Sam's watch

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  • stuckinarut2

    Further to leaving_quietly's comment above:

    The GB have been telling us "THE TIME" is at hand for ages now!

    You have all missed the point! It is "evidently" an "Armageddon countdown watch" that has come directly from the hand of Jehovah himself! 

  • freemindfade
    I wear my panerais to the beetings. Most dubs wouldn't no the difference between them and a timex though Sadly. Their beauty is lost on the sheeple
  • millie210
    Listener2 hours agoTie pins seem to be all the rage amongst them as well.
    I gather it was a GB helper sitting next to him, he was wearing a pinky ring also. 

    I think that is GB Helper Robert Luccioni.  - man sitting next to him.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Anyone remember a WT cover with what looked like a televangelist decked out in bling? 

    This was probably in the past ten years, if I remember correctly. Would love to get my hands on that to compare!

  • zed revisited
    zed revisited

    A horology discussion about what kind of watch a (w)hore is wearing. How ironic!



    Pre-owned Rolex Men's Submariner Date 18K Gold Blue Diamond Serti Dial Watch

                                            Today: CAD 30870.86

                       Pre-owned Rolex Men's Submariner Date 18K Gold Blue Diamond Serti Dial Watch

  • JWdaughter
    Why would a person who is a GB minister and who labors for everything he gets and lives a monastic lifestyle NEED a dive watch? How many missionaries can afford that kind of hobby? Even if it is just a nice knock off, its kind of pretentious for someone who makes $100 mo plus room and board. They go on luxury vacations to warm scuba kind of places much?


                          Please Let me..                                             OK..One More Time..

          See Your Rolex Watch Again Sam..         Then You`ll Have To Wait Till After Dinner..

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  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast
    Now Sam is in an awkward position. Does he continue wearing it and spark off more gleeful comment?  Does he quietly remove it, hide it in his pocket and therefore acknowledge that he is influenced by an apostate site. How does a Christian make such a decision? What godly principles come into play here?  This will show his spirit-directed metal.

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