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    Well done, David! (re the charity, I mean!)

    Are you sure you're not an official spokesman? Those words appear awfully like a Service Department letter.

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    here we go with the gnostics again!
    It should be the leading of the HS and having Christ in your heart that moves you to speak out

    I was not alluding to some special or secret knowledge. Of course, the holy spirit and Jesus being in their hearts prompts Witnesses to speak. That's what causes them to be so excited and jojfyul. What I meant by saying the one who is excited by the truth speaks is this:

    We are so filled with joy by means of God's spirit that we cannot stop speaking about the good news we learned from the Bible. Remember, joy is a fruit of the spirit. Those who ar moved by the holy spirit to speak and defend the truth and Christ in their hearts will do so in gentleness and respect to others. Not in a hostile attitude. (1 Peter 3:15-17; Gal 5:22-23)


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    Jehovah's Christian Witnesses come to the door, and now they have a new hope. By means of the help of the holy spirit, they are now able to overcome the addictions, and better their lives as Christians.

    How the [bleep] will it help a person who's dying of hunger and disease to show them the Watchtower and tell them that they should have a hope?

    they are now able to overcome the addictions, and better their lives as Christians.

    Like, it's all their fault, I s'pose?

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    Have you been storing up all these responses?

  • David2002

    Free Willy,

    Quango: I've never claimed this (JW's are the fastest growing religion) , so I won't seek to find any reputable sources!

    Well, this is just a theory, but maybe that was directed to the poster who DID say that ? (david2002)

    I thought I wrote "one of the fastest growing Christian groups". If I wrote THE fastest growing religion, then I was incorrect (I do not have to check through my earlier post now.) However, I stand by the statement that it is one of the fastest growing Christian groups. - David2002
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    one of the fastest growing Christian groups

    But i thought it was demonstrated earlier that wasn't correct?

    It's certainly not true in NSW..... oh heck, we're going round in circles! We've already done this!

  • Sunspot
    Actually, articles that appear in the secular press do not support what you are saying. I know several brothers and sisters from Texa and Florida, that are now helping others who suffered through the hurricane in Florida this year. One of them told me that they received provisions to be distributed from the WTS. And, let me reiterate, the secular press itself has had numerous articles on the Jehovah's Witnesses and their charitable works.

    We are well aware of the "favorable news reports" by the secular press, and what makes them so newsworthy is the fact that the neither the JWs (on their own) nor the WTS (as an organization) are regularly on the scene in any disaster.

    Do you know that your loving brotherhood went to Homestead, FL during hurricane Andrew, loaded with supplies to rebuild homes (primarily FOR other JWs of course) and having some leftover materials they fixed up a few homes around the JWs residences..........and SENT THEM ITEMIZED BILLS AFTER THE FACT?????

    Can't YOU feel the love?

    During hurricane Katrina and the surviving victims of that and the "Dome" disaster where the people were then sent to Houston....the WTS had gone back into the infamous "we gotta be so careful who we help" mode and were "screening" individuals as to their STANDING WITHIN THE JW COMMUNITY before stamping or NOT stamping them with their golden seal of approval!

    Can't you FEEL THE LOVE?

    If this is what the WTS feels is what Jesus was referring to, or what the account of the Good Samaritan AND your haughty fellow JWs have a good deal to LEARN about HIM.....and the meaning of "selfless giving", NOT out of the WT$$$$$$ or even personal surplus, but from the HEART. The lofty WTS is KNOWN for and has a LONG history of....being scarce during any disaster since it began as a "religion".

    WE don't see the love.

  • Sunspot

    *** Personally, I contribute to charitable works, including United Way, Miracle Flights, etc.

    Odd, giving to anything other than the WTS was frowned on when I was a JW. I was told that it was comparable to putting a bandaid on a gaping wound AND that "we" wouldn't know where our money was going and for what purpose. It was wiser to send "our" donations to the WTS because we were assured that it would go to worthwhile causes. NOW we find out about the countless lawsuits to protect the "image" OF the WTS in any number of ways, and NOT being used for the puroses that WE might have chosen.

    ***I have donated clothing for brothers, as well as others in need, especially when special collections were taken up in the congregation.

    All well and good.....but giving to "one's own" is not necessarily TRUE charity now is it? Human nature tends to prompt us to "do" for those in our own circle....."doing" for strangers in need carries far more weight with the Father and in one's own heart. Really, of what good is it to do for your own when the bible tells us that this is no big deal and not actually commendable.

