JW mom told 6 y/o grandson Santa was fake

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  • Jeffro

    I like undercovers fairy story about the 'sky man'. Funny stuff.

    About the Santa thing, this may come as a shock to some but Santa is in fact NOT REAL. Elsewhere and jgnat are on the right track on this one. You don't enjoy a movie if for every second of it you're reminding yourself that it's not real, even though you know it's not. Children are more than capable of make-believing and enjoying something that they really know isn't real.

    Is it cruel to tell a child that Santa isn't real? Is it any more cruel than telling someone that the Truthâ„¢ isn't true? It may not be readily accepted, but isn't the real cruelty the untruth?

    Let the kids enjoy the fantasy, but don't confuse them by teaching them that Santa is real. Of course, it really should be the parent's decision and not the grandparent's.

    Odrade, that is deplorable for someone to tell their grandchild that god is going to kill them at Armageddon.

  • Honesty
    she said she would not encourage him to believe a lie

    Hmmm..... I guess it's OK for her to believe a lot of itty bitty WT lies though.

  • heathen

    I was one of those kids that had to find out from older kids that santa wasn't real and I hated having to learn that way , I think parents should step up to the plate on that one , I mean jeeze when we were piss poor and santa didn't give much you would have to exsplain those sort of thing anyway . Why did that other jerk get nice stuff ????

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Yeah, Grandmom was outta line. I was raised from 8 years old onward with the truth that Santa was a fake. It didnt hurt me. I respected my folks. They actually chose not to play the Santa game, the never promoted Santa as a reality in my life. They felt that one day I would find out they were lying and I wouldn't trust them on other things. This was all preDub days. I respected that. If you want to play the Santa game, hey, its your life.

    Gramma, stuff a stocking in it!


  • LDH

    For Sharry,

    It was kind of funny, huh? You know I would have a damn boatload of fun with that one!


    Turns the Tables Class

  • caligirl

    That is so stepping over the line... not her place at all.

    I have to admit that I am new to all this Santa stuff, and haven't said much at all either way- but his father and his girlfriend have gone all out on the Santa thing. My 9 year old brought it up the other day while we were on our way to school. He asked if kids his age were supposed to believe in Santa, because he knew it was make believe - he had seen his Dad wrap gifts and write from Santa on them. So I just told him Santa was a story that makes Christmas fun for little kids, and that he shouldn't spoil it for any kids he met that think he is real

  • defd

    I would never tell someone else kids that Satan Santa isnt real. I have told my own kids though.



    Kids live in a make believe world. They have vivid imaginations and I don't think it hurts at all. The Santa issue has been tossed back and forth for decades. Reading Christmas stories to children in my opinion is no different than reading fairy tales. When I was small and a witness I so wanted there to be a real Santa and that he would bring me some presents! Of course that never happened and I grew up knowing he was just another fairy tale. It didn't seem to do any permanent damage or any damage to my friends at school when they finally realized it was their parents leaving the presents. Most kids do come to that realization around 6 or 7, but it was not up to the Grandmother to reveal that info!

    As a witness, I always played the tooth fairy and my kids loved it. They knew I was it, but it was fun to play!!! Do you think God is going to kill me for that??? Having fun and pretending is entertaining...we all watch movies and don't say anything about that make believe world! Heaven forbid what the world would be like without imagination!!!


  • MidwichCuckoo
    she said she would not encourage him to believe a lie

    .....the irony of it....SHE is encouraging enough people to believe a lie every time she goes out on the FS!!

  • blakky

    Telling kids that santa is real is more cruel than telling them he is a fake.

    Which he is...a fake, not real.

    There are more creative, truthful ways to entertain kids.

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