Trouble for Richie?

by RichieRich 100 Replies latest jw friends

  • ezekiel3

    Go get 'em Richie!

    For some reason I don't believe they have "evidence" on you. In that case they would have you in the back room of the KH, not your living room.

    Don't be surprised if your mom arranged the whole thing to get them to "call your cards."

    In that case, pout those pretty blues and give them an dangerously intimidating bear hug for showing concern.

    Love ya man!!

  • stealyourface
    only problem would be if they asked what i meant by "truth".

    Richie, give 'em the same answer Pilate got. If pressed, ask them to define 'is'.

  • RichieRich
    In that case they would have you in the back room of the KH, not your living room.

    It is in the back room. After the Wednsday night meeting.

    We always meet back there. My congragtion isn't that "close". I bet less than 15 people in that cong. know where I live.

    Like I said, I'm really not sweating it. I can't control it anyhow.

    If they do want to throw the switch and DF me, I'll ask my mother to leave the room, and give them a little "constructive criticism".

  • RichieRich

    And... if they ask what drove me away, I guees I'll say having no wholesome association did it. That can make you demonized, you know!

  • LuckyNun

    we're rooting for you out here in Kansas. keep your chin up.

    love tanya

  • kid-A

    Im worried about you dude,

    Have you got your college funding in place? Thats the most important thing...

  • RichieRich
    Im worried about you dude,

    Have you got your college funding in place? Thats the most important thing...

    That is taken care of.

  • Nosferatu
    As far as what the brother's intentions are- I can read people pretty well, and he didn't seem too stressed or anxious, thus indicating to me that he truly is just wanting to "check up".

    The only time the elders wanted to "check up" on me, it was to get me to return to the KH. Other than that, they left me alone.

    I'm guessing that they want to meet with you because:

    1) Some JW has seen you do something "questionable"

    2) You've been missing meetings because of your job

    JWs are usually cold-hearted and can turn their feelings on and off, that's why it is hard to read them. Although I must admit, during my last Shepherding visit, one of the elders looked as if he was going to break down and cry. The emotional ones are the toughest to deal with. I also had one elder tell me he loved me. I wanted to puke.

  • Honesty

    If I were a gambling person I would place all my bets on this site. The local SS have probably been informed that you are 'speaking out against Joe Hoba' on the internet. Use the Bible to refute them. I did for almost two hours when I had decided enough was enough with their apostate cult and called them up to DA over the phone. I wouldn't send them a letter or play their childish control games. The WTBTS and its puppets can't refute the scriptures. They go silent in a big way when you use them to prove they don't have any authority. Use the New Testament and especially scriptures that show only Christ is the judge and mediator. F#*** their 144,000 bucket of lies to their faces. I wouldn't even bother going to the meeting. Call them on the phone to discuss it. I am not sure about NC but in TN you can record the call under privacy laws. I have 2 hours of some of the best stuff ever from Crooklyn Bethel and the Walland, TN brothers.

    Good Luck, Richie

  • 144001


    Make it a good meeting. Eat lots of beans, broccoli, hard boiled eggs, and canned squid before attending the meeting. Then you can match their hot air with some hot air of your own, and trust me, that formula produces results that will have them getting to the point rather quickly.

    The elders' comments and opinions are worthy only of a smelly fart. Don't deprive them of that which they are so deserving of!

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