Thoughts on forgivness...Is there a process?

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  • prophesariah
    in my case, it's something that I choose to harbor at this time, that being the anger bitterness and resentment. I cannot allow another intrusion into my life where people feel that it's no big deal to cause physical, emotional or psychological harm to me. In cases of such, I let GOD deal with the person and the situation. I also let GOD deal with me in the manner that he may choose as I know my being unforgiving is something that he may have no approval of, but if that be the case, I'll let GOD handle that.

    First of all, we are spirits sent into this world by our Creator in this human fleshly form " born into sin and shaped in iniquity". This walk of life on a given path, journey, or better yet this race we run is wrought with trails, tests, & tribulations intermingled with a multitude of blessings. All of which are tailor-made to make us, break us, and reshape us as Christ-like or devil-like beings. We make choices, "I choose", as to whom we will serve. We are unique in that we were/are given the freedom to make such choices. However, we must also be keenly aware of the extremely drastic consequences or wonderful blessings associated with our choices.

    Please tell me who you think you are that you "cannot allow another intrusion into your life where people...". Are you greater or should you expect to be treated any better than Jesus who was totally without sin? What was His response in the end to/for those who wrongfully mistreated Him? You seem to forget that you have only so much control in this life over what is brought your way be it positive or negative. We must learn to respond correctly or the test will come again in some other form or fashion. The overall plan is, "all things work together for good for those that love me". "My thoughts and plans for you are for your good...".

    I'm not advocating leaving yourself totally open to being used and abused either . All I am saying is why waste time harboring anger, bitterness, and resentment which is definitely not of GOD. You are only creating the unnecessary spillage of toxic chemicals in your body that do you great harm due to spent negative energy and thoughts. Is it really worth causing yourself the development of dis-ease(s)?

    I believe we need to wake up from our coma and smell the ammonia of our ways. We are in this world but not of this world. We are not to be conformed to or by this world. Our responses to given situations will reveal who it is we serve. (You either love one or hate the other ...) It is so easy to loose sight of who we are and where we came from. The enemy's job is to distract you and bring this to fruition, as well as loosing sight of the bigger picture. We are to run this race called life and endure until the end. Time will allow us to be exposed to "The Truth", hopefully hear the voice of our Creator, and respond appropriately through trail and error we learn as little children. What we don't get we are tested in that area again until the correct response is achieved.

    We can get caught up in the day to day act of living on this planet. We have no problem, usually, addressing physical or mental/emotional issues. We eat, exercise, educate ourselves, work, entertain ourselves, numb our ills/pain negatively and/or see our doctor/therapist. However, we don't take the time to balance ourselves by developing spiritually.

    There is often a dissconnect/void between us and our God. We unknowingly seek to fill that void in many ways but never find true fulfillment until we get on the path of acknowledgement and truly seeking the face of our Creator. This means building a personal relationship through a prayer life and reading The Word for many. It does not necessasarily mean attaching yourself to a particular religion. If we get knocked off course in our efforts to make this connection, even then we can pick ourselves back up, after the mourning and healing process. and try again. Just don't be tricked into eliminating yourself permanently from this thing, which is God given for a purpose, called life.

    As far as " let GOD ", one cannot "let GOD" do anything with a situation or problem unless one is first able to "let go" of that thing. This releases both you and that person you have emnity with. It also demonstrates your "faith and trust" in GOD THE FATHER & CREATOR of ALL THINGS to handle your situation appropriately. You have got to give HIM the room, time, and space to do what is necessary in you and for you.

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