I was shy on my first JW.ORG Video, I am so happy sharing God's Organization with you!

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  • kairos
    Where can we buy a Sparlock doll?
  • JWCart1975
    Soon, the Governing Body will have Caleb, Mamma, Sparlock dolls at the Kingdom Hall for a modest donation of $19.75.  More JW Merchandise is on the way, the Watchtower is working with Fat-Heads so you can get your favorite Governing Body member to hang over your Theocratic Study area.  What better way to feel the presence of Jehovah's Organization than seeing a life-size Tony Morris or Stevie Lett looking down on you while cramming for Meeting?
  • kairos
    Bobble heads?
  • davidmitchell
    JW.ORG is the fastest growing media outlet in the World.   WRONGWe are going to take the Media from Satan's Wicked World!   WRONGYou won't find happiness without Jehovah's Organization...  WRONGThe good times you had in Field Service, at the Meetings and Book Study...  WRONGWhen was the last time you had a good nights sleep after leaving the Watchtower'...  Last night actuallyOnly Jehovah's people have true happiness...  WRONGThe End Is Near!    WRONGJehovah will bless you...  WRONG
    Your statements appear to have about the same amount of accuracy as the Society's predictions for armageddon....


    Je Suis JWCart !!

    Sheez people - so quick to react to anything that gets placed here - into stabbing mode before we have actually digested what someone is up to and trying to communicate. !

    Breathe some of you folk !!!!!!!

    Do you think Wheelie Cart will ever be free? Free Wheelie??

    Which gender is Wheelie Cart? Will he/she ever date?  What if Wheelie Cart is parked too near a supermarket and gets the hots for supermarket trolley?? And the wheels come off cos he sins ?

    Wheelie Cart has endless marketing possibilities for the Borg !

     Personally I am waiting for the Stephen Lett doll - like the old days of the dog in the back window of the car with the nodding head - Uncle Stephen making all his zany gestures ! Noddy noddy man !

  • wannaexit

    Jwcart1975=aunt Connie 

  • wannaexit
    Aunt Connie I knew you would come back. I,ve missed your posts
  • Absalom
    JWCart- Can we some more pictures of your Rack please?  :)
  • Listener
    Hi JWCart, I loved the song you just came out with.  I was wondering when the movie was coming out and can you get me a seat to the preview?
  • Pistoff
    Love me some JWCart, good stuff

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