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  • kittyeatzjdubs
    (((jojo))) {sorry } I know how you feel. From that perspective I felt a little let down, too. But Barb didn't promise mass exodus. She promised mass exposure of deceit. She delivered and on a scale thus far unequaled. That our friends and family are stuck in neutral only time will cure, but is hard to be loyal to an organization that no longer exists.

    thanks for that auldsoul...maybe i'm expecting too much too soon. i'm too shy to be an activist or anything, but if anyone who lives in the memphis area would like to start a of my best friends is a lawyer for the Cory B. Trotz lawfirm (if you live around here, you'll know who i'm talking about)

    luv, jojo

  • Gregor

    I guess it's to be expected that many who were wanting instant gratification are disappointed. But to claim that this development is meaningless is flat wrong. It IS big. As you will find out as time goes on

    Hello? Ever heard of the Mormon Church reversing itself on polygamy due to secular laws?

    Have you heard about the Catlicks troubles over sex abuse by priests?

    I remember when disfellowshipping announcements included the specific reason, i.e., adultery, fornication, etc. The WT gave all kinds of self righteous, so-called 'scriptural' backing for this practice. But when they started getting sucessfully sued for slander they dropped it like a hot potato. They changed it to a blanket "conduct unbecoming a Christian" for a while and when that still didn't stop the suits, they dropped that too.

    Two angles here

    1. Huge monetary damages and 2. Many JW's WILL take a hard look at the faithful and discreet slave. Many are on the edge anyway. The straw indeed.

  • Axelspeed

    Many are on the edge anyway. The straw indeed.

    I my last post I mentioned that at this point at least that R&F would not be affected. I do have to agree though that many are on the edge. I know of a few still in who are tracking this issue to see where the WT goes with it next, now that they see or have been brought to see that the WT has been seemingly making subtle moves away from the doctrine. It could indeed be the straw for those who are thinking.


  • truthsetsonefree

    I think that to discredit the GB is what this can do. Over time. For example, who doesn't know that the Catholic Church broke the law with the abusing priests issue? They even apologized for it after admitting it. The power of the WTS is the deification of the Governing Body. Turn them into ordinary mortals and do it in a forum that cannot be hidden from the R&F, and there wil be, how does the FDS say it, a 'lowering of the waters' for the GB. The chain of events caused by this should be able to at least marginalize them in the minds of many. I for one am willing to do whatever it takes to bring this about. Even talking to the press. (There is a unique perspective that I am willing to bring that never been brought before.) Another Dateline, or a CNN Presents, 60 Minutes or similar primetime, mainstream show would undoubtedly do some damage.

  • Gregor

    1. The bigger the all caps font being used the louder and madder the writer is.

    2. The anger felt from being disappointed is proportionate to the immaturity of the individual.

    3. Chill, brothers and sisters. Its all good.

  • M.J.

    The effect of these misrepresentations leaves both Jehovah’s Witness members, and medical staff treating them, ill-advised and Jehovah’s Witness patients more likely to suffer harm. Are you serious? The medical staff don't know about the benefits of blood and are seriously pursuaded by the efforts of the patient or members of the HLC to pursuade them that it isn't the right treatment in an emergency situation or serious operation???? Come on.

    I just want to address this one pont from mr. Eduardo, esq. The misrepresentation to the medical staff is this. They are often CLUELESS about what a JW can or CANNOT accept during an unexpected medical emergency (as is the JW). All the blood directive mentioned was none of the 4 "main components" are acceptable. Period. No further clarification. No mention of cell-savers, Hemopure, fractions, etc. That was totally misleading to both the patient and doctor. People have died for "lack of knowledge".

  • steve2
    I am sorry but an ESSAY analyzing the Society's Blood Brochure in a second-rate periodical from a Christian-based university, located in Waco, Texas, of all places, written by a newly admitted (July 2005) graduate of Florida State is not going to sway anyone, certainly not any active Witnesses. (I do have to give my colleague some credit. She took a home-study bar prep course and passed on her first try! See her blurb here: ) so she must have some brains.. then again it is the Florida bar ...but I think that many are overstating the importance of this article and that is an understatement.)

    If this stuff is so momentous why was it first unearthed in an obscure Christian-based journal. None of it has yet been established under law. It is indeed persuasive, but let's sit back and see what counter-legal arguments emerge - as they surely will. Seldom, if ever, is this stuff without a response.

    Barbara hyped this for all it was worth and the big announcement is a big disappointment. Deja vu 1975. I guess you may understand how the governing body reacted after the disappointment of 1975: Blame the rank and file for being disappointed.

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    I dont see the big deal.... its like 607bce, the WTBS just says who you gonna believe? me or your lying eyes....

  • diamondblue1974

    Whether claimants can sue is a side issue in my opinion although it is incredibly important; the main issue is getting people who are still in, to listen.

    To have the full impact of the findings of this essay they would have to be motivated enough to actually conduct the research themselves; i.e read the references cited by the author of the article and see for themselves the errors and the lies; even if we were to present an abridged version of this essay there is every possibility that the apostate radar implanted into each of a JWs head will start running on autopilot and they will ignore the information.

    At best from an impact point of view I believe this might have similar effects on the organisation as the UN debacle; unless of course we can develop international legal theories which could allow plaintiffs/claimants to sue for damages in tort. Our friend in the US was the first, lets see where this takes us.


  • undercover
    Whether claimants can sue is a side issue in my opinion although it is incredibly important; the main issue is getting people who are still in, to listen.

    Good luck on that. Ain't no JW gonna read or accept anything written in something called the "Journal of Church and State". Even if it's signed "Lord God Jehovah" as the author.

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