What's the most DANGEROUS thing you ever did?

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  • JH
    by the way, how's that secession coming?

    I was kidding. Hope it never comes...

  • troucul

    I do...as soon as I get out of the military, that's where I'm moving.

    J'adore Quebec(plus que la Loire)

  • devinsmom

    -Lots of drugs and alcohol, together and separately, when I was younger

    -Bungee jumping

  • whyamihere

    I hitchhiked....I still can't believe I did that.


  • mkr32208

    I've just done so many dangerous things I'll break them down;

    For fun

    • Cave diving
    • Penetration Wreck diving
    • Spearfishing
    • Run Rapids
    • Ride Motorcycles
    • Fly Small Planes
    • Jog at 2am
    • Ski/snowboard
    • Cliff/Mountain climb
    • Ride Horses
    • Surf
    • Skydive

    Now I know that all of those aren't technically "dangerous" but the perception is that they are! I won't even get into the stuff that we did as kids! I was in the ER so many times that the doctor joked with my mom he was going to give me a permanent bed! I thought that was really witty I would say I laughed my ass off but it was ALREADY off and the doctor was sewing it back on (Jumped of cliff landed on shale...) somehow my mother wasn't as amused!

    For Money;

    • Electrical Work
    • Carpentry
    • General Construction
    • Fireman
    • Prison Guard
    • Treasure Hunter
    • Worked in the ER as a EMT

    Now of all of those I think the ER was the most dangerous the crap that you can catch in the ER is terrifying! That was kind of a fun list! Makes me want to go do something dangerous!

  • JH
    I hitchhiked....I still can't believe I did that.


    Why do you think it's dangerous?

    When I was much younger, and had my first car back in the early 1980's I'd see 10 girls a day hitchhike, in front of schools, on busy boulevards, just about everywhere, and I picked up a few, and it seemed so normal back then.

    Today, I never see any, and just wonder why that changed.

    Maybe .0001% of people got a bad experience out of it, but 99.9999% didn't !!!

  • greendawn

    As a child I used to climb up to near the top of tall trees, when I was thinking about it later I was surprised that I had been so fearless because a fall from there could kill or paralyse someone.

  • Leolaia

    Was driving an ATV up a sand dune (and I don't know how to drive) and confused the throddle with the brake and did a 180....let's just say thank God that thing had no seat belts, for I fell behind it when it rolled over me...

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    I once went out in a tiny little row boat whilst pissed. Nothing dangerous about that except it was in the middle of the night and in swampland in Northern Australia. We rowed out to the middle and turned our torches on and shone them at the banks. The banks lit up with tiny little lights, the refection of out torches reflecting in the eyes of salt water Crocs whose eyes light up like cats eyes. We were surrounded by them, drunk, in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night...Some of those monsters get to be around 30ft too.

    Then there was the time that I was walking through my local park after dark, there had been a spate of muggings in the previous weeks. I heard shouting and saw a figure running towards me being chased by three other blokes. The bloke in front was shouting for help and shouting that they were muggers. Being Stupid I went running in to help him. The muggers about turned and ran off out of the park. The bloke that was nearly mugged was really angry so we both hung around to see if they'd come back. They did but this time they were armed with what looked like broom sticks. They came running towards us and we went running towards them. They then broke off and ran off chucking their broomsticks down as they fled. There were no more muggings in that park after that.

  • looking_glass

    As a kid - My friends and I played that "cut off the air and pass out game" when I was little. Everyone now a days acts all shocked about it, but it has been around for YEARS. I use to ride in the dryer when I was a kid. We would put it on "fluff" because it would not be hot air blowing it in. I really liked it. We use to play chicken with trains. ... We were a smart bunch weren't we. You may wonder where our parents were, all hanging out together not paying any mind to us.

    As an adult - black water rafting; white water rafting; hang-gliding; sky diving; wreck scuba diving; not realizing that I was standing and swimming around in crock infested waters while in the Cape Tribulation until my GF flipped out when she saw the HUGE sign behind me saying DON'T SWIM HERE YOU DUMB @$$; breaking my arm playing co-ed touch football (those insane soccer chicks were horrible to play against), in its own way it Ultimate Death Match, just on an open field instead of a cage.

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