1 Timothy 2:6

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Rabbit, rabbit, run away Come to fight another day. If you can't win or prove a point Get the hell out of the joint.


  • TD

    Seriously Defd, have you every stopped to consider the degree to which this applies to you?

    Talking to you is like riding a merry go round. Humilty is a quality God looks for in a person and it is something we need to develope.

    I understand that people here try to "gang tackle" you and hijack your threads. I've seen it here on this thread and I really can sympathize -- it would make me angry.

    But why refuse to discuss the original question? Why refuse to provide a single lexical reference in support of the NWT rendering?

  • LittleToe

    I'm shocked, Derrick. I never disrespected you, so why the attitude?

    I asked some genuine quesitons and you never answered them at all. What's going on?

    If you need time to answer them because you aren't on the board all the time, that's fine, just say so, but for goodness sakes don't run off in a pall of cyber-dust!

  • defd

    Little toe if I disrespected you Im sorry , I just feel I have answered the question and for many it is not to there satisfaction, so the KEEP QUESTIONING, keep questioning and on and on. So i am through with this topic


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