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  • Cordelia

    thanks seeker 4 that has clarified it abit, but i still dont see how it is a massive deal i hope it is tho,

    and i know this sounds super thick but what is dateline?

  • Maryjane

    Well hopefully one good thing will come out of this whole "Big News" fiasco...there won't be anymore HYPED-out posts on the board. Big news will be posted as it happens and will hit the newswires as well. I'm sure AP or Reuters don't give a rats arse about and obscure article in thee Baylor U Church & State Law Review (nor will your average JW).

  • diamondblue1974
    Ain't no JW gonna read or accept anything written in something called the "Journal of Church and State".

    Completely agree and this is going to be a major challenge in getting people to listen!

  • undercover
    and i know this sounds super thick but what is dateline?

    Dateline is an American news program. It features different stories each week that normally don't make the headlines or it expounds on big stories. They like to call themselves investigative reporters but I have found that Dateline is a little too flashy sometimes. I think 60 Minutes is a better investigative televison journal show.

  • cheezy
    AP or Reuters don't give a rats arse about and obscure article in thee Baylor U Church & State Law Review (nor will your average JW).

    Excuse me, but isn't it clear that we all know dubs who will stay loyal no matter what - even when presented with pictures and testimony of GB members engaged in (insert your favorite act of depravity here) - they will not defect - because being in the borg, having the "trooth" has nothing to do with it actually being the "truth." Can we all agree that folks in that category are not who or what we're after? Weren't we (jwd's) all, at some point in our personal journey, teetering? The raspberry seed that lodged itself in my personal back teeth was "Babylon the Great Has Fallen" - but for some the seed just might be this Big News. And wouldn't that be great if a few thousand eventually came out of darkness because of this? And the WT had their poopie-pants jerked down legally, financially and ethically - YET AGAIN? It all helps. Second point (didn't I tell you there would be two points?) - I went to sleep (fitfully) last night feeling that there was something I personally needed to do. After I went potty I realized that wasn't it. I need to participate in bringing this information to light to those who will hear it and act on it. We don't know how many lawsuits or settlements this will lead to. But it damn sure won't be very many if we don't each and every one of us get the lead out. Cause you're right - nobody is gonna read Baylor - unless we stick it in their faces.

  • qwerty

    I've lost track of the posts now - as anyone thought/posted about the Organisations get out of jail free card? The one and only reason they abstain from blood is Acts chapter 15. The false reasoning and misinformation are only seconary to this and backs there belief God does not want them to have blood. Qwerty

  • steve2

    Barbara has over-hyped an issue that was "first" announced in a far-from prestigious "law" journal. Little wonder Randy is conspicuously absent from this thread.

    Now, watch the stone sink.

  • savedtoserve

    True: this may not be the "Wham, Bam!" some of us may have been looking for. However, I take my hat off to Barbara for one, and others involved in this release. Understand, this is NOT about the validity of the Watchtower doctrine on blood abstinence, It is about their conniving misrepresentation of the FACTS, causing others to make malinformed decisions. Should their be a legal cause for them to be held responsible for this trickery, then I hope the whole thing comes up and bites them in their "own rats arse!".. to use a term common place in this thread.

  • Gregor

    Here, here, Cheezy ( As in Mel-cheezy-dik? The king/priest right?) You said a mouthful. Now go brush your pearly whites.

    I don't think we'll have to worry about getting the word out after one good, pit bull, NY Jew lawyer gets his teeth into the seat of the Watchtowers britches.

    As for you, New Zealand Steve, no offense but you need to take a grumpy pill. Why so negative? Time will reveal the scope of this. I don't agree with your negative take but at least we can disagree without getting called before a judicial committee, right?

  • AuldSoul

    Are you guys aware what power an unbelieving mate whose child, mate, or both die due to this misrepresentation may have just been handed?

    Someone mentioned a NY lawyer, do you know what kind of pressure would come to bear if there was a potential way to get the Heights back under taxpayer control?

    We are going to have the interest of other attorneys, too. Their eyes are going to perk up enough to attempt it. Whether such a case is won or lost will have no impact on its publicity value for a firm or attorney who wants a bigger nameplate. Especially considering that this is breaking new ground in establishing precedent, many firms might take the case BECAUSE it would not reflect badly on them if they lost. "Nobody expected it would win and it took moxie to try," said the senior partner over his glass.


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