Do you believe in miracles?

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  • doogie
    Getting up and to work on time this morning Evoked great surprise in my boss. He believes in miracles.

    dang, if it was such a surprise that he got to work on time, how the heck does he keep his job?!

    i gotta get a job there. apparently they have extremely low standards.

  • hibiscusfire

    500 years after the invention of the printing press, much of the world is just catching up with its benefits. We are in the midst of a new World War.

    Not a war by tanks, guns and airplanes but a war of words, a conflict of religious ideas, a struggle for the hearts of men.

    How tragic that the gospel has been preached for 2000 years yet over 50 percent of the world's population has never heard the gospel.

    .....And when it is estimated that the average foreign missionary reaches only 5000 people during his tenure, prospects of reaching them seem dim.

  • doogie
    .....And when it is estimated that the average foreign missionary reaches only 5000 people during his tenure, prospects of reaching them seem dim.

    maybe there are such things as miracles after all...

  • GetBusyLiving

    :You are so full of hate. Why are you picking on me?

    I don't hate you at all Hib, you are just so preachy and sure of yourself that its fun to rib ya.


  • Crumpet

    I don't hate you Hisbis. Just wish you'd stop wasting your time trying to make me go doey eyed over God and religion. It ain't going to happen, unless he's very well-endowed.

    (See I told you - you bring out the worst in me)

    Doogie (love your Nic Cage avatar btw) - to clarify my boss was surprised at my punctual appearance - not his own!

  • John Doe
    John Doe
    There are many occasions GBL when doctors state that there is no hope for someone to live....BUT

    through prayers I have witnessed many people live.


    Hmm, so if a few doctors have a mistaken prognosis, there must be a supernatural being causing them to be wrong in their prognosis. It can't be that they're mistaken. Is this what you're saying?

    There must have been something in your life that you thought maybe that it was hopeless.

    The power of prayers can change a bad thing into good.

    Prayers are meditation, nothing more. If you believe in some healing power, then you're believing in God's healing power--not your own power of prayer, no? Prayer, even if it works as Christians claim, has no power in itself. Why do we hear "the power of prayer" so much? Isn't God the one with the power?

    Evolutionists hoped their students would believe without question that amino acids would produce life. But Heinze reveals the facts evolutionists won't tell you. ......

    I take exception with your statement here. Not only are you prejudicing 2 hundred years of highly intellectual men's work, you're telling us exactly what they were thinking and what they were wanting. No one alive has the power to do this for even one person--let alone an entire group of men.

    The amino acids produced would not work in any living things. The more recently suggested steps in "Chemical evolution" will not take place either. The idea is scientifically bankrupt, and the foundation of evolutionary thinking is destroyed.
    Much more accurately, the idea is scientifically bankrupt when run through your pre-concieved notions. You're accusing the entire scientific community of being dishonest frauds, and I'll guarantee you that there are as many honest scientists as there are creationists, and vice versa. What you're saying in this sentence, in essence, is that if we can disprove one aspect of a theory, then the entire theory is bunk. Do you show the same view when creationists theories are called into question? Do you really consider yourself enough of an intellectual (not to mention encyclopedia of research) to accurately validate or dismiss such complex issues? I can't help but feel a lot of arrogance in your postings. Arrogance inevitably leads one to make hasty generalizations and inaccurate assessments; hence we see vast stereotypical groupings of "all evolutionists want this" or "all evolutionists believe this." Frankly my dear, taken at face value with no further research, your assertions hurt the creationist's perspective much more than they help.
  • delilah

    I can't say that I do, because the problem I have with "miracles", is, why doesn't God perform miracles ALL the time for EVERYONE????? Why does he answer some pleas for miracles, and not others???? As far as the recent plane crash in T.O., we were discussing this at work, and some also thought it was nothing short of a miracle. My thinking was, it was obvious, that there were circumstances that enabled the people to exit quickly, and that the way the plane crashed, and broke up, and then caught fire, was not due to a miracle, but circumstances.


  • Terry

    Circular reasoning is fun and easy!

    There are miracles.

    What are miracles?

    Whatever surprises me and makes me go wonky at the ankles.

    So, miracles are determined by your reaction?

    No, miracles are things that can't be explained!

    So, miracles are defined by your ignorance, then?

    No, miracles are wonderful.

    Hmm, I'm full of wonder at your rational capacity to think. Does that make YOU a miracle?

    Note: A word or concept that can mean "anything" actually has no meaning. It is a piece of latex that can be stretched to cover as much form and space as needed. All that is necessary is the will to stretch it.

    What we have here, ladies and gentlement, is an act of will and nothing more. The will to see a miracle is like the will to see the face of the Virgin Mary in a piece of grilled cheese toast.

    ........................................................................................................................................ The Associated Press Updated: 1:17 a.m. ET Nov. 23, 2004

    MIAMI - A woman who said her 10-year-old grilled cheese sandwich bore the image of the Virgin Mary will be getting a lot more bread after the item sold for $28,000 on eBay., an online casino, confirmed that it placed the winning bid, and company executives said they were willing to spend “as much as it took” to own the 10-year-old half-sandwich with a bite out of it.


    Hibiscusfire is like the poor schnooks who pay $28,000 for it.

  • doogie
    Doogie (love your Nic Cage avatar btw) - to clarify my boss was surprised at my punctual appearance - not his own!


    this is totally hijacking the thread, but you know what?...i don't really care.

    your boss reminded me of my girlfriend (until you clarified). lately for some reason she's started clapping and cheering real loud whenever i do some stupid mundane thing. (i'll take out the trash or make a sandwich and when i get done she'll get right in my face and start clapping and cheering and shouting "AWESOME WORK! GREAT JOB! WAY TO GO!") i have no idea why she does it but i laugh everytime. now she won't stop. she's a moron.

    edited to add: the avatar is actually the dude from Bad Religion, the greatest punk band ever. he appears to be angry about something.

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    No Hib, I don't believe in miracles as I have never been witness to one. I don't think anyone here hates you Hib, but you do understand given the make up of this forum how some of your comments and assertions can tend to call in the clans so to speak don't you? If you make bold assertions you just have to be prepared for people to have just as strong of convictions in opposition to your views, that's all that is happening here, not hatred.

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