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    AuldSoul I agree. They won't make mention. They will play dumb to any mention of it, offering no comments. They messed up and they should be held acountable, I hope this is the start of a bit of relief to thoese who have been wronged by the Watchtower society.

    The more I look at it though, if not having an immediate impact upon the membership of the Organization, which I don't feel it will have. It may further shed light on their true colors to the general population, in a sence an inoculation with an anti-watchtower vaccine. Pretty hard issue for the Watchtower to do damage control and mop up, though they will try through the public relations department if the need arises. I think this may be bigger to the public knowledge of the Jehovah's Witness religion and hopefully that effect can extend to wake up the thinking ones.


  • skeeter1

    Isn't the blood doctrine saved for last, after the recruit has a full appreciation for the "Truth"?

  • AuldSoul

    Well, among the last things at least. Probably the last thing before baptism is explaining the oral "contract" with the "spirit-directed" organization. Oh, wait. The last thing is that no one is supposed to make undignified noises when the "baptismal candidates" come up from the water.


  • Jourles

    I just received the essay and have only read half way through it(was out of town today unable to do much). Tomorrow I plan on finishing it and writing a summary of how I feel about it.

    So far, I have to unfortunately say that this essay is not larger than Dateline and the rest of the worldwide news programs. Although if a potential plantiff(s) were to gain traction in the courts due to this essay and a suit or two, or three, were launched and litigated successfully, then I would have to retract my previous statement.(any lawsuit that is won against the WTS is huge) Otherwise, from what I have read thus far, this [medical] information has already been known about for quite some time. I feel that Osama Muramoto's articles in the Journal of Medical Ethics were a little more hard hitting. But then again, I haven't completely read this essay yet.

    As far as this essay being printed in a Baptist university journal, I don't think that it will really matter to a witness where it comes from. You can take the sum of all the television programs regarding child abuse and even the most die hard JW will simply dismiss it as persecution from Satan's puppets. This essay, combined with Muramoto's articles presented together, would probably carry a little more weight. But then again, your true blue witness will simply dismiss it as lies, half-truths, and twisted reasoning.

    My opinion thus far? Not exactly what I expected. From what I have already read, this essay could have been written by any one us on the board. Just because it was written by a lawyer, it does not mean it demands more credibility. The first footnote that I read stated that Mrs. Wood was raised as a witness until adulthood. I haven't read if she was baptized or not. Any witness reading this will notice the little footnote and immediately place a mental note in the back of their mind. Is she df'd? Does she have an axe to grind? Those were a couple questions that darted through my mind, and I'm out!

    I will post my personal summary tomorrow.

    oh and,

    I know Jourles and respect his opinion. How you doing?

    May I ask how you know me? Excuse me for being scatterbrained, but I'm afraid I do not know who you are. Unless you recognize me from my photos...

  • blindersoff
    It may further shed light on their true colors to the general population, in a sence an inoculation with an anti-watchtower vaccine.

    Even if this is all it ever does, that makes it worthwhile imho. We have an example right now of a poster who has studied for 2 yrs and decided to back off partly based on what she learned here. She was able to base this on more than our experiences. She could base it on proof of deceit & other failings. This is more proof. If we can help stop the growth, that's progress.


  • yaddayadda


    The guys a God damned Pharisee I swear!

  • JeDa

    Hello all,

    I m Jeda from the netherlands, my english is not bad but also not very good, so excuse me if i m making gramatical mistakes!

    Here in the netherlands i saw TED JARACZ and an other member of the GB.They came here in this tiny little land to speak about why we all should listen (and worship) to the GB! It was discusting!this was 10 of april this year.

    The reason they visit this tiny land???? thats because...When we wake up here about the WTS..., make some BIG noise!We have several internetsites, and discussionboards, about WTS and a lot of brothers and sisters have doubts about the whole Organisation...A lot already left, and a lot will follow. A lot of us are DF and al lot will follow. It is realy heavy here!

    If something is from God, i will stay, but all other things shall be destroyed!

    BTW, i lost my mom, she had leukemia, because she refuses to take blood, she died in a weak. And she was so brave, it makes me sad that she was brave about something, wich was all false information. If she made that decision on her own bilble knowledge, then it was ok! But she dicided to take no blood because the things the GB publiced! That is so sad!

    I think this news is not so big now, but it will be!!!!!i think we do not see all what is coming because of this!

    Lets pray and hope it is Jhwh's will!

    In the mean time...we here in holland will go on!!!You will here from us!

    Lots of love to you all brothers and sisters!


  • ellderwho


    Welcome to the forum.

    The Governing Body of Elders has ruined many, many lives.

  • ozziepost

    Welkom aan boord, JeDa!

    Doe alsof je thuis bent.

    Make yourself at home here - you will find there are many just like you, experiencing bad things from the watchtower.

    You will learn many things.

    So G'day ! from downunder,

    Gauw tot ziens


  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    So Jourles,

    Are you going to retract your earlier statements about "how big this news" was since you posted a number of times how big it was yourself? Do you think the WTBS "is crapping itself" right now as you wrote previously? You don't think some of your own statements may have created too high of an expectation?

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