Tarot Cards

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  • free2beme

    I live in the Southern Oregon area, a small town along the Rogue River.

  • rem

    If offered I'd accept. I'm a skeptic, though, so I wouldn't take it seriously - it's just entertainment.


  • glenwoodswoman

    well, I guess I can't make the reading..Unless I take a vacation lol .I live in upstate NY. Thanks for the offer, you keep studying those cards..


  • PaulJ

    Im really sceptical more than anything else.

  • LittleToe

    I have three decks (one of which is Crowley's "Thoth" deck, still unopened - when the time is right...).and do a reading whenever the mood takes me. I generally stick to the first deck I was drawn to.

    I'll more often draw a single card as a "theme" and see how it interacts with providence over the coming day / week / month (again a "feeling" thing. I've recently transfered from "8 of Cups" to "The Judgement".

    I had a reading "done" a couple of years ago and it was right on the button, including life events that I had little or no control over.

    Interestingly many Psychologists make use of them as a useful tool to unlocking the mind.

  • Ellie

    I'm still frightened by tarot cards and all the other stuff but if offered I would accept just in an attempt to get over my fear.

  • Tez

    Makes me very anxious, though have had mine read and yes they can be accurate, but where does this all come from? A former friend of mine had some and was a spiritualist, he was very good and very accurate, when my JW son found out he refused to visit me again.

  • Gretchen956

    I'll probably catch flack from this from the skeptics, but I don't believe in Satan. I do believe there is a lot of energy around people. The things you do and the things you are create that energy, and there are other types of energy as well. A person that is in tune with the cards can tap into that energy and do a reading. Readings are not absolute prophecy and anyone that tells you they are is a crackpot. But they are potential outcomes based on the energy right now. I use the readings for sort of a tool, or a gauge.

    Someone else may be able to explain it better, I have just woken up (its early here) and haven't even had coffee yet!

    Tarot cards aren't scary, witnesses are!


  • daystar

    LT, I love the graphics on the Thoth deck.

    I have mainly used the Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.) deck. I like it because you have to get very intimate with the deck as you must color it yourself!

    And of course, I own and have used the standard Rider-Waite deck as well.

    Of note is that since I'm not a very superstitious person, I'm always much more interested in the psychological aspects of one's person as uncovered in a reading more than "fortune-telling", whatever that is.

  • daystar


    Gretchen's brief description may be accurate from a certain perspective, but I have a different one.

    Tarot readings tap into the unconscious of the person(s) involved with the reading. The cards themselves mean nothing. It is the imagery's effect upon the human unconscious that has meaning. They tap into personal imagery, but are specific to collective imagery. If you wish more information, I might recommend Carl G. Jung's Man and His Symbols. C.G. Jung was a psychologist, second in reputation only to Sigmund Freud. I would also recommend any books by Joseph Campbell. His books relate to archtypal images in human history and psychology.

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