I was shy on my first JW.ORG Video, I am so happy sharing God's Organization with you!

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  • Hoffnung

    I have never slept so well since getting to know that JW faith is just a shaky house of cards and leaving it behind me, together with my other half.  Many are the worries of JW in my area who feel they are not doing enough, or cannot live up to what is expected from them. And many are the guilt trips in the new JW TV channel videos. Billy Graham will look like an amateur soon compared to law school Tony Morris 3. If the governing body is so humble, why are they still forcing unbiblical and harmful teachings upon the poor witnesses, something condemned with the strongest words in the bible. For one, where is it written in the bible you should not get a decent university education. Many lives would have been easily more interesting if they had taken the opportunity to increase their education. the contents of your cart is not even a shadow of what Jesus taught in the 1st century. JW have turned into salesmen, and the JW leadership into merchants. and we know what Jesus thought about that. The only reason JW exist today, is because some people (the Adventists) did not want to believe the end did not come in 1844. JW , as off-shoot of the Adventists, still cannot accept, after 170 years of hoping, and tens of unfulfilled promises, the end is not near. Millions of lives have been wasted on waiting for an Armageddon that did not come, and is not going to come. I hope your master has enrolled you in a wheelcart 401k, otherwise you will never be able to give your wheels some rest when they start aching from old age

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    to prove her loyalty to me, she's handcuffed herself to me!

    WT doesn't "brainwash", they "wash minds clean." Similarly, your wifely JW owner doesn't "handcuff" you, she "lovingly controls your hands."

    "50 Shades of Cart"

  • ducatijoe

    You have no idea just how happy many of us who have left are. 

    If you are happy in the cart.... great. Please do not believe that if someone decides to leave they will end up living in a van down by the river. 

    I thought that at one time too. I was the School Overseer for many years. 

    There are many both in and out of the Organization that have great as well as screwed up lives. 

    I for one am doing wonderful. And I can say with confidence that you or anyone else does not know the future or what happen to any of us when we are gone. 

  • MissFit

    um cart 1975... Ah... who is really the prisoner?  

    Why does she have to show loyalty to You?

    😕 Wait- is that a two way camera? * gulp*

    Are you recording everything she does?  What is that hidden in your rack there?  Yeah right there barely noticeable ? Is that a tracking device I see?   

    *backing away slowly*

    OMG  i got it all wrong!  You're the master. 


  • freddo

    Hello jwcart1975.

    Can your little wheels keep up with the ones on the organizational chariot? With all the changes in direction you'd be better off with castors.

  • MissFit

    Freddo-good one😆😂

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