I was shy on my first JW.ORG Video, I am so happy sharing God's Organization with you!

by JWCart1975 55 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • cappytan
    MissFit: dont even think about lubricating your own wheels...


    I needed that laugh this morning.

  • Heaven

    Some people just have way too much time on their hands. 

  • EdenOne

    All faithful JW Carts go to Paradise, while all others end up in scrap. You can't get a better retirement plan anywhere else in the world.


  • Simon
    It's "fastest growing" because they demonized the internet as the work of Satan. Now they love it. Go figure - I guess their holy spirit failed to inspire them or their marketing consultants convinced them they needed to get with the times to grow.
  • sir82
    It's a shame there is no place to leave "comments" on the JW. org website or TV site - this would have been golden there.
  • jhine

    I was about to say "if you could sell whatever you're on ........"  then I realised that people do and sometimes end up in prison for it . !!!!!   


    ps     be careful little cart the nasty apostates may kidnap you and demand a HUGE ransom      

    pps   you didn't used to post as Edmond Dantes did you ? I miss Edmond                                                        

  • KateWild

    JWcart, very funny, I enjoyed reading your OP and your other posts on this thread. Well done. Look forward to more satire.

    Kate xx

  • OnTheWayOut
    JW . ORG is the fastest growing media outlet in the World, our local COBE said we are going to take the Media from Satan's Wicked World!  

    That is hilarious.  You almost had me thinking you really believed that.  People have to realize that you are posting sarcasm.  

  • watson

    Wish I could get this "Like" button to work!  Some fun stuff.

    I WOOD like to get some more shots of JW Cart's rack. 

  • Jonathan Drake
    Jonathan Drake
    Please return before it's too late

    What at happens if I don't return? You believe I will die. You therefore judge all who are not JW as deserving of death. But in John 5 it says not even the almighty judges anyone at all, only the Christ. Sounds like you're overstepping your bounds to me. 

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