Trouble for Richie?

by RichieRich 100 Replies latest jw friends

  • Legolas

    My gawd.....I was wondering where you had run off to!!!

    So what's up???? What would they have on you?

  • undercover

    b. They have got something on me.

    My money would be on that one. Your photo is plastered all over the site, you've made no attempt at hiding your location or anything else about yourself, your family, your congregation. You've had some issues with other young JWs in your area. It was only a matter of time before someone ratted you out.

    While I admire your spunk and wish I had known that the "truth" was all BS when I was your age, I advise that you step lightly and cautiously, at least until you're out and on your own. As long as you depend on a JW parent for sustenance, forcing the elders to deal with you as an "apostate" is only going to make life miserable for everyone involved. If you can hang on until you're out for good from your mom, then you can tell the WTS and the local elders to kiss your ass.

    I know that probably goes against your inclination, to lay low and try to play games with the them, but if nothing else, think of your mom. Your getting into major trouble will only bring her grief and make her the object of ridicule in the congregation. It's wrong, we all know it, but your mom has chosen to follow this religion. You can, at the very least, respect her enough to deal with it until you're out and she cannot be blamed or made to feel guilty for your rebellious ways. This way you're thinking of her, not giving in to elders or the WTS.

    Just two cents worth, coming from an old guy who has seen a lot of shit go down in the congregations and seen a lot of innocent people get hurt.

  • hillbilly


    Ditto what Undercover says. Your strategy may be fine...tactics may be lacking.

    I'd cool it for just a bit... dont "pull the string" on those elders until you have your "support system" fully operational... and putting your Mom in a bind may not be the best move yet.

    18, 181/2... go for it. know that Theocratic Warfare works both ways?

    ~Uncle Hill

  • stevenyc


    Make sure that everything come from the bible. Then, tell them that you will meditate on the references from the bible. You don't have to answer right away. Take no sh!t from ANY WT publication. The whole time, you should use the 'Jehoba' world. Any time they use the word 'society' throw 'Jehoba' back at them.

    You will enjoy the ride.


  • tsunami_rid3r

    lie out your ass. an elder came by my house late at night b/c his son told on me. and if you do lie, make sure you take em down with you.

  • BrendaCloutier

    I ditto Undercover, Hillbilly, Steve.

    Play their game, not yours! Make them Use the Bible ONLY, and refer to Jehovah(tm) and Jesus often. Make them use the New Testament since y'all are Christians, not Jews, and Christianity is based on Jesus and HIS teaching!

    Good luck!

    Hugs and love


  • RichieRich

    I think Undercover really summarized things well.

    My mother has basically told me that should I get DFed or leave the truth, that will be the end of my relationship with her.

    She says that I am not worth her everlasting life.

    She will drop me to follow her own foolish persuits, yet I can't see allowing myself to drop her for my own desires.

    I know its all inevitable, and the sooner its out of the way, I guess the sooner I can get on with my life.

    As far as what the brother's intentions are- I can read people pretty well, and he didn't seem too stressed or anxious, thus indicating to me that he truly is just wanting to "check up".

    Could he truthfully say that they just wanted to check up on things and then spring something on me? Wouldn't that be dishonest?

    And as far as a "support system" goes, I'll just move in with Donnie (wanderLustGuy) lol!!

  • ithinkisee
    She says that I am not worth her everlasting life.

    Now that I crossed the 30-year-old mark and grew up, comments like this just make me roll my eyes. But as a teenager this would have irrepairably scarred me.

    If you are able to roll with those punches then you are truly wise beyond your years .... even with your loony avatar!


  • I quit!
    I quit!

    If you have been working a lot rather than going to meetings and out in service they may be stopping by to "encourage you" as they say. Elders can be nice guys or complete idiots. You know the ones you are dealing with better than anyone so you should have good idea of what they are up to.

    Oh, and the fried chicken sounds good tonight.

  • katiekitten
    Oh, and the fried chicken sounds good tonight.

    How much fried chicken is Ritchie gonna have to eat if we are both living vicariously through him?? I gotta tell you Ritchie, I got out of bed at 1pm today, I havent got out of my nightie, and ive been drinking vodka all day. Im MIGHTY hungry...

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