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  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast
    I just started to watch the February broadcast when I noticed a metallic rattle over the drone of Sam's voice.  (Does that man speak with a mouth full of chowin' tobacco or is he choking on the rubbish he reads off the autocue?). Yep it's his Rolex.  It's either a solid gold job at least $20,000 or a knock off.  If it's real it beggars belief that he would flash it about.  If it's not he's pretending to be the big cheese wealthy man. Either way, what's he thinking of?
  • fastJehu

    I noticed, that his left arm (with the clock) was a lot of time under the table. 

  • _Morpheus
    Im not one to buy into overhyping these types of things but i do swear that looks like a real gold rolex submariner.... If so hes a buffoon for wearing that on camera. An absolute buffoon. To cry poor qnd ask for donations with that huge chunk of money on wrist, while so many sacrifice to pionsneer and build more free halls is just the height of ignorance.  Its a glading reminder of seemingly bigger and bigger  ivory tower they live in compared to the rest of the organization.
  • 88JM
    No doubt he would claim it was "a gift" - probably from some ass-kissing rich guy trying to get up the ladder.
  • Letts Party
    Letts Party
    If only I could get a higher res photo of this. If that's a solid gold Submariner, it'd be insane. No doubt they already have an excuse for it in mind... after all Jesus wore fine expensive underwear right?
  • cleanideas

    In my opinion the CEO (Governing Body Member) of a multi-billion dollar corporation (Watchtower) is NOT going to have a fake watch.  It's going to be a REAL $21,045 Rolex.  In my opinion he will also continue to beg the poor widows for money so he can continue to afford such luxuries like any other scumbag televangelist.  Compare this picture to the one above of his watch.  What a horrible man!  

  • Letts Party
    Letts Party

    In his defense, the submariner style of watch is one of the most emulated in history. Even fossil has several watches in their line up that emulate the Rolex Submariner style. This means that even if its not a Rolex, it doesn't necessarily mean its a fake. There's a kiss-ass MS in my hall that has a similar watch by Michael Kors (horrible in my opinion, but that's another conversation). 

    Until, I see hi-res photos that show at least a little more detail, I can't say its a Rolex. 20K is no laughing matter. 

    -S. Lett

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    The point is not whether its Rolex or not. If its real it is crass at best and opens all sorts of other questions as well. I thought Bethelites have to sign a vow of poverty.

    If it is a knock off it is a pretence of greater wealth demonstrating a hankering for material wealth not attained.

    In either case it has no place on that wrist.  It demonstrates the rift between GB1 and GB2. Jack Barr or Lloyd Barry would not have been seen dead in one.  They were at least sincere however misguided.

  • Letts Party
    Letts Party

    My point was that even if its not a Rolex, that doesn't mean its necessarily a knock off... Like I said, Fossil makes a similar watch and so do many other companies. Dive watches are extremely popular and many companies make them. If he's wearing a diver style watch made by Casio, it wouldn't be considered a knock off necessarily. It'd just be a regular 50 dollar diver's watch. 

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    You hit it out of the park Slidin Fast! My sentiments exactly. Should the RF also aspire to have such wealth too? Who would pay for the settlements with all the victims? And how worldly are imitation Rolex's compared to tight pants?

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