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  • undercover

    OK, let's assume, for the sake of having nothing else to do while waiting for the "big news", that a GB member did have a blood transfusion. Let's assume that some Bethel insiders leaked the info to some outsiders and they confirmed the action by somehow securing hospital records.

    All they have to do at Bethel is deny, deny, deny. Any "records" produced are made up by apostates and is a lie is all they have to say. And the sheep will buy it. It's not enough of a scandal to involve any kind of investigation by authorities so it becomes the stuff of Internet lore along with the UN and Dateline as far as believing JWs are concerned.

  • Gregor

    Enigma, I think that an adult who consciously chooses to embrace a belief that includes such serious, life and death, doctrines (see the following list) must deal with the consequences if it blows up in their face. I'm not sure where you find fault with my observation. I, too, have beloved, good hearted family members who have given their entire life to the Org. I also know a lot of "Watchtower Nazis" whose ugly personality traits found a snug home in the JW life.

    This is not kids stuff, I have had hands on experiences with all the following and I can tell you it is a very grave responsibility to be a part of them.

    Refuse blood trans, for oneself, loved one or child, even if death is result.

    Spend years in prison to comply with WT doctrine (military draft, etc,)

    Refuse to scripturally recognize a divorce for a sister whose husband is involved in a homosexual relationship. (This was changed due to "new light" but not until many lives were severely damaged. I know, I used to be an 'enforcer' on the judicial committee)

    Discourage youth from seeking higher education.

    Reprimanding and/or disfellowshipping (a 'death sentence') people with serious mental illness.

    Threaten judicial action against someone who wants to report child sex abuse to the authorities.(I reported the 20 yr old elders asshole nephew that tried to seduce my 12 yr. old daughter)

    The one thing I always avoided was the Memorial Day cemetary operations, approaching people at the graves of their loved ones to see if we could sell them a bottle of WT snake oil. Yuccch!

  • fairchild
    Anyway we don’t have to spill it honey, we can store it up for later use

    Sperm? OMG, it is all coming together now. The remaining anointed ones cloned themselves in order to create an additional generation. Now it all makes sense.. "This generation will by no means pass because we can now clone ourselves and just keep going and going and going...". Brilliant, just brilliant.

  • Legolas

    Oh my gawd...ROTFLMAO @ Fairchild

  • stillconcerned

    I SHOT J.R.!

    Call the POlice...

  • undercover
    The remaining anointed ones cloned themselves in order to create an additional generation.

    Remember "The Boys from Brazil" about using HItlers semen or DNA or sumthin to raise a crop of new little Hitlers?

    Well, this would be "The Boys from Brooklyn"


    IT Support...this is exactly what I have a problem with:

    • News agencies, journalists (including religious correspondents) in 'serious' newspapers and news magazines.
    • If the Big News is about blood, include medical associations and organizations and medical 'trade' magazines and journals, journalists who specialize in medical matters (medical correspondents).and don't forget government health departments. Remember also lawyers who have handled blood or child abuse cases or who specialize in family matters.
    • If the Big News is about a legal matter, include legal associations and organizations, lawyers' 'trade' magazines and journals and journalists who specialize in legal matters (legal correspondents).
    • If the Big News is about a medical legal matter, we'll have struck gold and will be able use all our researched email addresses.

    I hope this is NOT a blood has been before the courts for years and viewed upside down and inside out. I for one appreciate the Constitution upholding our rights to choose in this matter. I will NOT be an activist for trying to change freedom. That being said, I don't think that children should die at the hands of uneducated parents and I do agree that in that case drs. should administer what they feel is needed. If a dr. gives a child a blood transfusion and the parents disagree with that decision, then they will just have to get over it and realize it was the dr. not them that is responsible. I think the WTS should change their stance on that issue. But as an adult, I want the right to choose and I don't want to be forced to take any treatment that I don't want.

    If, however, the GB owns bloodbanks, and is giving transfusions at Bethel, then I'm in! That would be BIG NEWS!!!

    If it turns out that they have misrepresented what they have told their members, every religious organization out there does the same. Most people are smart enough to lead their own lives and show up for church for an hour on Sunday.


  • hartstrings

    Actually UC, that is my biggest concern. Unless there is some independent undeniable documentation of this BN, my family, who are still in, will believe it is a bunch of made up lies.

  • Jourles

    Let's see how my 5 minute poem turned out.....

    Barb's Big News

    It was a typical Saturday like any other day,
    Schoolage kids watching cartoons and dying to play.

    It came without warning, it hit the web with great might,
    This news from Barb Anderson wasn't going down without a fight.

    In a matter of hours the news spread so fast,
    Everyone was wondering if JWD would really last.

    So what's the big news, everyone clammored,
    Whatever it is, this thread's getting hammered.

    Ten, twenty, thirty, fourty thousand page views had ellapsed,
    Due to the anticipation, several posters had already collapsed.

    Is it money, is it blood, will the news cause the org to be over?
    Hard to say, but it carries the same chance as Rutherford staying sober.

    Time will tell if we got our hopes up all for nothing,
    But my money is on Barb, otherwise she is looking at a good spanking.

    Many hints of this news have already been given to the communities,
    If you can't see them for what they are, then all I have to say is...

    Tough T*****s

  • Hellrider
    That boy, I say, that boy is as sharp as a bowling ball.

    LoL @ undercover

    Hm, if it is blood, this could be very interesting. However, I have absolutely no faith in the intelligence of the majority of the r&f. They`ll probably swallow ever little lame excuse the GB can come up with.

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