How Do We See Others On A Discussion Board?

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  • Eyebrow2

    You know, what surprises me a lot here is when I see people that I respect go off on posters and attack them, calling them ignorant and stupid in very cruel ways.

    There is usually a more civilized way to say this without all the capitalization, exclamation points, swears and sometimes even threats. If you read a thread that really ticks you off, try typing out your very angry off the top of the head response in notepad first. Then get up, have a glass of water, go to the rest room or even have a smoke. Then come back, read it, and edit it so that your thoughts and righteous indignation comes across clearly, but well written, and actually in a somewhat civil manner.

    Now, there have been plenty of times that I have wanted to just post this in response to some threads:

    "Is your head up your ass for warmth?"

    But I will save that for another board.

    Another tactic would just not to read any topic that is started by the member that you may feel is alway going to post things that one feels is just for the purpose of pissing certain groups off. If no one will read or comment on that person's topic, then maybe that person won't post any more.

    Just my 2 cents...take it or leave, but have a nice day either way.

  • Sunspot

    I went to bed right after to replying to Frannie's post and was I surprised to see so many comments here this morning!


    He now has to have regular testosterone injections, once every 6 months, and he says just after the injection he is full of blind confidence. He could easily go out and pick a fist fight. As the hormone wears off he becomes more sensitive and caring.

    Thanks for the info Katie! How interesting what differences there actually are in this. I never knew that it would be so pronounced!

    ***There's a major "goings on" one of the other JW boards....but this poster was unbelievable. She was a biatch on wheels. It can be male or female.

    Evil, the only other board I post at are at Beliefnet, and over there if you aren't sitting up straight in your chair or making sure you're hair is combed before you post---you get either "spoken to" to deleted. I was censored for using the term "blindsheep" in referring to the majority of JW posters that comment on the JW Debate board!

    *** I think sometimes people forget sitting in front of a keyboard that what they say has real impact and can hurt. Of course with the limitations of written word sometimes sarcasm is lost on people and taken too seriously as well.

    I think you are being kind! I tend to feel that they are fully aware of the fact they ARE using a keyboard to say what they gotta say and making sure that their nastiness and harsh opinions are there for everyone to absorb. The enjoy using this means to hide behind it. I agree about the sarcasm! Sometimes it's so subtle that I stand there scratching my head and wondering just what was meant by saying something or other. It has been known to get past me on a bad day, LOL!

    ***But by and by I think people behave relatively well. But there are some bad apples.

    For the most part I think so too. But the vicious ones seem to jump out at us which is a shame. There are a couple that only seem to come on to post a contrary opinion for that sake alone, just to irritate everyone who has previously posted. This occurs most often on the paranormal or psychic type threads---you don't see their names for months---until some starts one of these threads and they appear out of the woodwork!

    ***Gretchen I agree with you on the pedophile thread, it's absolutely disgusting....yet it runs on and on and on.

    As do I! That's why I haven't posted there in a few days. A bigot is a bigot is a bigot and continuing the folly of one is an exercise in futility.

    ***Gratefully, when I'm not pleased with something I've had mods that I've been able to discuss it with.

    Yes, same with me, although it has only happened once! Although my feathers (or fur) was ruffed for the moment, it worked out okay and I saw the reason for my "punishment" (grin) I KNOW I wouldn't last long on an uncensored board though! When get tired of the rigidity of B-net, I don't even go there for months, so I do appreciate the way things are run here----a good contrast between too little and too much!


  • Sunspot

    *** So these foreign emotions are still rather new to me and seeing psychologists, talking with very wise friends, and doing a lot of reading has helped.... I hope. And yes, this post is genuine; I'm not f**king around here.

    Jason, internal growth comes to everyone (hopefully) it's all part of the human condition! I don't honestly think that too many others are worried about if you're f**king with us or not. In my case, I find it takes far too much energy for me to stop and think of posters this way, or who is being sincere or not. I figure it'll all come out in the wash anyway. I was going to put this in a PM but I may as well put it out here now that I'm on the subject;

    That being in a nutshell, (IMHO) you had a rough patch and made a bad choice, realized how wrong that decision was, sought help to deal with it, and you are trying to get on with things....along with some undergoing some painful physical problems. Does that about sum it up? Maybe this is why I was so put off by the snotty remarks made by a virtual newcomer here last night. The remarks were cutting and unnecessary, also IMO.

    ***Sometimes people who like to start trouble are obvious. Other times it's more the way we look at individual posters. I might like a poster and see that poster as just stating personal views. Then someone else may not like the poster or the way they look at things and see them in a more negative light

    FHN, I must admit this is true. I think maybe we are all a little bit biased at one point or another!

