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  • DJS


    Your comment: "All your comments are making history in the dispute area of my relationship......up until now i was 0 for like 300.... her having the 300 wins."

    Zero for three hundred, huh? Then you are doing it right!!!

  • brandnew
    Yes DJS, its been a rough ride, but i ended up in a rolls royce.
  • brandnew
    @stan livedeath.......dude, thats worse than double dippin a dorito in the french onion ! ! ! ! Ha ha ! ! ;  )
  • zed revisited
    zed revisited

    It depends. If you have a cat that will unravel the entire role, then under.


  • pronomono
    I install it over, only to find my wife switch it to under. Which I politely switch back to the correct way.
  • brandnew

    @pronomono, which is why we are here today.....or at least me on this subject........imme give you a big Bartles & James.......

                        Thank you for your support.....hee ; )

  • DJS

    Zed, lose the cat.

    Ms. Pronomono, lose Mr. Pronomono. I take that back; you two deserve each other. If that is true, that you each come after the other to switch it back and you aren't just pulling our leg, it is SO not about the toilet paper. It's called, in layman's terms, the tip of the iceberg. A gargantuan struggle for power and control. 

  • brandnew
    Im with DJS.....lose the cat.....
  • mrquik
    It seems the majority of apostates approve of toilet paper being over instead of under. Expect the WBTS to now firmly stand against this Satanic practice. This, surely, will be accompanied by numerous vague historical & biblical references along with video for the deaf showing both correct paper placement & ass wiping technique.
  • prologos
    seats down, paper up.

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