Tarot Cards

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  • doffy

    I have Tarot Cards, wrapped in black silk, in a wooden box.

    I don't really beleive that bad spirits can enter them... but hay, why take the chance??? (I'm weird I know) hee hee

    Yes, they only seem to work for questions about me.I asked them about my parents, and they told me quite clearly things would never change.

    If one doesn't like the probably outcome, they can 'step off that path' by making different choices
    That's exactly right. Tarot show us what will happen if we continue on the path we are on. For example if I turned cards, and it showed a clandestine love affair, followed by complete destruction... well then I'd pretty much say, stop the affair!!! We chose our own paths, but sometimes a little guidance is appreciated.
  • LittleToe


    Yeah, try telling that to some neo-pagans. The last time I tried to convince one of that, based upon the Tree of Life and the Hebrew alphabet, I was scathingly accused of being an "Xtian" in disguise. Oh the horror!

    You can assuage that by telling them that paganism is intervowen into every belief system of the world, including Christianity and neo-paganism , hence no foul

  • Mysterious

    I am in agreement with the psychology based explanations rather than the supernatural ones. I believe the imagery in the cards helps us to see what kinds of things in our life need looking at more critically. They are very useful in my own self examination, but not more so than a friend with some very thought provoking questions.

  • mamochan13

    when I was JW I was afraid. now...Tarot cards are simply a tool we use to attain self-understanding. How we interpret them is dependent on personal circumstance.

    I've actually used something similar to Tarot cards in therapeutic situations, with good effect.

    Tarot cards are just one more thing that we were taught to fear as JW's...when there is no basis for fear.

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