    ***If they are looking for help they will be given help. If they come on and attack posters for questioning their religion, then they cannot expect the same level of support that polite seekers of truth receive.

    I often find that the very attitude they complain about in other posters is a mirror reflection of their own.

    Trevor, this is quite true.Just recently, there was a poster on B-net that came to the debate board for the first time, stating that HE could answer ANY question put before him, and how he had a "successful background" in being able to answer opposer's (apostate's) questions, ya-da-ya-da.......and then never answered anything! His comeback after "bumping" the replies to him and not responding...was to say how WE "hated" him and all that crap. Well of course he had built up in his mind that "all apostates were b-a-a-a-d and that JWs were innocent of all things said about them, etc.

    I thought he was a troll, and a phony, that he wasn't a JW but just stirring the pot......but it turns out that he (supposedly) was "for real" and was just a big blowhard, impressed with his own import! AFAIK, he hasn't been back to debate anything. I think it was a case of "he sure bit off more than he could chew" with him!


  • Sunspot
    Another tactic would just not to read any topic that is started by the member that you may feel is alway going to post things that one feels is just for the purpose of pissing certain groups off. If no one will read or comment on that person's topic, then maybe that person won't post any more.

    I wish I had the strength to follow that advice! This is espcially true when it came to the all "pedophile-related" threads that a particular poster has pottied on. But I enjoy the replies he receives and how much of an a$$ he continues to make of himself so that all can see!


  • mrsjones5

    I think people use Dissussion boards and chatrooms to say stuff they otherwise would not say in public or even private (sick and twisted and racism). On yahoo chat I didnt have my racial background in my profile (I dont have it here come to think about it) and it is truely amazing what people will say if they dont know a black person is in the room.


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    could testosterone have anything to do with this aggressive affliction, ya think?

    Sometimes.....when a new topic sits on the board for a time without response, I just feel the need to reply with a needling question to get the ball rolling, yanno?


  • Terry

    It is here, at this Nexus of Time and Space, the weary traveller and the wounded saint fall in together with the sinners and the hellbound; the philosopher kings and the slain, to nurse the wounds and grope our way back to that distant homeland once familiar and safe called: sanity!

    Who can we blame? Who will pay? Who can reckon the costs and measure the hurt or bind the gaping wounds to heal the sorrow?

    You see---this can be a weigh station in Limbo. We sort our souls here. We sit before our fellows and don black robes to pass sentence. We are Horus with our feather on the scale of others; shall we let them pass or send them straight to fire?

    It is a peculiar power we wield here. The damned face the damned where there are no mirrors; only the faces of victims and martyrs and castaway chaff who once dreamed the dreams of angels.

    We are less than human at times having been dumped by the very god of heaven. We are more than the throne of righteousness too having seen up close it is pasteboard and peeling paint.

    So, this junkyard and this hospital; this museum and this furnace exists to sort our parts and make raw liquid ore of us as we seek some mould that might perfect our nascent being. We are part and parcel of our own assembly here. We are creator and miracle; devil and demon rolled into one. For the truth is we can be almost anything we choose now!

    I think the JWD is a filter for our leftover humanity. We pour our minds through little openings in the ears of our listeners and readers and on the other side we find the dregs and the pure essence of what we've become. We sift our values. We strain our woes. We shout, we cry we persuade and we succumb. At the end of it there is a new creation.

    Each of us here is on our way to being that New Creation. Only this time we aren't the clay nothing fashioned by the greedy hands of the rotting artisans in Brooklyn. No. We fashion ourselves with the noble spirit of human ingenuity and rugged individualism. From a lump of clay to a monument of perfected noble achievement we'll stand in the end. We shall become when we overcome and the overcoming, in part, is fighting with ourselves through surrogates along the way.

    The scratches and bruises and broken limbs are a pittance once we reach the land we seek on the other side of JWD. It is a price we must pay and pay we shall for nothing great ever came from nothing.


  • mrsjones5

    that was deep

  • shera

    For most of the time,I enore the jerks,male or female.Once inawhile I may come across a topic that gets to me,I get my point across but then I usally end it there.Why waste my time arguing,I want to be happy!

  • talesin
    I often find that the very attitude they complain about in other posters is a mirror reflection of their own.

    Trevor, I find this is true of most things in life. If something REALLY bugs me about someone, I have to sit back and wonder if it's a trait that I exhibit myself.

    BTW, is that YOU in your new avatar? cool! :)

    Eyebrow,,, that is what I do! You have no idea how many things I have typed, then deleted. LOL! I don't read some posters' topics, or I lightly skim 'just in case' it may be interesting, knowing that they tend to push my buttons.


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