JW mom told 6 y/o grandson Santa was fake

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  • mkr32208

    My mother-in-law (dub) had the kids last weekend and was doing this bull$hit! When we went to get them my oldest (4) didn't want to leave and my m-i-l said "she doesn't think she should have to do what you say because you don't do what jehovah says!" I had opened my mouth to say "well I don't do what Zeus and Poseidon say either" but my wife was like just forget it just forget it and my daughter leaned over and whispered really loud "It's ok daddy, I don't believe in jehovah either"

    Priceless... Give us Santa any freakin' day!

  • mkr32208

    Ok I also have to say the santa/tree fertility symbology is the dumbest thing I've ever read...

  • Finally-Free
    she said she would not encourage him to believe a lie.

    Yet she encouraged her own children to believe watchtower lies, and she continues to spread these same lies to others when she goes out in serviceā„¢. In other words, she was telling your child that you are a liar. Is she trying to undermine the respect your child has for you?

    I can't think of any kids that were traumatized because Santa is fake. I can think of many who were badly traumatized by watchtower cult lies and abuse.


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    What? Santa is a tree?

    I don't follow.


  • MungoBaobab

    Let's play a game. Let's replace the word SANTA with the word JEHOVAH and reread some old posts to see what happens...

    He does not understand what a pagan stick is but he sure understands about Jehovah not being real. I asked that woman what in the hell she was thinking and she said she would not encourage him to believe a lie. My brother and his wife have been so clear to her that she is not to discuss her religious beliefs with him. I asked her if it was worth it because now they have cut off all visits. She's playing the persecuted JW now. My nephew was so confused. He asked me who was lying his parents or grandma? I told him that Jehovah was real as long as you believed in him. He was happy with that explanation.
    My father once asked me why was I lying to my kids about Jehovah. I told him I like my kids believing in Jehovah because it's fun, they have a sense of wonder about it, and I wish my childhood had included the same wonderful belief
    Then she told me she'd make a present for Jehovah. She would draw him an ice-cream cone with lots of cherries. She would only draw one side, though, so Jehovah would not be fooled and eat it by mistake.
    I think kids are pretty smart. They may fall for the Jehovah myth for awhile, some are even scared to death of him, but they catch on, some sooner than others. Most kids figure it out on their own anyway. Let em enjoy while they can.

    And finally...

    Tell your grandson that Santa is a fake.

    After all, people have actually seen Jehovah dressed up at the mall. Has anyone actually seen this Santa dude?

  • unbeliever

    Thanks for the responses everyone. Personally if I had children I seriously doubt I would encourage them to believe in Santa. My brother and sister in law have decided to let their boys think Santa is real. Which is why I told my nephew what I did. Now mother on the other hand is realizing the consequences of her actions and is begging me to intervene so she can see him. I know I can get my brother to let her see him if I am there. I am going to let her sweat for a few more days so she can think about what she did.

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