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    Have not heard from Jourles in awhile. I know Jourles and respect his opinion. How you doing?

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    Thank you................maybe that was it ...............

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    For this to be truly effective from what I see is the Government is going to have to be convinced to allow religions to be sued over their teachings, then with mass law cases witnesses may start to wake up.

    I made this point in another post on this very subject and wanted to re-itterate on it. Honestly for this to have any effect it is going to have to be chosen, adapted, and used by the Judicial system. If they choose not to follow the advice of this medical brochure they will not want to get tangled in a religion vs. state issue. I know it has potential but I wonder if it will get off the ground? The article may have been over hiped a bit. I hope it takes off like some have said but it has an uphill battle and as for mass exodus, it won't happen over this article, but it may be a start. A chink in the Watchtower armour.

    But I do applaud Barbara's efforts in continually trying to bring expose on the Society for it's wrongs.


  • AuldSoul

    The only portion of this opinion that is unprecedented is viewing the Society's presentation of the blood brochure in such a way that the congregant expects it to aid in making "an informed choice about blood" as an act which created a fiduciary responsibility toward the congregant to inform them.

    Except for this itty-bitty bit, the rest stands on precedent already. They positioned themselves as medical advisors and failed to meet the obligations appertaining thereto. The bOrg is screwed. Up one side and down the other for the next few years. The direct fiduciary role was reasserted in December 2005 when congregants were told:

    Other provisions for educating us about the blood issue include the brochure How Can Blood Save Your Life? and The Watchtower of June 15, 2004, pages 14-24. In addition, the video programs Transfusion Alternative Health Care--Meeting Patient Needs and Rights and No Blood--Medicine Meets the Challenge, which are currently available on the DVD entitled Transfusion Alternatives--Documentary Series, give convincing information about the reasonableness and effectiveness of bloodless medicine and surgery. Has your family watched and discussed these presentations recently?

    This was the DECEMBER 2005 KM ! The fiduciary relationship in medical matters is implicit in the text. Precedent abounds for that portion. They are giving medical advice and encouraging others to trust them as a sound source for it. They left the realm of doctrine and entered the realm of medical, secular advice.

    This is the biggest chance I've ever seen.


  • yaddayadda

    Perhaps the majority on here are insisting this just has to be big news the same way JW's insist that Armageddon just has to be close. To repeat the trite old truism - 'only time will tell'.

  • sir82

    Just back from vacation, thought I'd jump into the fray...

    1) I see the potential of this as only takes one case to set a precedent, and then the floodgates open

    2) I didn't read all the posts, but I didn't see any thoughts on how the WT will respond to this. I expect that they will just ignore it for now, hoping it just sort of fizzles out like the UN issue did (at least among the rank & file believers, most of whom to this day have no idea that there even was an issue).

    The fun will start when (rather than if) a successful lawsuit is made. It's one thing to rant and rave about "framing mischief by law" and "intense persecution and hatred of Jehovah's servants", but if they are losing millions (billions?) in lawsuits, a fundamental change will have to come. They only have so many buildings they can sell.

    If the WT had half an ounce of intelligence, they would pull all their lawyers off whatever they are working on and start addressing this issue, and trying to figure out how they can revise policy to at least soften the blow. Given their history of being purely reactionary, they probably won't do much of anything until compelled.

  • DevonMcBride

    If WT were smart they would have just said to stay away from blood because their twisted bible scripture says so and left it at that. But no, they had to elaborate the issue with their phony blood brochure.

  • Abaddon

    I just ordered a copy of the Journal.

    I noticed they were already offering reprints of the article and asked if this was normal so early on.

    Whatever people's opinions are about the validity of the article, the nice lady stated this was definately NOT common practice but had been done in anticipation of the high level of interest it will generate.

    Of course, I know diddly squat about American Law, but I do not get the seeming presumption some people have that this is Hayseed and Yeeha! Publishing, famous for the Waco Chicken and Rooster (non-Bantam) Review. I am as leery of religious instituions as the next x-Witness, but it's the taste of the wine not the name of the vineyard that's important. Given that, I do see this has a multiple year time span attached to it even if it works. Let's hope attention spans are up to it.

  • Kaput
    i respect barbara and appreciate her informing us of this big news
    That is yet to be PROVEN!

    Spoken like a true crusader, Balian!

  • Kaput
    If the WT had half an ounce of intelligence, they would pull all their lawyers off whatever they are working on and start addressing this issue, and trying to figure out how they can revise policy to at least soften the blow.

    Yeah, I can hear it now as Ted Jaracz bellows at the legal dept.: "O.K., everyone off the child abuse cases. We've got bigger fish to fry now!"

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