As JWs, ever met any annointed ?

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  • greendawn

    In your time as JWs did you ever meet any of the annointed? Did they have good Christian personalities and what did they think of the WTS and its Governing Body ?

    I met one and he was very unhappy with the way the GB treated him and generally the way they run this society, he told me he wrote them two letters containing a long list of complaints with full scriptural support but he was ignored, first letter got a reply amounting to "no need to write to us" the second one no reply at all. And at one time there was a lot of friction between him and the elders.

    At that time he had been a JW in good standing for 50 years, dedicated all his life to them from age 18 to 68, (pioneer and missionary in his younger days) but was never made an elder and he certainly was a world apart from the typical cold, unloving, harsh and rigid WTS mentality.

  • littlerockguy

    there was one in the cong I use to go to and I had a friend whose mother was; both were very pleasant and down-to-earth individuals

  • Honesty

    One of my ex-wife's sisters is annointed, 37 years old and is pretty well adjusted except that she is in a false religion. Oh yeah, I have been annointed by God's Spirit, too. However, I disfellowshipped the WTBTS for apostasy last year so am not exactly in 'good standing' with the Governing Body. Since we're on the subject of being annointed I'd like for the GB to respond to why they altered the following scriptures to fit their beliefs instead of letting God speak for himself:

    Col. 1:16-20

    Titus 2:3

    Hebrews 1:8 (I have the 1961 NWT bruuthers that proves your lies).

    1 Corinthians 14:14-16

    1 Tim. 4:1

    Jude 19

    Isa. 43:10-11 and 44:6,8

    Zechariah 12:10


    2 Co. 13:14

    Mark 2:5-12

    John 20:23

    Acts 5:3-4

    2 Co. 3:17-18

    John 2:19-21

    1 Co. 15:6, 14

    Luke 16:19-31

    2 Co. 5:6,8

    Phil. 1:23,24

    Rev. 6:9-11

    Mt. 25:41, 46

    Rev. 14:10, 11

    Rev. 20: 10, 15

    John 16:13

    1 John 2:27

    John 17:3-5

    Phil. 2:6-11

    Col. 2:9

    Maybe a good old Public Discourse and Debate like Bro. Russell had back in the early days is in order.

  • Robert K Stock
    Robert K Stock

    In Arroyo Grande, California 1977 I knew an elderly anointed brother Fred Plaxco. He was a great guy and had no beefs with the GB. I also knew an elderly anointed sister named Lutz in Hurricane, Utah.

    In Ventura, California 1973 an anointed pioneer sister in her 30's Betty Lucadou conducted a bible study with my mother. After I moved away from Ventura I heard that Betty had been disfellowshipped and her husband divorced her.

  • TresHappy

    Yes, a sweet woman named Jackie Lundberg, she was the only one I ever knew!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Never had one claiming that status in our hall. But the next cong over had a very nice little old lady who was very kind and sweet. She had pioneered for like 50 years at the time of her death. She was really dedicated to the work and sincere.

    I also knew Steve Lett [now of the Governing Body]. In spite of the fact that I now detest most of what the WTBTS stands for, I really respected Steve and thought he was quite sincere and loving toward the brothers.

    I think that most of them are probably decent people, just mislead by a false religion like I was.


  • Quentin

    Yes, when I was younger. An older gentelman in our Hall. My dad and he spent much time togather. He was a stone mason and had built rock houses all over Texas, last of a dying breed. Very down to earth. Can only remember his first name, Joe.

  • purplesofa

    We had a dear sister in our congo, died last year...three days from living to 100. She rarely missed a meeting and commented as well.

    I did some of her magazine route.........the people she called on loved her very much. I can think of one on her mag route that even went to the funeral. She was truely a pioneer and did everything she could to tell about God's kingdom.

    I still don't know how they know they are annointed? and why aren't they treated special? How does an annoited person get DF? Are they still annoited if that happens? It's really all very weird to me.


  • Robert K Stock
    Robert K Stock


    People who believe they are anointed just know. I have heard it explained that if you think you may be anointed but have doubts then you are not. The anointed are human and just as capable of gross sin as anyone else. The entire Governing Body being a good example of anointed folks causing great harm.

    My personal opinion is that anyone thinking they are going to heaven or anywhere after death is a symptom of mental illness.

  • mouthy

    Grace Lonsbury-- There was a write up in the Awake-about her. She was in my congagation I knew three others forgot there names. But I have meet four since they are out at PA two years ago.... Great Testimonies. -- I have to say that Grace was the teacher to the JW kids in the war..... Really dedicated old soul I think she died about 95 yrs old.

    You see how long a time God gives em, to find the real truth. But we were SO blinded werent we?

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