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  • myelaine

    When I can't get on JWD (for hours @ hours @ hours @ hours) I get freaked out!

    love michelle

  • Simon


    Those people who do know what is coming, don't pre-empt things and possibly give the WTS a heads up. Lots of people have put a lot of work into this and it's going to be good :)

  • katiekitten

    Thank you Simon. If you say its going to be good, then I will just wait, content in the knowledge that its going to be worth the wait.

  • Jourles

    Let's just say that many here have already touched on the subject. Yes, it is significant. As far as if it would lead to any doctrinal changes, I don't know.

    I only know the gist of the news - I do not know the exact wording of the article/newsletter/magazine. (hows that for ambiguous?)

    Oh, and everyone keeps saying "follow the money." Who typically follows the money?

  • seeitallclearlynow

    Obviously, I'm so pleased that something big is about to hit! I sure look forward to asking my JW family members what they know (or rather the versions they have been told) about this, once Barbara and Danny have exposed it.

    How wonderful.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I suspect Simon is playing with his buttons again which is causing some of the time-outs

    It sure ain't Armaggedon.


    Barbara said it will happen before Friday

    Some people who are wavering will be stunned and walk away. My concern about this is that many will feel like their hearts have been ripped out. Many will just say it is lies but hopefully even they might start to think. And then there are those whose belief in the WTS will get even stronger saying this is an attack by Satan

    I am so tempted to tell my daughters something is in the wind. I have to wonder how they would feel if their father left the JWs. Sadly I think he will be in the last group.

  • Jourles
    don't pre-empt things and possibly give the WTS a heads up

    I don't think there's anything they will be able to do about it.

    I have a feeling JR Brown will be saying, "No Comment" quite frequently in the coming weeks. If the WTS is reading this(they probably are), they are already crapping themselves wondering what to do.

  • steve2

    Earlier in this post Barbara said that her vague sneak preview would not pre-empt the Watchtower taking early steps in damage control.

    How can that be the case if the upcoming announcement is so big that even the Watchtower doesn't know enough about it to get ready?

    I think Barbara should have kept quiet about it and let the announcement speak for itself!

  • unbeliever

    I am not holding my breath anything revealed here would get my mother out. At the same time I hope this news whatever it is helps push those who are fence sitting off the fence.

  • ChicInShiningArmor

    The only thing I can get that excited about, and that seems to deserve this much ado, is a major, successful class action lawsuit against the borg; and let it be one that I can sign on to. I am eagerly awaiting your post regarding your news. I am so excited, I think I'll pee my pants! I know the imagery is bad, and so like something we'd hear at the klingon hall, but I feel as if I'm diving into an (informational) feeding frenzy, a feeding frenzy that I will find enjoyable. On what day will we know the news? I am keeping a vigil at my computer, (circling like a shark)! I'll write all the letters you'd like me to write. I'd love to be a part of helping. Seeing the borg continue to lose credibility publically and to lose money -- now that, would be big news to me. And I couldn't care less about getting any dough out of it. Justice is all that I want for all of the victims, and an end to the victimization. That's it.

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