THE ULTIMATUM is about to be thrown.............

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  • 95stormfront
    Hope the sex is worth it! The JW life sure won't be.

    If she's a true "died in the wool" dub, there is no sex.....for now.......and next she'll be using that to further exert control over him later. If all it's taking is the thought of possessing a pretty smile and a tight looking ass....if that's all it takes for this guy to completely disregard what he wants to do with his life in favor of being led around like a high school knucklehead in heat, then by all means, go ahead, get baptised, and win that inconsiderate and conditional heart.

    Just remember all the advice you were given when the mistique wears off.

  • Utopian Reformist
    Utopian Reformist

    I can never endorse anyone becoming a JW. However, it is YOUR own decision. Now, I read this thread, but I did not see much information about your girlfriend's personality, desires, hops, etc

    You did not provide a lot of detail about what BOTH of you are planning, so it's hard to give advice. I saw a lot of comments about her just "wanting an elder for a husband". Is that true,a nd how do you know?

    None of us know her personally, and she very well could be one of those different sister's and wind up being the exception to the rule. Maybe she just loves you. Basically, without more information, it is hard to do other than just offer glossy superficial advice and comments.

  • jaffacake


    Why do you come here and seek advice when you have no intention of considering anything we say. It is clear your mind is made up and it has nothing to do with religion.

    Did you read the posts of the dozens of posters last time? I think not.

    I think it is you who should issue the ultimatum.

    Knowing what you know, if you persuade one other human being to join that religion, I don't know how you would live with yourself. How much do you love the girl & how much does she love you? Would you kill for her? Would you let someone else die so you could keep her? It could possibly come to that one day through blood or other issues if you ever bring someone into the JW organisation. Its your conscience Buck my friend.

  • thom

    ---"Do you want to live a life with a JW woman who gives you ultimatums for the rest of your life?"---
    That's exactly what will happen.
    A few years into the marriage you'll realize that everything you do is what SHE wants to do. HER vacations, HER friends, HER picking what to do everytime you go and do something. Is that the life you want? Don't you have any goals in your life? Do you think you'll ever reach them with someone who insists it's HER way or NO way?
    Forget about all the MANY things she'll expect from you as a JW. How about just life in general? Do you really think that if she'll force you into this she'll never force you into anything else?
    That was my marriage, and it SUCKED! I couldn't wait to get out and finally did. It's not a life, it's slavery.
    You realize there are other single girls in the world, don't you?

  • defective light
    defective light

    Think about it.....the baited hook is set! take the bait... and see what happens? ur hooked!

    dont take the bait......your still free!...... Dude.....its a no brainer! Slam on the brakes!....put your

    ass in reverse! ......peddle backwards! .....find a relationship with no ultimatums (especially, religious

    based relationships) (the skid marks class)

  • misspeaches

    Can't your girlfriend just love you for who you are?

    Why do you have to be part of a religon for her to love you. That's conditional love. That's not true love.

  • doofdaddy

    Man I so agree with Ms Whip.

    The language you used....Who ya foolin'? Your girlfriend? She can tell your fakin' it. The elders and others? They don't care as long as you look good and have some stats behind you before the wedding day e.g. field service time and gone thru the questions

    Your foolin'' yourself. How long are you going to knock on doors and pray every night with your wife after the initial thrill is gone?? Doing talks etc.

    It's not too late to wake up. If you think I'm being harsh , nup just trying to pass on some experience from self and others.

    Just posting on this "apostate" site should have wondering about your motives.

    Good luck!

  • AuntieJane

    Well, if you are a smart man you will take the majority of these postings to heart. I read one place that you said it makes you depressed sometimes, all of this...religion....I GUARANTEE YOU that Depression will be a Big part of your daily life if you let your Girlfriend drag you into this.

    You can say it is your choice, but it is obvious that you are afraid of losing her.

    If GOD intended for this relationship, it will happen. I say, 2 years is a better length of time to go with anybody before making any major commitment, such as marriage. You have dated her one year, you said....and she is influencing you into a "marriage" INTO the JW belief system.

    TAKE another year; put your foot down. NO, put TWO feet down and don't let her step on them. Take charge and tell her you need another year to look into it.....THEN, Run like Hell.

    Sorry for the bluntness, but sometimes it is the best approach.


  • stillajwexelder

    Or you can try theocratic warfare and get baptised, marry the bitch and then do what you want anyway

  • PopeOfEruke

    Dump her now! There's no other choice. You think this will be the last ultimatum??

    Mate, seriously, break off the relationship now....


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