Do You Buy Your Woman Her Girl Stuff?

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  • shera

    My mans does. If he is going to the store and I realize I have none left,I'll mention for him to pick some up and he has no problem with it.

    I think its cool that he does,nothing to be embaressed about.

  • prophecor

    If anyones embaressed, it's probably the other women in the feminine hygiene section. purchasing such products for themselves, wondering what this strange man is doing in our country. He's a foreigner and needs to be dealt with. He does not belong here.

  • Jim_TX

    About two months ago, my girlfriend had gone to the store with her mom and bought some pads. Somehow, in the process of bagging the groceries, they got left behind.

    They got home later, and realized that she had no pads. She decided it was too far - and too crowded at the store - to return and try to get those that she had forgotten.

    I immediately told her I would go get her some from the store. I asked her what brand, and type she needed, and she told me. I wrote it down - as I am not that familiar with that sort of thing.

    I had no problem walking into that section of the store and getting her what she needed.

    For some reason, both she - and her mom, were surprised that a man would do this. Why? *puzzled look*

    It was something that she needed. I know that she would do something similar for me. I just wanted to make sure that she had what she needed.


    Jim TX

  • FlyingHighNow
    I always heard that bloody was a contraction of "by our lady" therefore a profanity based on Mary, in the realm of Goddamit, etc.

    I've not heard this one. Could be true. I was told the one I posted about periods. To call a man a bleedin' fool, was to imply he was a bleeder like a woman. I remember one of my favorite movies, To Sir With Love, one of the scenes shows Sir finally blowing his top when the girls in his class had been burning a used sanitary napkin in the heat stove.

    I applaud the men on this thread who aren't embarrassed by this sort of purchase. And for Sonnyboy: women sometimes are surprised to find their periods don't always come when they are expected to. Sometimes they come early and last longer than usual. Do you ever leave those stains in your underwear and expect her to take care of washing them?

    Like Skully, I don't think it's an accomplishment to have your guy buy your products. I would however, be very upset with mine if I needed them and he refused to buy them. I'll give you some examples of when this might happen. One is: you are at work and start when you did not expect to. He's not working and is at luxury to go by the store for you. Another is you are having a very heavy one and have run out of products and need them quickly so you can get to work. There are many situations in which you might really need help. A man who would refuse to help, would be infuriating in this situation. This would be very immature and selfish on his part. In this situation, the guy needs to grow up.

  • Valis

    Yeah, but I make her go buy her own "toys"...

  • acadian

    Yes, always have, no problem, it's all part of life.

    But why am I the one they always seem to have to do a price check on ?

  • shera

    I couldn't care less if a man was buying pads or tampons...really what is the shame in it? If a man is buying them and a woman is looking at you weird,ask them what they think the best brand is and what works best for them? hehe

  • mrsjones5

    Big Daddy has no shame to his game and no problem with getting the girlie stuff for his woman.

  • GentlyFeral


    If that's what people consider an act of True Loveā„¢, I can think of other things I'd much prefer over that.

    Let me riff on this for a minute.

    Sara Annie said,

    They don't seem to mind that the 'stuff' between their legs goes into the same place the 'stuff' under the sink does...

    I think that's it in a nutshell. If your lady parts are good enough for them to play with, they're certainly good enough to help take care of. A man who can do that when other people are looking respects every part of you -- knows in his bones that you are a whole person. As St. Paul said, "All things are clean to clean people."

    BTW, my man would be embarrassed -- but he'd probably do it.

    gently f eral

  • prophecor

    Better off to be proud to buy her tampons than to be sheepish about buying a pack of condoms only to now be buying pampers.

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