Trouble for Richie?

by RichieRich 100 Replies latest jw friends

  • damselfly

    There's got to be someone in North Carolina you can borrow one from? Ask around and see. You can tell them you want to test it out for "school" purposes.


  • joelbear

    the whole discussion just reminds me of the bizarro world that is Watchtowerdom.

  • misspeaches

    So what happened!???

  • Honesty

    I'll check this Wednesday night after my church meeting for all the 411, Richie.

    Give 'em hell, Dude.

  • RichieRich
    I'll check this Wednesday night after my church meeting for all the 411, Richie.

    Well, school starts thursday morning, So I don't expect to be posting until thursady afternoon.

    But, you WILL know what happened.

    And, for the love of god, will someone please tell Brooke to check her text messages!!!!!!!!

  • AlanF

    A great thing to do is use their own methods to screw them up. Just make up some excuse not to meet with both of them, then tell one of them that you'll meet with him. That way, nothing you say can be used against you in a JC.

    Another thing that might work real well: refuse to meet with them at all, then later in the evening, about the time you think one of the elders is about to go to bed, call him up and say you changed your mind and would like to talk to him. Press him about what he wanted. He'll be hard put to avoid telling you something useful. Press him about whether he and the other elder really wanted to talk to you about some JC matter. Put the screws to him and make him squirm!


  • jgnat

    I've heard of one way to squeeze confessions out of people; sternly tell the person, "YOU KNOW why we are meeting."

    If they try stuff like that, I'd play dumb. Say, "No I'm not sure, what do you think I've done?? Make them show their cards first.

  • calico

    Wow! Why is your mom so harsh? I have a son your age--he is all I ever wanted and I love him so much! I could never say something like that to him. I am inactive--I did raise him as a JW--he is not baptized and I have advised him to stay that way. I hope that it turns out to be nothing!-----Calico

  • RichieRich

    Welcome to the board Calico, and thank you for using your first post on little ole me!

    I hope it is nothing too. I can't put off the inevitable, but I sure can delay it!!

  • katiekitten

    Thinking of you all day today Ritchie.

    If it helps you in your meeting, think of me - Just for you RR to take your mind off things a bit - I will be wearing nothing at all this afternoon except a big pair of pants which I shall pull up the crack of my arse (like on Waynes World, when that chinky bird is on the phone) and dance round my bedroom to the tune of "were Jehoobahs Witnesses" while fondling my own breasts suggestively, and making them dance the can can.

    Its the least I can do.

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