    ***Records of how much we give and how much we do in the charitable service such as helping the poor and those struck by disaters is not kept by the Society, perhaps in view of what Matt. 6: 2 says.

    Records of ANY kind are never made available to you as JWs, never mind the general public! That's why that announcement TO you JWs to NOT earmark your donations to be spent for disaster victims was so distasteful to those of of who are "on to" the devious practices of the WTS. This is SO transparent to everyone BUT the trusting and blinded JWs who have placed Mother up and a pedestal of adoration.

    ***However, the secular press has take note of the Witnesses charible works. Also, keep in mind that preaching the good news is a charitable work.

    The secular press is NOTIFIED BY THE LOCAL JWs every time they DO anything remotely connected with normal charity. They aren't "special" in that respect....because "other" religions and agencies are on the scene on a regular basis. Preaching the WTS message is not considered "charity"......just ask the next house YOU call on! This is all in YOUR minds, believe me.

    ***The good news of the Bible is brougth to people, which help them change their lives. Sometimes for instance, a drug addicted or alchoholic, is trying to better their lives. They go to therapy. But still that does not really help. They need something else to motivate them. Jehovah's Christian Witnesses come to the door, and now they have a new hope. By means of the help of the holy spirit, they are now able to overcome the addictions, and better their lives as Christians.

    The "Good News" has changed a LOT of people since the bible was first printed and distibuted.....your point that ONLY what YOU preach is going to benefit an arrogant thing to think, never mind say. You and your organization have elevated yourselves to this extremely lofty position, fueled by your even MORE arrogant leaders that train you to believe this! You might also consider this...if you happen upon a homeless or obviously hungry person....would YOU offer food, clothing or shelter to him AS A CARING FELLOW HUMAN BEING.....without trying to gain a recruit for the WTS? Think about it.

  • Sunspot
    From my experience, child molestation is not kept secret. The cases I knew about were reported to the authorities. Molesters are almost certainly to be expelled, unlike most churches.

    The CASES you knew about???

    Doesn't THIS put it all into SOME kind of perspective in your brain???? You are supposed to be THE God-approved religion that produces the fine fruit, yet there are at present, countless cases of these perverts in the Kingdom Halls and going door-to-door and neither YOU nor the general public has any clue about their disgusting "secret", do you? You yourself can account ones that you "know of" you have any idea how many others there ARE in the world???? It is mind-boggling....go to and get a clue....

    Their activities against innocent children only become apparent when they are caught.....and even then, the WTS is so damned worried about THEIR IMAGE, that they hide these pedophiles under Mother's soiled skirts! This is rampant among your brotherhood---the perversion of the pedophiles and the nauseating behavior of the WTS. The victims and their parents are all put through their horror twice at the "loving hands" of the religious leaders they TRUSTED IN . You and the rest of your JW "friends" are equally guilty while you quickly and stauncly defend the WTS for its policies that only help....the WTS---of course!

    You are quick to condemn the Catholic Priest "problem" aren't you.....but you won't admit that at least they have faced the problem publically, and are attempting to make restitution for the harm they know have done. Far cry from the cowardly WTS who will go to any lengths to protect its OWN image and is now using donations sent by folks like you----to support the "quiet" lawsuits that have mounted up against them. Gotta keep these crimes all hushed up---can't let people KNOW what "lies beneath"...can't bring "reproach upon Jehovah"....which is ludicrous----how do YOU think Jehovah feels about all this hidden activity? Don't you think He would rather be known through the HONESTY AND COURAGE of those that SUPPOSEDLY REPRESESENT HIM rather than having them scurry around like RATS trying to hide these things? Don't YOU think that he can take care of himself, and doesn't have to lean on an corrupt and faulty organization to do that FOR him?............Please.

    The molesters have JW cheering sections who sit and glare at the victims and their supporters in the courtrooms, as if they haven't been through enough already. You can think about THAT while you defend Mother and sing her praises......Jehovah HATES cowards and liars.....and the WTS has proven itself to be both. These things ARE being exposed JUST as Revelation said they would be. I strongly suggest that you pull those scales off your eyes and SEE that you need to get OUT of her.....her sins have massed clear up to the heavens, despite her best efforts to keep them ALL hidden.

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    Regarding the favorable articles about JW's doing charitable work. Perhaps you can provide links to these articles. The only one's I've seen were JW's helping pimarily other JW's.



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