As JWs, ever met any annointed ?

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  • greendawn

    Honesty, I don't believe in the annointed the way they do, I see all individuals having Christ as their saviour/Messiah and a possible personal relationship with him, the annointed I used to perceive as people with higher spiritual aspirations than the rank and file some sort of JW monks, and the one I knew fitted that description he had no earthly aspirations at all never cared about having wife, family or wealth.

    But did you partake of the bread/wine as a JW? Where did you disagree with them and got accused as an apostate supposedly? I got hounded for disagreeing with blood policy, the 1914 generation, and FDS dictatorial mindset, that was back in the eighties. I disassociated.

  • stillajwexelder

    Yes - all the ones I mt had lovely personalities and were lovely people

  • candidlynuts

    i knew a sweet old lady in florida as a child we all called her granny..fascinating woman, her dad had been a slave , i dont remember her name.all us kids just LOVED sitting by her and finding the scriptures for her. (she was well into her 90s and had bad eyesight) i was about 6 or so, i remember asking her about being anointed.. and how she knew.. she said that God anoints not man and she just knew. watching her partake at the memorial was a enthralling as a kid.. kept waiting for her shaking hands to spill the wine.( i was an awful kid lol)

    met stephen lett one year when he gave the memorial talk at our hall.

    edited to add.. i remembered her last name..she was called granny harris.

  • Dan-O

    I remember an elder from the KH when I was a kid who ... well, if he was NOT annointed, he should have been ... and I have nothing but fond memories of him & his tales of being at Cedar Point in 1922 & such things. Dave was actually a good guy, and his wife Libby was a sweetheart.

  • cab1000

    I knew an old sister who was "anointed". She was a very good person, like a grandma to me...really...

    The way it was explained to me on how to know if you anointed...

    "Just as you know you will live forever on earth, they know they will live forever in heaven."


  • codeblue

    I met 2.

    One was an elder and you could always be sure that if you were his field service partner, every door he took he brought up Revelations. I always thought that kinda weird, but figured since he was "anointed" he had to talk about the book of Revelations. He was a very kind, humble man.

    The other was a sweet older woman........very humble...never looked down on anyone always had a smile on her face!!!

  • upside/down

    Serge Sviatzky, Orange East Congl, SoCal.

    And a ton of middle aged psychotic ex-drug addict, schizophrenic, severely depressed "sisters" that insisted they were annointed (although most of them kept getting disfellowshipped for f*cking everything with a male appendage), but it was the deemunz that made them do it. The elders NEVER included these in the official count of partakers (there's some real faith and judging huh?).

    Glad I'm outta that psycho circus.


  • peacefulpete

    I knew quite a few that made the claim of being "anointed". Naturally, there was no common personality among them. Steve Lett (GB) was an intersting case, having convinced himself while a young man at Bethel. The person that wants be be "special" or feels "special"because of having a winning personality or greater than average interest in religious matters must also be thickskinned to absorb the suspicion and contempt without losing the delusion of being "chosen". For some of the old ones it's just a carry over from the religious indoctrination they received before becoming JWs for others it's probably not far from a neurosis.

    Ironic that half the "annointed" today, including the GB, are people that the old guard in the 30's-80's had condemned as unworthy pretenders because the seats were filled. Yet what are they yet saying? but that those that claim to just now be annointed are unworthy pretenders.

  • LittleToe

    Several, and then I became one.
    It opened my eyes to the reality of what the WTS is, and I left shortly thereafter.

    Must be them deeminz

  • dh

    yeah, there was one in the congregation i grew up in... she was pretty old and incapacitated, i know her family who are mostly all still jw's, but that's as far as it went. she used to partake of the cardboard and wine on the memorial.

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