of genuine concern if I get everlasting life. It is so that they get their prize OF everlasting life. That usually does it. LOL


  • AuldSoul

    I ordered a copy of Autumn 2005 Journal of Church and State and a copy of the reprint. I was told they don't do article reprints very often but they have been getting such large numbers of requests that they decided to make an exception.

    I also confirmed, it is okay to make hard paper copies of the reprint to personally distribute as long as you don't ask for money. Any electronic copying is going to be chased down to the extent possible at this point. The copyright belongs to a Law School and they have the right to set terms for reproduction and distribution, so...copiers beware!


  • Clam

    Yes good angle Supreme. I'm new here but have a big interest in the JWs. My sister is one but she lives 400 miles away. My wife however is a midwife and her maternity unit is plagued by elders trying to talk not only "sisters" out of transfusions but to all and sundry. I'm quite keen on the idea of hanging around them and challenging the Watchtower's contradictary teachings. We also recently found out that one of the "blood crew" elders actually had a transfusion a few years back, so I'm really keen to chat to him!

  • Elsewhere

    I received my copy of the Autumn 2005 Journal of Church and State today!

    I was expecting a thin news letter but was plesantly surprised to find that it's as big as a good size book!

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