I have never been a Witness. However, I am married to a struggling ex-JW. I was raised Episcopalian. There I learned about the existence of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. The images on the stained glass windows of the church always moved me. They depicted the cross bearing Christ, His crucifixtion, and resurrection. I was christened, confirmed and participated in various groups/organizations in the church. Psalm 23 is a key scripture for me. It is one we had to memorize in Sunday school. I really didn't understand much from reading The Bible. I would start in Genesis then get to the begats and got "lost in the sauce". I stopped attending this church when I went away ( within the state, but far from the city I grew up in) to college. Upon transferring and returning to the city, after the first year, I did not really have an interest in going to church. I was an occasional drop in on holidays & special events churchgoer. In my late twenties early thirties I began to seek the Lord. My cousin introduced me to nondenominational groups. They freely praised and worshipped the LORD. I got my first exposure to people speaking in tongues. It is truly an experience to be totally open to spirit of the LORD. I started attending a church that met at The Media Inn in Media, PA. It was at this church that I began to understand The Bible. As the congregation grew they moved to their own building in Media. It was a long way to travel, but I was drawn. I was being fed spiritually in The Word. I learned alot under the husband and wife pastoral team. They are very accessible, caring and supportive. They opened a Bible School called The School of the Warrior. I took one class and got 3 credits in Spiritual Warfare. However, I never completed the program of courses that would have resulted in graduating and earning a certificate. I started attending churches closer to my home. I found a Baptist church that met my spiritual feeding needs. I have been in and out of the church, over the years, due to sin, trials, and tribulations. Inspite of this I always return to rebuild, restore, and have my spirit renovated. He is faithful to strengthen me all the more after bringing me through each and every storm. I thank God for always remaining true to me even when I was not always true to Him. Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!! After suffering three major depressions, I am now on a mission to help others see/come to know there is hope. There is a brighter, happier, lighter side to life beyond that chasm that seems to stretch across that black pit/hole/abyss. It can be so extensive and all encompassing that it causes one to believe it is never-ending/impossible to overcome. Look to the hills from whence cometh your help. Your help comes from The LORD. There is nothing impossible for God to accomplish or be victorious over on your behalf. Ask in prayer what you will according to His Word, it will not return void. Ask ... Seek...Knock... I am currently enrolled in a biblical institute at my church. I have completed three courses. My goal is to acquire a certificate in leadership. I am involved in a few women's fellowships and other ministries that are within and outside of my church. These groups are supporting, uplifting, and encouraging. I have met several individuals who have become sister/friends. To God Be the Glory!!!!!!!!!!