I don't know if this is the right place for but please someone help me out.

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  • under74

    defd- blblia doesn't mean "little books" it only means books.

  • TopHat
    Jehovah would like for you to benefit from his loving kindness willingly and out of love for Him.

    D. Think about what you said: Jehovah wants us to love him willingly and out of Love...While the Governing Body teaches you to put them first to push their books and mag. All Jehovah ask of us is Love.

  • rebel8

    Hi rohrix, go to www.jwinfo.50megs.com, read the info, verify it with the references cited, and then make your decision. At least hear the other side b4 joining JWs. Be very careful.

  • luna2

    Just so you know, the poster, dfed, is still an active witness, therefore, his responses might look a bit different from what you are getting from the majority of others on this m/b. Not that that is a bad thing, just didn't want you to be confused.

    Good points made by all so far, but if the attraction has overwhelmed you to the point that you can't bring yourself to stop pursuing this girl, then go ahead and start studying...just remember one thing, don't get baptised and try to keep your eyes open (okay, two things). JWs can look like they know something the rest of the world doesn't. They have a nice packaged presentation that rounds up all of the disparate parts of the Bible, all tied up with a bow and handed out with a big smile. It looks attractive, it seems to answer all questions, it seems to be based on serious Bible study and accurate knowledge (Ooo, fav JW term there), it offers a future where all evil people (everybody except good JWs) are killed off at Armegeddon and Jehovah's Witnesses all skip off into an unending future on a paradise earth. Just remember that you have to accept the whole thing and, once you do, you can no longer question any part of it. So, go ahead and study with them if you dare. Go ahead and date this girl (although you might want to ask her if she actually will date you if you study first). Go ahead, but be careful, but guard yourself, and try not to allow your brain to be lulled to sleep.

    Oh, and a few notes on "dating" in the JW culture. The JW rule book (no, there's not an actual book) says you should never be alone with each other because there might be temptation to commit fornication. Now, not all JWs follow this rule, but if she comes from a strict family and subscribes to this idea herself, you can look forward to group "dates" or having a chaperone whenever you go out. Sounds like some fun, huh? If she's a strict JW, there will also be no making out, no "R" rated movies, no objectionable rock and roll concerts... You know, you might want to ask her about this stuff to at least get an idea of where she stands. Some JWs talk a good game, but they pretty much do what they please.

    Good luck to you.

  • rebel8
    If she's a strict JW, there will also be no making out

    very true...and very strict rules about what you can do after you're married. no oral sex, for example. see my site for lists of more stuff you won't be able to do.

  • seattleniceguy

    If you value emotional stability and mental clarity, then stay clear of the Witnesses.
    Dude. You just "hopskotched" over a reply that you had directly solicited. That's not cool. Mysterious gave you a superb example of WT hopskotching, and you ignored it by saying, "The Bible is harmonious." That's not a response. The entire 1914 chronology argument is based on a couple verses in Daniel and a couple in Revelation. If that's not hopskotching, I don't know what is. Now show some humility, and admit to the woman that she has a good point.
    Notice, this is something about Witnesses. They will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever, ever infinity, admit that someone else's viewpont is valid, if it doesn't agree with the Watchtower viewpoint. Trust me, I've been there, you don't want to be there.

  • mouthy

    I have not read the reply's as I am on my way out. But ! couldnt miss the chance to give a little advice.For which you asked. You know that she may be a lovely girl... May be moral, kind, etc: But her heart may also NOT be committed to anyone-anything, but Jehovahs Witness Organization.
    I am sure if you read about Koresh! & his crowd burning in the flames! or Jonestown drinking the cool-aid All dying WHY!!!! for a teaching!!!! by men!! this order JW"S is exactly the same -It is MIND CONTROL & they do a wonderful job of it!!! So Let me in my old age after being a devoted JW for 25 years tell you -you may marry this girl because you believe she is the best one you will ever find. BUT you will experience grief in the end.... If you ever do anything against the rules of the JW you will be thrown out...or if you dont accept all of their teaching ( which can be proven scriptually is wrong) you will be thrown out. NOT only out of the order. but out of your wifes life.... THINK clearly about this.... Then after you have thought about it. & decide your going for it. Remember you were warned....It is a life of do & donts!!!! Just my 2 cents.!!!

  • rohrix

    Thaks everyone. I understand now. I lost my head for a moment. Glad I can count on some people, even if you are all crazy.

  • under74
    Glad I can count on some people, even if you are all crazy.

    I'm laughing so hard right now....sorry rohrix. Differing opinions and mindsets lead to loony situations.

  • jgnat

    Crazy? LOL. Yes. Crazy in love. Welcome to the club. I'm a non-JW regular Christian married to a Jehovah's Witness.

    I might as well take a different tack than the people here, since I have never successfully turned someone away from their burning desire, myself included. I'm going to break down your comments do the forces and desires that are pulling you, and suggest the ideal way of satisfying them. You are free to completely ignore my advice. Most people madly in love do the stupid thing anyways. Have you seen "The Wedding Crashers?" Hilarious. Best movie I've been to this year. My sides ached from laughing so hard.

    I've had a very rough past and alot of people have wronged me in many ways. As a result I've never been very religious. I've done some nasty things in my life and I want something, but Im not sure what yet.... I've been trying to find somthing to put my Faith into.
    This is a very common reaction for people who have been deeply wronged. You may blame humanity, God, or the hypocritical forms and traditions of religion for the deep betrayal you may have experienced. How do you deal with that? Come to some reconciliation with the inhumanity of man, and then decide if it is really God's fault. You might want to do some reading. There's Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis if you want to explore the Christian road. If you want to check out the evolutionist Richard Dawkins' book, The Selfish Gene. Both books will give you a broader perspective on the possible forces that direct our lives, and may give you a sense of meaning of the universe. At your stage of life, it is an ideal time to work out who you want to be. Do you want to find a higher path, above the muck and mire of selfishness and anarchy?
    Just recently, i've found that this girl I like is a Jehovah's Witness, and she told me that she would only date within her faith. I really want to date her.
    Now this girl is a totally separate issue. It is a dangerous thing to assign a human being to your salvation. It seems she represents truth and light to you, a picture of what might be. First of all, don't put anybody on a pedestal like that. She's as human as you are. Second, don't put anybody in charge of your personal salvation. Do that for yourself. If you are dying of curiosity, visit her congregation at a regular Sunday service. Watch carefully how she behaves, how her parents react to you. Does she treat you the same as she does in school? I insist you sit through the entire service, including the magazine study at the end. Is it slightly boring? Imagine yourself attending this magazine study every Sunday for the rest of your life. And that's just the start of the "strings attached" livestyle of the JW's. They also attend two other meetings during the week, plus commit so many hours to door-to-door work every month. It's structured, it's ritualistic, and it may seem appealing to you right now in the unstructured wreck of your life. Just keep in mind that structured does not mean peace and harmony. I suggest if you really, really want to date her, do it on your terms, no strings attached. If she says "no", respect that.

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