JW mom told 6 y/o grandson Santa was fake

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  • unbeliever

    And that Christmas trees were pagan sticks. She really did it this time. He does not understand what a pagan stick is but he sure understands about Santa not being real. I asked that woman what in the hell she was thinking and she said she would not encourage him to believe a lie. My brother and his wife have been so clear to her that she is not to discuss her religious beliefs with him. I asked her if it was worth it because now they have cut off all visits. She's playing the persecuted JW now. My nephew was so confused. He asked me who was lying his parents or grandma? I told him that Santa was real as long as you believed in him. He was happy with that explanation. I am going to dread going back home now though. I am so sick of her pulling this shit.

  • mrsjones5

    My father once asked me why was I lying to my kids about Santa. I told him I like my kids believing in Santa because it's fun, they have a sense of wonder about it, and I wish my childhood had included the same wonderful belief, I'm living it through my kids. Of course my father doesnt agree with it but these are my kids and woe to him if he crosses me about spilling the beans about Santa!


  • Gretchen956

    Now see this is something my mom would do. As a matter of fact my mother-in-law pulled a similar stunt when my son was about that age. She told him he didn't have to listen to me, that she was right and I was wrong. She didn't see her son, myself, or her grandson for almost two years until it was finally understood that it was not acceptable for her to undermine us as parents.

    This behavior makes me infuriated.


  • hamsterbait

    Hell !!!!!! HELL!!!!!!!!

    Considering all the lies and fairy stories WTBS told over the years I'd think Santa would be kinda low on the radar.

    Get a few quotes of WT trash and send it to her: ON A CHRISTMAS CARD!!


  • jgnat

    Hey, it is all repairable for an imaginative child. My daughter, a reality-freak, has already told my five year old granddaughter that Santa is make-believe. That's OK. Children know how to play make-believe. I had a wonderful chat with Naomi about seeing Santa at the office party, and asked her what she wanted. She cheerfully rattled of her list.

    Then she told me she'd make a present for Santa. She would draw him an ice-cream cone with lots of cherries. She would only draw one side, though, so Santa would not be fooled and eat it by mistake. Then she ran off to make the drawing.

    I believed in "Santa" well through grade school. I also thought if I believed hard enough, I could fly. My parents worried about me, they needent have. I was a realist. I jumped off small steps first.

  • Bryan

    Sorry to hear it. She absolutely crossed the line. If that were my father I would cut off all contact!


    Have You seen My Mother

  • diamondblue1974

    Everyone should know that Christmas Trees are really symbolic penis's...shouldnt they?...even though they are not even ten yet? j/k

    Sickening isnt it?

    DB74 of the "mum whats a penis"? class!

  • undercover

    The ole' does Santa exist debate. As a JW, I used to accuse parents of being liars and cruel to their kids for allowing them to believe in Santa. I bought into the anti-xmas propaganda without question. Now, though, I don't see any harm in it...up to a certain age.

    Why can't we just let kids have some fun, huh? I mean, no one has really had issues with their parents for allowing them to believe in Santa as kids, have they? I bet more people have issues with parents over religious ideals being forced upon them than they do over Santa myths.

    Don't kids believe that Barney, the Muppets and certain cartoon characters are real to an extent? If we're going to force them to not believe in Santa, shouldn't we ban them from watching Bugs Bunny as well? I think kids are pretty smart. They may fall for the Santa myth for awhile, some are even scared to death of him, but they catch on, some sooner than others. Most kids figure it out on their own anyway. Let em enjoy while they can.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Keep children away from JWs during holiday time. It's the best to be safe.


  • LDH

    Tell your grandson that JEHOVAH is a fake.

    After all, people have actually seen Santa dressed up at the mall. Has anyone actually seen this Jehovah dude?

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