What's the most DANGEROUS thing you ever did?

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  • WildHorses

    The most dangerous thing I ever did was to thow eggs at cars with two of my best friends at the time. Out of twelve eggs, only the last one struck a truck in the windshield. The guy slammed on his brakes, backed up, got out and shot as us threw the woods where we were hiding. As soon as I heard the shots, I fell flat on my stomach and just layed there until he left. My friends in the mean time had taken off running through the woods and got lost for a couple of hours. I had already made it home since I lived close by and knew the woods well since I would often go walking through them.

    Anyway, they saw me drop and when they finally got home, were surprised to see me as they throught I had been shot. I was scared shitless to say the least, but believe it or not, they had it worse. You see, as they got lost, they ended up running through a big briar patch (it's kind of hard to see when it's pitch black outside) and since they were both wearing shorts were really cut up bad on their leggs and arms. From the sight of them I thought they had been shot. We were lucky that day and needless to say, we never again eggs cars after that.

  • ballistic

    When I broke my leg taking a long walk off a short cliff on a moon-less night in the pitch dark.

    On the exteme sports side, I don't know how dangerous this was but jumping off a rock into a narrow river about 40 feet up.

  • Jim_TX

    Hmmm... well, waaaay back when... I was about 23 or so... I climbed up a radio tower - just to see what it was like 'up there'.

    The tower was a 415-foot tall tower... we started the climb on the inside of the tri-corner tower, and 2/3 of the way up we had to swing to the outside and finish the climb.

    It was an awesome view up there... the tower gently swaying in its' guyed position. I even took photos up there - one of the fella that I went up with - and one of myself (well, the other fella took it).

    I then climbed down. Not as easy as going up.

    To this day... I am amazed that I did that. I wouldn't do it now... I chalk it up to 'youth' and foolishness.


    Jim TX

  • TresHappy

    become a Jehovah's Witness...

  • ObservingTexan

    I was within minutes of running out of gas as I piloted a single engine Cessna, at night, 2,500 feet above ground over the northwest side of Dallas/Fort Worth airport almost 25 years ago. I landed at an airport I spotted below me just in time. Fuel was basically NOT visible in either tank after landing. I AM NOW A GASOHOLIC... if there is such a thing. It was a lesson I learned and lived to tell about it. I believe it was by the Grace of God that I am still here today to recall the entire incident.


  • unclebruce

    Geez there's so many .. it's a wonder I lived to see my 18th birthday.

    Once I had fun firing my rifle straight up (the closer the bullet landed the more points for accuracy .. when they started landing within several feet I kinda got the idea I might get killed).

    Unknowingly spearfishing near great white sharks was silly as was swimming near crocs. Skipping about on slippery steel 30 floors above the ground wasn't very clever either .. or driving a V8 holden/chevy arround suburban Adelaide at speeds up to 130mph (read self initiation rituals of a fatherless boy).

    The closest I came to death was probably when crashing my motorbike into a car at 80mph (he ran a red light). I was all dressed up in a suit on my way to the Watchtower study and escaped with just a small cut on my knee .. hey maybe there really is a God who cares?

    old unc enjoying the sedate pleasures of sea-kayaking and whitewater rafting.

  • unclebruce

    LMAO at Doc!

    Yeah .. I forgot about the fights - they're scarey stuff!.. and being shot at .. and nearly crashing in the mail plane in mist shouded mountains of PNG. This thread should carry a mental health warning - it's causing flashbacks

  • The Mayor of Turiwhate
    The Mayor of Turiwhate

    The most dangerous thing that I ever did wasn't done deliberately - i.e. to be dangerous, get an adrenaline rush or anything like that!

    As it turned out, I reckon that the most dangerous thing I ever did was to enter an apprenticeship as an electrician.

    I say this as my closest call with death came three years ago, after a succession of errors on the job one morning led to my receiving a massive electrical explosion fair in my face!

    As a consequence, I was semi-blind for a week afterwards, and my eyesight has never been the same since.

    Any young person reading this and contemplating an electrical apprenticeship, go for a career in IT or something - a bloody sight safer!

  • Legolas

    Welcome to the board The Mayor!

  • luna2

    I'm not terribly adventurous.

    Took a parachuting course once and, of course, the graduation was getting to jump out of a bitty little plane. They made me go first for some reason.

    A few years ago I drove to Cleveland (yeah, I know..Cleveland? lol) for the weekend to meet a friend and go to a show...about a 10 hour trip one way...on the way home, going about 80mph along a Pennsylvania highway, I suddenly hit ice and the truck in front of me started slowing down. I couldn't slow down, so I swerved into the center lane, did a 180 and ended up in the median. That was exciting!

    After getting my car back on the road I proceeded home in the worst snow storm I've ever seen. By the time I got to CT, there had to be 15 inches on the ground, police were blocking the entrance ramps to the highway, and I was navagating by following the tail lights of a semi in front of me. I made it home, though. Only took me about 15 hours.

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