Trinity- True or False

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  • defd

    little toe, from your comments i sense that you could care less so i will not waste my time with answering you.

  • Hellrider
    Would Jesus, Gods own son follow along with those reasons? No he would not and did not. In prayer to his Father he said," I have made your NAME known and will continue to make it KNOWN." He taught his followers to pray for the hallowing of Gods name. Gods name was very important to Jesus. You can not tell me he did not use it. Besides, It is in the greek scriptures, there is proof!

    Wow, DefD, you`re actually talking to me! Thanks! I will also try to be polite!

    Two things:

    A) IF the original greek manuscripts did NOT have Gods name (yhwh) in them, do you then think it is right for the WTbts to put Gods name in it?

    B) Where in the original greek manuscripts can Gods name be found? Please show me. If you can`t show me a photocopy (because IF Gods name was actually in them, I assume the WTbts would have made a big deal out of it, and printed photocopies), then I`ll settle for articles, research done by serious academics, not connected to the WTbts.

    Again, thanks for responding to me.

  • jgnat

    Cop-out defd, cop-out! You can't read Little Toe's motives unless you are a god. There's lots of meat with these potatoes, so let's keep going!

  • Satanus


    I will always chime in and say " dont you mean when Jesus resurrects so and so? It is a bad habit that many have gotten into.

    Careful, you are getting a borderline symptom of spiritual sickness (watchtower threat), there. The wt changed a song book because jesus was mentioned too much. I will post the wt quote if i can find it. Meanwhile, here they brag about singing to jehovah, jesus being totally forgotten.


    w86 10/15 p. 24 Praising Jehovah With Music ***



    The latest songbook is fittingly entitled Sing Praises to Jehovah, based on Psalm 96:1, 4. Many songs are directed to Jehovah and extol his qualities. Note just a few: "Great God, Jehovah!" (listing some 20 of Jehovah’s qualities or titles); "Jehovah, Our Best Friend"; "Jehovah Really Cares"; "Jehovah’s Blessing Makes Rich"; "Jehovah, Provider of Escape"; "Creation Reveals Jehovah’s Glory"; and "Jehovah, ‘the God of All Comfort.’"


  • LittleToe

    You're right, Defd, I couldn't care less about changing what you believe. I'd be interested in a reply about how you "sense" Thomas' feelings, on the matter, though. The question is genuine and not a leading one. To imply otherwise is being disingenuous. Be a man, have some balls, and be forthright with me...

    Satanus:Interestingly it's thought that the first few verses of John 1 may be an early Christain hymn. Food for thought...

  • trevor

    To me The Trinity Doctrine is an attempt to make sense of the muddled ramblings of deluded men and turn them into a belief system that makes sense.

    Two thousand years of debate and still no progress. If computer manuals were as hit and miss as ‘God’s Word the Bible’ none of us would be on this forum today. Fortunately such manuals are clear, logical and use a language that leaves no room for doubt.

    As the alleged author of just one book, why has God not succeeded in conveying his true nature to humans in an unambiguous way. Perhaps God has - but not through a book! To believe otherwise makes God look rather inept.

  • Sunspot

    The song book "Sing Praises To Jehovah", has 225 songs of which seven are sung about Christ!

    The WTS was known as Jehovah's Witnesses until fairly recently when they decided to adopt the name of the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    The WTS does not recognize Jesus' birth in order to celebrate this event even as the angels did at the time, with singing praises and rejoicing.

    The WTS does not even acknowledge the day of Christ's resurrection, treating it as just another day, although Christ overcame death and thereby paved the way to mankind's salvation.

  • Satanus

    *** re chap. 7 Rekindle That First Love! ***

    In the songbook produced by Jehovah’s people in 1905, there were twice as many songs praising Jesus as there were songs praising Jehovah God. In their 1928 songbook, the number of songs extolling Jesus was about the same as the number extolling Jehovah. But in the latest songbook of 1984, Jehovah is honored by four times as many songs as is Jesus. This is in harmony with Jesus’ own words: "The Father is greater than I am." (John 14:28) Love for Jehovah must be preeminent, accompanied by deep love for Jesus and appreciation of his precious sacrifice and office as God’s High Priest and King.

    In a wt article 1966 5/15 pages 313-316, introducing and praising the virtues of a new wt songbook, jesus is mentioned only one time, only in passing. There is nothing about him being a special person or anything like that.


    Could be.


  • defd

    Jgnat, I am not coping out! look at his exact words. cited below.

    I'm addressing you specifically with these comments, and have no desire to take on the trinity debate that the topic suggests, as frankly I'm bored by the subject after WEEKS of debating it the past several years.

  • defd

    Besides jgnat you and I were talking about something else. You havent replied. Are you coping out? This is the reason I wanted to do this private with you. You seem to get off tract and .... with your comments.

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